Living on $1.50 A DAY (100% Nutrition) – Cheap Vegan Meals

Hi guys. I want to keep this video as short and as
concise as possible so I’m just gonna get right to the point of this video. So far, I’ve spoken with many people about
the topic of animal ethics and it seems like one of the most common concerns that people
have about switching to a vegan diet is that it is too expensive. I’ll do a quick run down on why this simply
isn’t true and in fact, it’s actually really cheap and easy to not only achieve
nutritional adequacy but even achieve nutritional excellence just by sticking to a whole food
vegan diet. Let’s take a look at the nutritional breakdown
here. I formulated this day of eating based off
the daily 2000 calorie requirements of a male. As you can see here, this day of eating satisfies
and even exceeds the majority of the RDI for essential vitamins and minerals, with the
exception of B12. I just wanna mention that I didn’t include
a B12 supplement in this breakdown due to the fact that the cost and dose of B12 supplements
vary greatly amongst different brands, so for simplicity’s sake I’m excluding the
cost of B12 supplements and focusing only on the food. There’s also another thing that I’d like
to mention which is the RDI for calcium. I’m using the World Health Organization’s
recommendation for calcium intake for this breakdown here. Alright let’s talk about the food. Now because the purpose of this video is to
simply prove that a whole food vegan diet can be incredibly cheap while being nutritionally
adequate, all the meals in this video are gonna be super simple and very basic, so I
hope you guys aren’t actually expecting a freakin culinary journey or adventure of
any sorts here okay.

  1. Love this! You should consider getting a website together, so we can see all these great recipies in one place. Also, this is off topic, but your skin looks so clear!

  2. Great videos. I read your story on reddit and I am very happy that you made this step. Wish you all the best!

    Excited for more videos!

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