hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with lemon pepper potatoes that’s
right there are good side dishes and
there are great side dishes and then
there are side dishes like this that are
so incredible they will literally make
you forget what you had as the main
course that really is how amazing these
crusty on the outside creamy in the
middle potatoes are and by the way if
you’re someone that enjoyed our very
popular fondant potato video these are
extremely similar and possibly better so
with that let’s go ahead and get started
by cutting some russet potatoes in half
in a very specific way okay what we want
to do is lay them down flat and just cut
a little bit off either side and we’re
doing that so they sit flat in the pan
but also so they can absorb lots of
flavor and then what we want to do very
carefully and very accurately is cut
these straight down the middle
attempting to get two halves as even as
possible okay so take your time this is
not a game of speed and sure in case
you’re wondering you can cut those the
other way to make them wider but then
they might not be as easy to fit in a
pan so I like to cut them to get as
narrow a half as possible and by now
you’ve noticed we’re not peeling these
which you could if you want so we’ll go
ahead and have those potatoes as shown
at which point we’re gonna want to
transfer those into a bowl of cold water
and sort of switch them around to wash
off some of that starch and feel free to
do this in the sink
I just did it like this so it was easier
to film but anyway we’ll go ahead and
give those potatoes or rinse and it’ll
transfer those onto some paper towels
and blot off any of the excess moisture
and just like when you’re making french
fries the theory is by washing off some
of that extra starch you’re gonna get a
crispier slash crustier surface and then
once our rinsing and drying has been
accomplished we’ll go ahead and flip
these over so the widest surface is
facing up at which point we’re gonna
season these very very generously with a
whole bunch of freshly ground black
pepper and don’t be shy I mean we do
have pepper in the name and then besides
the black pepper will also hit it with
some cayenne and as much as you like
which Fermi’s a lot and then last but
not least a very thorough application of
kosher salts or any salt by be careful
would define salt since it’s very easy
to over salt all right one reason chefs
using kosher salts is because it has
that large flaky grain which is just a
lot easier to handle and distribute
evenly and then what we’ll do once that
side has been seasoned is prepare our
baking dish by pouring a ridiculous
amount of olive oil into the bottom all
right for the amount I’m doing here that
was like a quarter cup and once that’s
covering the bottom we’ll go ahead and
transfer our potatoes in with that
larger seasoned side down because I cut
them the way I did they all should fit
perfectly in this dish except they
didn’t in fairness these were freakishly
large potatoes but nevertheless I could
not fit the last one in which forced me
to decide whether I should switch to my
large roasting pan and have an extra pan
to wash or simply microwave that half
and use it for home fries tomorrow which
is what I did and I really don’t think
anyone blames me but anyway once those
potatoes are in the pan we’ll go ahead
and brush over a little more olive oil
as well as apply the exact same
seasonings some freshly ground black
pepper cayenne and salt and like so many
of these videos are this really is just
a technique and not necessarily a
specific recipe and as long as you’re
using some salt you can pretty much use
any herbs and spices you want but
regardless once we have seasoned the top
we can go ahead and carefully transfer
these into the center of a 400 degree
oven for 20 minutes at which point they
should look a little something like this
and then very very very carefully we’re
gonna flip these over and I’m going with
the old spatula tongs combo for maximum
safety because if there was ever a
potato recipe that was built to burn you
it’s this one so we’ll want to turn
those over very carefully and then what
we’ll do is let him sit just like that
for about 10 minutes or so while we
prepare our lemon infuse braising liquid
which is gonna start with a cup of
chicken broth to which we’re gonna add
some freshly grated lemon zest and then
depending on how tangy you want these
will also add the juice of one or two
lemons okay I ended up using one big
juicy one which was plenty but if you
feel like doing – that’s up to you I
mean you are after all the common downs
of what’s basically just a flatter
potato fondant and then what we’ll do
once that’s all been mixed up is go
ahead and pour this over the top of our
potatoes making sure each one gets a
little splash before just dumping the
rest in
although be careful with that last dump
we don’t want all the lemons that
sitting on top especially all on one
potato so I’m going to go ahead and
scrape that off into the mixture below
so that our zest is under the rest and
then because I had some beautiful fresh
oregano in the garden I decided to poke
in a few sprigs here and there and know
that does not make these Greek potatoes
for that I believe you have to use dry
and then I gave it one last little
sprinkling of freshly ground black
pepper for probably no good reason but I
did it anyway and that say it will give
it a little slosh and a quick little old
shake a shaker at which point we’re
gonna pop that back into the center of
our 400 degree oven for about 15 minutes
at which point we’ll give these another
and final flip and as dangerous as that
first flip was this one is even more so
because of that hot liquid so turning is
very carefully always if possible
turning away from you in case there is a
splash and what we’ll do once these have
been flipped over there’s pop these back
in the oven for as long as it takes for
the insides to get very soft and creamy
and for the outsides to get nice and
crusty and caramelized and if everything
goes according to plan they should look
something like this and if you’re like
hey where did all that liquid in olive
oil go did you pour it off no 100% that
goodness got absorbed into the potatoes
which really is the magic behind this
technique and as with almost all potato
recipes the only ways to screw it up is
to under sultan or under cook them so do
not do those two things okay when that
knife goes in us you feel like it’s
going into butter and then let me go
ahead and grab some tongs so I can flip
these over to that gorgeous larger side
we’ll be presenting up and man those
look good I mean I was basically one
little light spot away from perfection
but that’s okay I’ll just stick that one
in the back when I put these on a
platter and yes of course you could just
serve these in your baking dish but as
you know I’m contractually obligated to
take some pictures so I’m gonna go ahead
and range them out a platter and drizzle
over some more olive oil as well as yes
you guessed it a little more freshly
ground black pepper and then for a final
touch a little more fresh oregano and
that’s it our lemon potato peppers are
ready to enjoy so let me go ahead and
grab a fork and knife and tuck in by the
that was my Jamie Oliver impression I
know I sound just like him and now my
friends is one of the greatest bites of
potata you’ll ever experience in your
life except why am i eating the one in
the back let me go ahead and move to one
in the front and what makes he’s so
awesome is two things one is of course
that lovely lemon and pepper flavor the
potatoes have soaked in and two is that
incredible contrast between the soft
creamy Center and that crusty
caramelized outside oh yeah
pork don’t lie okay so I cannot stress
enough how you really want to make sure
these are cooked long enough okay what
we’re going for here is basically a very
rich flavorful mashed potato encased by
that crust af– I’d surface and I was
not kidding earlier no one’s gonna care
or remember what the main course was in
fact I didn’t even make one although
that was mostly because I want to use
the good light for the potatoes so I did
these before my fed a roast chicken
which I’m only mentioning so that you’re
now thinking about a federal chicken
video that might be coming up but anyway
that’s it what I’m calling lemon pepper
potatoes not only are they amazing like
this but if you have leftovers and you
cut them up and prime crisp those will
be the most magnificent home fries
you’ve ever had but fair warning you
probably won’t have leftovers but either
way I really do help you give these a
try soon so head over to food wishes
calm for all the ingredient amounts and
wonderful as usual and as always enjoy

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