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she brings yummy Lunch every day. Let’s ear her lunch today leave it Ok..i’ll make you eat but I’ve conditions If you too want to make yummy Lunch Box for your kids so watch the video till the very end as I’m gonna share Mon to Sat Lunch Box Recipes so hit Like to this video and do SUBSCRIBE to my channel CookWithNisha so let’s get started we’ll make yummy vegetable seviyan for Monday these are Roasted in ghee heat oil in a pan add Mustard, curry patta fry till it turns slight pink to make these healthy add veggies like carrot, peas Saute add spices mix well cover it allow it to cook for about 2 to 3 mins now add roasted seviyan mix well then add 1 glass water cover it all water will get soaked in about 3to 4 mins on a medium flame and yummy veg seviyan is ready will make these yummy cutlets for Tuesday mostly kids love this recipe mashed boiled potatoes with the help of a folk now add grated carrot, beans, boiled peas salt as per taste to bind cutlets I added a bread slice mix well use bread crumbs to make it crispy now give shape to this mixture I’ve made it of oval shape you can give the shape as per your kids liking flip it on the bread crumbs likewise prepare all the cutlets now fry the cutlets in oil keep the gas flame medium turns golden brown in about 2 to 3 mins on medium flame and these are ready to pack in lunch box will make beetroot burger for Wednesday mash two boiled potatoes now add grated beet root beet root is a rich source of fibre, iron & magnese also its a rich source of Vitamin C now add salt, black pepper, chaat masala and mix well use bread crumbs for binding tikki if you want you can add a bread slice instead now make tikkis with it flip these tikki on bread crumbs here I’ve prepared all the tikkis now will shallow fry these tikki so melt butter on a pan now roast the tikkis well from both sides now here on this side prepare the burger filling for which we need mix well roast the burger bun too from both the sides put a layer of sauce on first bun then add a layer of prepared filling keep a beet root tikki over it one more layer of filling then put another burger bun will make Chinese fried idli for Thursday’s lunch i’ve already prepared the idlis and cut it into four pieces you can check out the link in description box for idli recipe heat oil in pan once oil is heated add onion…. fry till it turns slight pink then add long sliced carrot, cabbage, capsicum you can add veggies as per your choice now add 1tsp of salt veggies take around 2-3 mins to get cooked on a medium flame now add idli saute now add chilli sauce, tomato sauce mix well allow it to cook 2-3 mins more kids love this Chinese fried idli so much let’s make something fried on Friday slightly boil methi in water to make it soft sieve it use this water in kneading dough take one cup corn flour add salt, fine chopped green chilli, ginger, and methi which boiled earlier also you can add fine chopped onion for flavour now knead its dough now make puri then fry

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