Hey Chef Billy Parisi here from BillyParisi.com thanks so much for stopping
by today because i’ve got an amazing low
carb vegetable noodle pasta going with
pan-roasted chicken and fresh basil it
is absolutely delicious and a huge
thanks to my friends over a GoodCook
who have partnered with me to make this
video. This is such an amazing weeknight
meal it’s incredibly easy to prepare so
let’s get to it. The first thing we’re
gonna do is spiralize up some
vegetables. I’ve got some green zucchini.
Let’s go ahead and slice off the end
from each side and next we’re gonna be
using the GoodCook Veggie Spiralizer go
ahead and first press it down using the
strong suction cup feet that will help
stick to the counter top so that it does
not move and then what you’re gonna do
is simply slide in the blade till it
snaps together next simply put the
zucchini in the vegetable holder and
then press the large spike head which
will firmly hold the produce in place
and then using the crank simply turn it
and press while pushing it through the
spiralizer until you get these beautiful
long green zucchini noodles once these
are done we’re gonna do the exact same
thing with a yellow squash go ahead and
spiralize it through get those nice long
beautiful noodles and for a little bonus
what I’m gonna do lastly is a sweet
potato you can use a sweet potato or
maybe even a yam or carrot totally up to
you simply spiralize it through so
they’re nice and long and then to hold
these so that it remained that nice
crunchy consistency I like to put them
in a bowl and then simply add some cold
water over top let it sit in this water
while we prep up everything else now
what we need to do is finely mince up
some garlic and I know this can be
challenging because you’re chopping away
or trying to even remove it from the
outer peelings of the garlic thank
goodness for the GoodCook Garlic Press
it has now simplified this process
using the backside of the garlic press
which was made so that you can give the
garlic a little pop and that it would
come freely from the peelings just put
it right over the garlic smash it a
little bit and then you can see how easy
it peels and pulls away from that outer
shell no need to kind of be unsafe and
use the side of a knife now this garlic
press takes all of that away it’s
incredibly easy to use load it up into
the garlic press area and then simply
squeeze the handles together so that the
garlic is finely minced as it comes out
and then usually I like to use a knife
sort of just a scraper to get all of
that goodness right off the garlic press
we’re gonna set that to the side and
then we have a red bell pepper which we
need to julienne so simply cut off all
the sides of the red bell pepper place
it down and then rock your knife back
and forth to get a nice julienne cut on
these bell peppers we’re gonna set those
to the side and now we got our chicken
breast we need to season and cook up
what I’m gonna do is simply season it
with salt on both sides and then some
fresh cracked black pepper we’re going
over to the cooktop let’s go ahead and
put a large saute pan over high heat add
in some olive oil this is gonna help us
cook the chicken once it begins to
lightly smoke on medium-high heat
let’s go ahead and add those chicken
breasts right to the pan and the oil
it’s gonna take in between five and six
minutes per side for this chicken breast
to completely cook through if you’re
scared that it’s too hot turn it down to
medium or even low heat we’re gonna flip
it over you see that beautiful golden
brown across the entire thing finish
cooking it up for another six minutes
then set it to the side on a plate
because we’re gonna use that same pan to
cook our vegetable noodles
go ahead and add in our garlic next pour
in our julienne red bell peppers we’re
gonna give that a little toss and now
make sure the water is drained off of
our vegetable noodles add that right to
the saute pan we just want to move these
around on high heat get a nice little
crisp to them and then after only about
three or four minutes because these will
cook very quickly we’re gonna add in a
little chicken stock you can absolutely
substitute with water if you like next
hit it with some butter and then season
it up with salt and cracked black pepper
give it a few tosses we’re now gonna
head back over to our countertop where I
have a nice serving bowl we’re just
gonna simply scoop out all of the
noodles right into that bowl let’s now
not forget to slice up our chicken
breasts that’s been resting while we
were cooking up the vegetable noodles
we’re gonna put that right on top of the
pasta and then for some herbs I’ve got
some fresh basil here using the
GoodCook Herb Mincer just makes it so easy
to sort of just roll it back and forth
it finally chops or even minces up any
of the herbs that you want to cut up
it’s as easy as moving it all over the
place you can use the backside to scrape
it if you’d like I don’t need to do that
let’s go ahead and take a small bunch of
that finely chopped up basil and add it
to the top of our delicious vegetable
noodle and pan-roasted chicken pasta
such an incredibly delicious vegetable
pasta low carb great weeknight meal for
you and the family and obviously you saw
how incredibly easy it was to make I
don’t want to waste any more time on one
try some out
the noodles are crispy they’re delicious
oh my gosh the garlic flavors fantastic
you are gonna love this I’m gonna go
because I’m gonna eat this thanks for
stopping by go to GoodCook.com to see
more great recipes ideas and of course
all their amazing products we’ll see you

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