Meet Randy Santel: The World Class Professional Eater

  1. He's driven, I hate to see him just single and not have someone by his side. I mean come on, He's the guy in your group that you would protect and encourage to do better while you are getting shitfaced and chowing down Taco Bell at 3 AM in the morning.

  2. This comment might be late but when you say you rather sleep in a gutter than give up on yours dreams, you are a true man. God bless you and congrats on all your success you humble amazing dude!

  3. Would have never saw you in this light and i do watch your challenge videos. Really good vid. Thanks for the peek inside. Keep chasing!!

  4. I think randy should come back to watch his own videos and actually go by his own words and exercise to not have any health problems

  5. Randy Santel is a Loser compared to Molly Shyler I watched them both in that Delicatessan and Molly Hammered Randy at the start outside that Deli Randy was bragging how he would beat Molly Big FAIL Randy, oh that sign of the cross did not help you.

  6. Before pukebangs and eating videos got popular, Randy was the first competitive/ food channel on YouTube I ever saw

  7. He should be hired for the Food Network amazing guy host attitude funny humble and professional not like many chefs on that network that are just clowns

  8. Huge fan here from Nova Scotia, Canada. Watched every challenge. Keep it up and we hope yo see you in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

  9. I'm a fan of his. He makes competitive eating accessible to the general public, and he's careful to promote a healthy lifestyle while on his eating junkets.

  10. Randy Santel is a badass. I watch all of his food challenges because his personality is just fantastic. His attraction to "girly" music while eating lbs of food fascinates me though. I'm not judging; he just seems like a very interesting character.

  11. When I was in Ireland I smacked this grown man in the face so hard he cried because he kept screaming "Lats goo LL-randaah". He shut his damn mouth after that.

  12. Randy himself needs to watch this video once again now to remind himself of how he used to treat his body and his health. I didn’t realise he was once in such incredibly good health and had a physique like that. It’d be amazing if he could get back into that kind of shape again!

  13. Hi Randy. I’m from the UK but now I live in Japan. I got shown this video via my recommendations today but I’ve been watching you since John from Only in Japan helped you. I see that you still comment on this video and I just want to say thank you so much for all your videos. You’ve helped me through depression due to your encouraging personality and commitment to never give up and to even try again if you fail. Please keep on doing your best as I’m cheering for you always. 🙂

  14. Man we love you from Pakistan 🇵🇰!! Come visit Pakistan I watch all your videos brother. Whenever I eat food I watch your video that makes me finish it faster and I don't waste food like before.

  15. Randy has to be the neatest competitive eater I have ever seen. He dominates his food challenges with flair and grace! No mess. No wastage! Love watching his videos and challenges. Looking forward to seeing the 1,000 win.

  16. I like your videos even though you may not be the fastest but, YOU CLEAN ALL THE FOOD!!! All the others leave food and or crumbs!!! You’ve got my respect Randy!! I could NEVER do what you do!!!

  17. He's abit of a weirdo really I got myself a ring because your married to your dreams 😂 and then you keep showing the camera your pictures without your top on 😂

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