Most SATISFYING Chinese Street Food FACTORY (10,000 BAOZI/Day) + Muslim BREAKFAST Street Food China!

– And here they are! The (speaking in foreign language). (speaking in foreign language) – Wow. We’re making steamer after steamer here. Oh, there they are! Wow, oh, isn’t that beautiful. All right, check it out
guys, it’s Trevor James. We just got into Tianjin, China. This is the breakfast capital of China. We’re on a world noodle tour and today we’re going for
a full on breakfast tour. Let’s check it out. This is it, Tianjin. The breakfast capital of China. And today, we’re bringing you in deep for six incredibly unique
Tianjin breakfasts. Wandering through the Hui
Muslim Chinese area of Tianjin and finishing up with a
famous bowl of Tianjin noodles that you’re gonna love. So make sure to watch this whole video all the way until the end so you don’t miss any of
these incredible unique and deep street foods in Tianjin, China. And we are bringing you for
so many breakfasts today guys. This is our world noodle tour. We’re gonna start off with
a bunch of breakfasts. We got a few different spots to try, right up here we’re gonna
have a delicious guobacai. It’s like a morning
porridge with tofu skin, and then we’re gonna go get
some delicious other street food and finish off with an
amazing bowl of noodles. 6:30 in the morning and there’s a line up. (speaking in foreign language) – Hey, hello. (speaking in foreign language) – Here we are guys. Oh, guobacai! (speaking in foreign language) And this is the magic guys, we just flew into Tianjin, pretty much just to try this, right here. (speaking in foreign language) – So that’s the (speaking
in foreign language) green bean curd. Then we add the (speaking
in foreign language), the secret sauce, the sesame, cilantro, green onions. (speaking in foreign language) – And then this is the
magic right here guys. That is so beautiful, and we’re just gonna add a
little chile, just a touch. (speaking in foreign language) And there it is, let’s go try it out. And you can see guys, look
at this morning line up. (speaking in foreign language) Big line up for guobacai
in the morning in Tianjin. We’re just scooping bowl after bowl, you can see she’s just
rocking out the scoop. Wow, and look at that guys. That is the pure joy. And I asked them what the
basic ingredients are, and apart from this (speaking
in foreign language) or the green bean curd,
it’s a five spiced porridge and you can see I just added a bunch of chile paste on
there, we got coriander, green beans, and the sesame paste. Oh I’m really looking forward to try this because this is the true
specialty of Tianjin. Let’s try it out. (slurping) Mmm. (speaking in foreign language) Wow, that is incredibly delicious. It’s got such a strong sesame flavor. (speaking in foreign language) Amazing. (slurping) Mmm. And I just love how we’re
at 6:30 in the morning. There’s a huge line up out the door because this is the true
specialty of Tianjin. And that is just so
amazing, it’s so nutty, so spicy, and it is very complex. The flavor, there is a lot going on there. The minute that hits your tongue, it’s that sensation, it’s peppery, spicy, (speaking in foreign
language) from the five spice and the coriander, the cilantro. It’s definitely really
nutty and then the texture. It’s so thick, it’s really a thick slop. And then also it’s got that really nice protein filled green bean curd. (speaking in foreign language) Wow, that’s amazing. And just look at this line
up, out the door, guys. We’ve got a bunch more
breakfast to eat today. Oh, and we’re deep in the
back alleys of Tianjin. Keep going. And next up guys, we
are going deep all day. Bright and early, it’s
not even 7:00 a.m. yet, we’re going for our next breakfast. Right up here is the
jianbing, the Tianjin jianbing made with special green bean flour, not regular wheat flour
and it’s just right here. You can see there’s just
all these stalls here. Let’s go try it out. (speaking in foreign language) – [Trevor] Oh, this is it guys. (speaking in foreign language) Oh, that’s the green bean flour. Wow. (speaking in foreign language) That’s green bean flour and then, oh! (speaking in foreign language) That’s the real secret there. Two eggs, this is the Chinese crepe. Ooh, and we flew into
jianbing specifically for breakfast like this. Jianbing really slows
down after 10:00 a.m. It’s all about the
morning breakfast scene. We throw some green scallions on there, flip it around, wow. This is the Chinese crepe. And then you throw on the youtiao, the crispy crullers, oh. And here’s the sauces! That’s the (speaking in foreign language), and then we’ve got the
(speaking in foreign language). (speaking in foreign language) – It’s all about the local Tianjin guozi right here, can’t get any better than this. Wow, and the customer right beside us just ordered three
jianbings, five actually, he’s got three on the grill
and two in these bags. And there it is guys, we
got the most fluffy looking Tianjin guozi, wow. The Tianjin jianbing. Made with (speaking in foreign language). You can actually see, she’s
put on that spicy chile paste, she’s put on that (speaking
in foreign language) sweet bean paste, we’ve got two eggs, made with green bean flour. Oh look inside you can see
all of that sweet bean paste. Amazing, bright and early,
6:30 in the morning. We’re gonna have a delicious, filling. Let’s try it out. Mmm, mmm. Oh, yeah. Wow, that is filling,
these youtiao, crullers, will fill you right up,
that bean paste is sweet. And you can see this place is just busy, packed with locals wanting
a jianbing in the morning because these are good and
it’s a perfect to-go breakfast. Mmm, spicy. It also has a bit of a
fermented chile flavor. It’s kind of like almost a little sour. This is what’s so cool about Tianjin. There’s literally hundreds of breakfasts, Tianjin (speaking in
foreign language) stalls like this all over the city. You come bright and early,
you get one of these, and you start your day. And they’re delicious. (speaking in foreign language) Bye bye. Let’s keep going guys. And next up guys, we
are exploring even more. This is such a cool city. We’re gonna go right
down in this alleyway, there’s all these breakfast
stalls open, bright and early. And we’re gonna see what
we can find down here. Here we are. (speaking in foreign language) So we just stepped up to
the most magical Tianjin (speaking in foreign
language), look at this guys. Wow. (speaking in foreign language) – So we’ve got (speaking
in foreign language) beansprouts and (speaking in
foreign language), coriander, and it’s going right on these wraps. (speaking in foreign language) So inside this mixture
of magical bean sprouts and coriander we’ve got this right here, this is (speaking in foreign language) which is like a fermented tofu. We’ve got (speaking in
foreign language) coriander and then a big bunch, a big spoonful of (speaking in foreign
language) sesame paste. And you can see we’re just chopping up these Tianjin spring rolls right here and we’re gonna fry them up. Put them into that deep fryer of oil. So this is it here. Wow, we’ve got fried
spring rolls in Tianjin at the source of spring rolls. This is the breakfast
capital, guys, of China and we’re gonna try one of these out. So Miss Jung here has been
doing this for ten plus years and you can see, oh, these
look really full of goodness. That is gonna be worth
coming to Tianjin for. Let’s try one out, guys. And we’re just gonna take
one fresh out of the oil. Look at that still bubbling. Oh, right hot, oh, ah,
extremely hot out of the fryer. (speaking in foreign language) And here it is, guys, the Tianjin (speaking in foreign language) fresh out of the oil. (speaking in foreign language) And it’s still really, really hot. Like right out of the oil. And it actually smells super nutty. Oh! (speaking in foreign language) – [Trevor] Look at that! Wow. (speaking in foreign language) Wow. Wow, people are so nice here. I just took a bite and she
just came in the frame. And wow, that is incredibly complex. There’s that (speaking
in foreign language) flavor, so fermented, salty tofu. There’s bean sprouts which
are in themselves nutty, and then everything’s coated in that (speaking in foreign
language) so it’s fragrant from sesame paste as well,
with a touch of coriander and crispy outer layer
that is oily, refreshing, delicious, slightly nutty, and spicy, and all coming together
really well in one bite. Mmm! And there’s even more. (speaking in foreign language) – Let’s go take a look, guys. (speaking in foreign language) – So we’re gonna get two specialties here, the miancha, oh, and here’s the laodoufu. So we’re gonna add the tofu in. And there’s the (speaking
in foreign language), that’s the secret sauce. And then we’ve got sesame, soy, garlic. Beautiful. (speaking in foreign language) – Wow, so we’ve got the laodoufu, the special, special
Tianjin breakfast bean curd. And here is the miancha. Oh, sesame and sesame paste, double layer. Whoa, double layer sesame. It’s literally a millet and rice porridge and it’s covered in those
sesame seeds and sesame paste. Look at all that sesame paste. (speaking in foreign language) Oh, we got the full on Tianjin breakfast. We’re going outside for this. And this is another of
Tianjin’s special breakfasts. Look at this, guys. This is the miancha. Look at that, that’s a
rice and millet porridge covered in sesame paste and sesame seeds. Don’t mix it, you want to
eat right from the outside. Wow, that looks amazing! Let’s just go right in and try that. Mmm, wow! That is insanely good. That is so aromatic with sesame, it’s like a salty, fragrant sesame, with a thick rice porridge. And it’s definitely savory,
it’s not sweet at all. And then up next, guys, look at this. We’re gonna try this laodoufu bean curd tofu in a (speaking
in foreign language) as they call up here, this literal gravy that they pour over the tofu. Sesame paste, chile, garlic,
and what I love about China is how many varieties of tofu there are. There’s (speaking in foreign language), there’s this laodoufu, there’s so much to try,
especially for breakfasts. Mmm, wow. Yeah, that is spicy, wow. Yeah, I just got a bit more. I just got a bit more chile
and garlic in that bite. That laodoufu, definitely a Tianjin (speaking
in foreign language). I’m not sure it’s my absolute love, but it’s still satisfying. It’s definitely spicy and garlicky, salty. It’s got that kind of
(speaking in foreign language) flavor, that stewed Chinese
general flavor to it with tofu very silken and
soft and it just, mmm. Little nutty, little
spicy, mmm, and garlicky. But this here is the real winner. The laodoufu is spicy
and salty and garlicky. Pretty much hits you hard in the morning. This here is just so enjoyable and nutty. (speaking in foreign language) Wow, and people are so friendly here. Oh, look at that. Mmm! And not only do we have a
huge selection of breakfasts, but we’ve got (speaking in foreign language) literal just soy bean
milk, no sugar added. And it’s gonna be smokey. (speaking in foreign language) – I love you. – She just said, “I love you.” Wow. (speaking in foreign language) Let’s try it out. Oh, oh wow! And that is not sweet at all. It’s just like a burnt
milk, burnt soymilk flavor. Mmm, oh it’s definitely strong. You either love it or hate it. And our friend here has not taken any money
from us this morning. She’s not letting us pay for
all this delicious breakfast. I’m just blown away,
people are so friendly here in China, really. (speaking in foreign language) – I’ll see her next time in Canada. (speaking in foreign language) – I love you, I love you. (laughs) – And this is just such
a breakfast city, guys. Next up, we’re just
walking around exploring and I think up around the
corner there’s a baozi store. But these aren’t just any baozi, these are Tianjin baozi, delicious. Probably some of the best in China. We’re gonna go up ahead and try it out. Here we go, guys. (speaking in foreign language) – So we’re gonna go in guys and watch how they make the (speaking
in foreign language) and then they’re gonna make the (speaking in foreign language), the veg and the meat. (speaking in foreign language) – Okay, let’s go check it out. And here we go. (speaking in foreign language) Look at this, guys! Wow, we are making the baozi, look at how plump those are. Oh, this is the Tianjin
(speaking in foreign language) sesame paste, bean sprout,
and fermented tofu bao. Wow, and look at these beautiful trays of (speaking in foreign language). (speaking in foreign language) – Unreal, not only do we have these (speaking in foreign
language), but we’ve got the (speaking in foreign language) as well. And here they are, the
(speaking in foreign language). (speaking in foreign language) – The bean sprouts. (speaking in foreign language) – The sesame paste. (speaking in foreign language) – Oh, (speaking in foreign
language) which is gluten. (speaking in foreign language) – Wow. Oh and here’s the veg bao. Whoa, unreal, look at how plump! (speaking in foreign language) – Those are plump bao. And we are gonna try one of those first, the veg bao, and then we’re
gonna get a meaty one. Wow, (speaking in foreign language). It’s so plump. We came here for the (speaking
in foreign language), the pork bao, but they’re still
being made which is perfect, so we can first try the
(speaking in foreign language) because it’s so unique,
it’s got that sesame paste, that fermented tofu,
bean sprouts, tomatoes, it’s all in there. Oh, and they’re so hot. Mmm. – Very good! – Oh very good. (speaking in foreign language) Wow, look at that, delicious sesame paste, tomato, cilantro, nutty, and it’s also really got a strong fermented tofu flavor to it as well. It’s kinda like that
(speaking in foreign language) we had earlier. (speaking in foreign language) This guy’s got 12 baozi here. You can literally eat
10 or 12 in one sitting and it will fill you up. (speaking in foreign language) Not as good outside of
China, that’s for sure. (speaking in foreign language) And now we’re gonna start the (speaking in foreign language). (speaking in foreign language) – The meat bao. (speaking in foreign language) Look at all that. (speaking in foreign language) – The most special baozi in China, guys. We flew up to Tianjin just
to try baozi like this. Isn’t that the most
beautiful steamer of baozi you’ve ever seen? They’re just looking so plump, there’s a lot of juice in there. I’ve heard so many good
things about how juicy Tianjin baos are. And we’re gonna load it up tight and put it right here, steam it up. Oh, and look at his speed. (speaking in foreign language) – 15 years, super fast. We’re gonna steam those, and load it up, put the timer on and
it’s gonna be delicious. And our baozi have just
finished, six minute timer. We’re making steamer after steamer here. Oh, there they are, wow. Oh, isn’t that beautiful. Unreal, look at how plump those are. Oh, the freshest baozi. (speaking in foreign language) Unreal, guys, Tianjin baozi. (speaking in foreign language) – This is amazing look at the line up. People are just lined up for these baozi. And here we are. Look at these, guys. Tianjin baozi. Those are gonna be like soup dumplings but in a baozi. Look at how hot they are! And the real secret here
is this teapot of vinegar. So you just take your teapot, and you pour that
Chinese black vinegar in, just about maybe a quarter bowl. You wanna dip your baozi in, just a touch. You get some flavor. Let’s try it out. (slurping) Mmm! I just slurped out all the juice. It’s got that slight
sour vinegarness to it. It’s got a bit of a
ginger kick to it as well. Oh, you don’t even need the vinegar, there’s just so much flavor in that juice. That pork fat has so much burst to it. But if you do dip it in the vinegar, you don’t want the juice
to come out as well. This is it, guys. Unbelievable baozi. Oh and look inside there,
there’s a pool of soup. Oh, don’t leak out, don’t
leak out, don’t leak out. That is a golden gem. That is a treasure of the bao. You don’t want that to leave, you want that all to enter
and explode into your mouth when you bite it. Mmm, mmm! It’s a symphony of baozi
juice in your mouth. Perhaps the best baozi in all of China, if not the world. The standard pork bun, elevated with soup. Mmm, that is unbelievably good. (speaking in foreign language) – Awesome, you just feel
so happy after baozi and we’re going for more breakfast, guys. Let’s keep going. And next up, guys, for
our last bowl of noodles, the reason why you come
to Tianjin for noodles is laomian, and that’s
what we’re gonna try. (speaking in foreign language) Let’s go try it out, guys. Oh, literally a mix up of
whatever ingredients you want on your mian. (speaking in foreign language) And here’s the (speaking
in foreign language) buckwheat, and it’s going right in. Wow, that’s gonna be a
delicious bowl of noodles. And there they are. Those noodles are almost done. The buckwheat starch noodles. And then we’re gonna
load ’em up into bowls and make a delicious bowl of laomian. Here we go, this is the
noodle hotspot in Tianjin, just one of hundreds
of cities to travel to for noodles in China. And we’re putting them
into this cold water here to stop them from cooking and then directly into the bowls. Wow. Oh, so here we go, so cucumber slice, cabbage, sliced potato, wow. But then the real magic is
in these main toppings here, we’ve got the (speaking
in foreign language) which is a mixture of pork, shrimp, oh. And it’s slightly sweet
and braised pork gravy, and then we’ve got a few
other sauces here too. We chose the (speaking
in foreign language). Look at that. (speaking in foreign language) That’s (speaking in foreign
language) tomato and egg and then we’ve got soybeans,
and here’s the magic, the (speaking in foreign language), wow. That is gorgeous. And there it is, guys, look at that. We’ve got the sweet and sour
(speaking in foreign language) on top, we’ve got tomato
and egg, cucumber, we’ve got soybeans over
top of buckwheat noodles. (speaking in foreign language) – And here it is guys, look at that. This is the Tianjin laomian. It’s such a symphony
of different toppings. Look at this, we’ve got literal
fried sweet and sour gluten. I love gluten on noodles in China. It is so crunchy, like he said, it’s crunchy and crispy. And then I ordered the
(speaking in foreign language) which is this tomato egg. Underneath we’ve got soybeans,
we’ve got sliced potato, there’s cabbage, and then
here’s the real magic. Oh there’s the noodle. All these noodle underneath, wow. So you just mix it up and get it all in. This is the magic, guys. Tianjin laomian, I’ve been
looking forward to trying this. This is one of the top noodles
on our world noodle tour. We’ve got hot and cold ingredients all mixing through. (speaking in foreign language) And look at that, it’s
looking so beautiful. Let’s get a nice big
bite with gluten, egg, tomato, cucumber. So you gotta take a, just
a small strand of noodles. Let’s see if we can get one in one go. Yeah, just like that. And you want it to be slurp-worthy. Look at that. And this is how you take a slurp, guys. I’ve been working on my slurp technique. You just wanna take a few strands, you get a bit of that
topping and you go in and you slurp it all down in one go. Let’s try it out. (slurping) Mmm, mmm. Oh, wow, that is so flavorful. Crispy, sweet and sour gluten. That really is what it’s all about. And then, of course, the noodles. They’re taking in all that sauce. And you’ve got a bit of
freshness in there as well. You’ve got fresh noodles, fresh cucumber, you’ve got cabbage and
soybeans mixed with the tomato, the egg, the sweet and sour gluten, that is a slurp-worthy bowl of noodles. And I didn’t know what to
expect coming into Tianjin to try the Tianjin laomian. That is a true harmony, a symphony, an orchestra of noodles. You’ve got so much going on there but in general it’s quite sweet from that (speaking in foreign
language), and it’s crispy as well, and then it’s
fresh and it’s really nice with the tomato and egg. (speaking in foreign language) Wow, really nice. (slurping) Li Laoban just gave us a second bowl, it was meant for Tiang, but Tiang just took a
small chunk out of it and she’s already full,
so we gotta keep eating. (speaking in foreign language) (slurping) (speaking in foreign language) Make sure to click that
bell button down below, guys so you don’t miss any of
these street food tours. We are stuffed, we had six
amazing things for breakfast. We would love to hear from you down below, and thanks so much for
watching these videos on our world noodle tour. Thanks, guys.

  1. Hey guys! I hope you enjoy our Tianjin Breakfast tour! Make sure to watch until the end, there's some INCREDIBLE food and friendly people in this video! Thanks so much for watching and being part of the Foodrangin' community

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