Korean Chinese Food [Life in Korea #58]

  1. What a coincidence i was just watching some korean and chinese videos of onision then my phone made a notification of this video uh

  2. thats not even closer to chinese food .____.
    those are ore like gyoza not dumplings u.u
    my family is chinese and i NEVER see something like that

  3. I love Chinese food, well I've just tried the one that they sell in México, but I think is the same as the United States. It's soooo delicious, my favourite food after mexican food, obviously (: I'd like to try the black beans noodles one day.

  4. If I may, I'll try to tell (I'm not boasting, but I am Korean. I'm born and raised) why Korean people have 'Chinese dishes' when they changed their home.
    In the past, when you move your house to another one, you had to look for some people who help you, like cleaning the old house or move furniture. So it takes almost a day to move your house and 'employers' couldn't but providing a meal for 'employees'. At that time, 'Chinese food' was almost only cuisine that can be delivered anywhere moreover, it was inexpensive. So lots of people treated their workers by 'Chinese food'.
    The time has passed and machine do all the work for moving home. But, like a kind of inertia, Korean people enjoys having 'Chinese food' when they move their home. Come to think of it, I never had 'Chinese food' when my family moved to another place lol 🙂 

  5. you're a bit off… all these dishes have chinese origins… jja jang myeon is actually derived from 炸酱面, which is pronounced "Zhajiangmian"…  tang soo yuk is simply sweet and sour pork…you should know all too well, this is chinese (in origin)…  these are just koreanized… like how lo mein is westernized…

  6. The dish your girlfriend likes reminds me of an Italian seafood dish with more broth, or Tom Yum Soup with noodles. Does Korea have deliver Thai food? Is Pad Thai on of my favorites. I guess it's Korea's take on sweet and sour pork. JJa JJang Myun is delicious.

  7. 중식음식점에서 파는 짜장면이나 짬뽕, 탕수육이 중국에 동일하게는 없지만 비슷한 음식은 있구요. 중식 음식점에서 정통 중국요리도 많이 합니다. 단지 한국사람들이 짜장면, 짬뽕, 탕수육을 높은 비율로 먹을 뿐이죠.

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