Low Carb Tortilla Recipe on Keto Diet

hi everybody i’m phillip bridges and
today we’re going to make keto tortillas
first we want to grab some coconut flour
and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna
measure the coconut flour out to about
one cup you don’t have to use coconut
flour you can also use a almond flour if
you want so but today I’m just gonna use
the coconut flour and then we are going
to add about a half a teaspoon of baking
powder and don’t make the same mistake
as I did as I added before this I
accidentally added about a half a
tablespoon of baking powder so we just
want to throw that in there and then we
are going to move on to our next
ingredient what we’re gonna get is we’re
gonna get two tablespoons of civilian
husks husk powder I said that right I
didn’t I apologize because my
pronunciation is horrible but we’re
gonna add two tablespoons of this into
our dry mix then we’re gonna want to add
about a pinch of Himalayan salt you can
use sea salt if you want but I prefer
Himalayan salt then we’re going to grab
some other herbs you don’t have to add
any of this I add just a little bit of
chili powder and then I add some Italian
seasoning and you don’t have to you can
you can just add salt you don’t even
have to add salt you can have it kind of
as bland as you want or you can kind of
put whatever herbs you want inside but
then we’re just gonna mix it up and
we’re gonna get all the clumps out of it
so I’m just gonna keep mixing what we’re
gonna do is we’re gonna grab one cup of
warm water and you want to grab warm
water so it really helps when you mix
everything together so I add about 3/4
of that one cup of water and I keep a
about a quarter of it to the side
because it’s gonna get dry when you mix
it up
and we don’t really want a dry
consistency once we want a little bit
wet but not too almost like a play-doh
consistency so I’ll add the rest of the
quarter cup of water and I’ll just keep
mixing that until I get the right
consistency so I got the right
consistency right about now and then I’m
just gonna take it I’m gonna kind of
knead the dough but I’m gonna keep it in
the the container because I don’t want
to get it dirty in the counter or
whatnot so I’ll just kind of roll it up
into a ball and then once I get it I’m
getting to where I want I want to roll
these take little pieces off and roll
them to about the size of a ping-pong
ping-pong ball and I’m just gonna you
know keep keep rolling out okay so now
I’m gonna grab a tortilla press you
don’t have to have a tortilla press I
usually I like to have one I got mine
off at Amazon but we’re gonna take some
parchment paper and we want to use
parchment paper on both sides also this
stuff is really gonna stick so we’re
gonna place our ball in the center of
the tortilla press and we’re just gonna
press it down make sure we put our other
you know parchment paper on top so it
doesn’t stick and that’s about what
you’ll get out of it is a nice little
tortilla and I lay them out on a pizza
tray with parchment paper underneath
then I go over to the gas stove and I
get my cast-iron skillet hot I put it to
about a medium flame and we just let
that heat up for a little bit and then
we’re gonna take some olive oil or any
kind of oil you want I just kind of you
know brush it onto the pan and then I
wait till the pan kind of gets get it
will let it get hot so we put our
tortilla on and then we let that cook
for about a minute on each side so now
after about a minute we’re gonna flip it
over and then let it cook for about a
minute on the other side your first one
usually doesn’t turn out very well
because the pans
usually not heated up but these are
about 1.7 calories .8 gram
carbs in net carbs these are really
really good for on the keto diet and
barely any carbs so um if you like what
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of your other keto recipes with me
plan on doing some more and I’m Phillip
Bridges and thanks for watching

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