Muscle Building Recipes: 3,100 Calorie Bacon Cheeseburger

Yo, what is going on guys? Troy here with and I
want to talk about some bullshit in the fitness industry before we make a pretty epic little
3,100 calorie chocolate-covered bacon cheeseburger. Somehow all of these ingredients are going
to combine into making a very high calorie meal, but first of all I want to talk about
some bullshit in the fitness industry. I was on Kinobody’s channel a couple of weeks
ago and I see all these comments about how Kinobody’s is on steroids and how there’s
no way he could be natural. First of all, Kinobody has a good physique,
but the guy’s five foot ten 170 pounds and in his last video he measures his arm with
a tape measure and he has 16 inch arms naturally. Now I did a video on another channel and it
was more like a entertainment style video and I got all these haters who came out of
the woodwork who don’t really follow the fitness industry, who are really into fitness. They probably don’t follow different bodybuilders
and big fitness YouTubers and every single one of these guys was like oh, steroids, steroids. This guys on steroids. I’m not even that big compared to some people
and it’s just funny how people not in the fitness industry assumes that any guy with
decent size is on steroids. To make it worse, I go on a really popular
website or actually I just did a Google search on how big your arms can get naturally. It said – and this site is highly, I don’t
want to say respectable, but it gets a lot of internet traffic. I think a couple million hits a month on this
website. It said for my height and weight and body
fat percentage the biggest that my arms could get naturally is 16 inches. So let’s just go ahead and see where I’m at. So I’ve got this tape measure here. Really good for measuring things. And let’s see where my right arm is at here. So keep in mind too, I don’t think my biceps
are one of my strengths at all. I think it’s one of my lagging muscle groups. It said 16 inches flexed, so let me get a
little more – this is actually harder than it looks. Okay, so flex and right at the peak, make
sure it’s tight, so I’m at a shade under 17 inches right there. Now guys, I would say my genetics are like
a five out of ten, maybe a six out of ten. I’ve got decent genetics for aesthetics, but
I am by no means genetically blessed when it comes to bodybuilding. I have almost 17 inch arms and I just in the
last six months really figured out how to work out my bicep peak, doing close-grip curls
and doing lots of intensity techniques, so don’t listen to the bullshit fitness industry. You guys can definitely achieve a really crazy
physique without taking steroids, so just go the all natural route and pack in your
calories, which is why we’re going to transition into a little 3,100 calorie chocolate covered
bacon cheeseburger, so let me whip up the ingredients. I’ll see you guys in a second. What I’m going to do is I’m going to cook
the bacon first. We’re just going to cut it like this and this
will probably help it to cook a little faster. And, oh, let me give you guys a calorie count. This is pretty interesting. I’m going to do some separating here. And so how many calories was that. Right off the bat that was 500 hundred calories,
so I’m going to cook the bacon first and then I’m going to cook half of this. So grass-fed beef is actually really amazing
for building muscle mass. It’s got lots of creatine and zinc and lots
of good muscle building ingredients. So I’m going to cook a half of this, so it’s
going to be a half pound of grass-fed beef. That is going to give me 400 calories. I’m going to cook it in an additional two
tablespoons of coconut oil so that’s going to give me another 200 calories, so we’re
at 600. Then I think I said the bacon was 4 -500,
500, so we’re at 1,100. Then I’m going to do a couple of avocado,
so to make my life easy, I just bought this mild guacamole, which is basically 95% avocado. Then I’m going to take the bacon after it’s
nice and crispy and I’m going to melt a bunch of chocolate chips over it and then I’m going
to put it in the freezer and harden it. This was inspired by the – my girlfriend is
looking at me like what the fuck are we doing. This was inspired by the Wisconsin state fair. I one time saw a chocolate covered bacon cheeseburger
on a Krispy Kreme donuts. So this is actually a little healthier version. So I’m going to – where’s my calorie count? Okay, so the chocolate chips is going to be
about 400 calories. Then, we’re, of course, going to put some
cheese on this, so that’s going to add 200 calories. Then we’re going to do sweet chili sauce. And you don’t have to use the sauce. It would still be 2,900 calories without the
sauce. Then we’re going to use four pieces of bread. We’ve got 17 grains of seeds in here. So I’m going to toast two pieces of bread
in this extra platinum Hello Kitty toaster and then – so it’s going to be two pieces
of bread that are going to be toasted on the outside and then two pieces of bread that
are going to be softer on the inside, so it’s going to be like a quadruple decker. Man, this is fun. I’m jealous of the people on “Epic Meal Time.” I’m not going to show you guys the entire
process because hopefully you have more important shit to do than watch me cover my bacon in
chocolate. But, I’m going to whip this all up and then
I’m going to show you guys the final result. I’m going to try it and I don’t know. I’m kind of scared to try it, but if it’s
not good, I’m honestly going to walk outside and I’m going to give it to a homeless guy. This video is helping change lives Anyways
guys, see you in a bit. So we are back and it is complete, so I’m
going to show you how I built this layer by later. So I toasted the outside piece of bread right
here and then I put the chocolate covered bacon as you can see. There’s all that chocolate covered bacon,
so I have that on both sides, right here. I have a piece of cheese between every slice
of bread. I have all of the avocado right here, so I
put one cup of avocado. Then I have a half pound beef patty, some
sweet chili sauce and we are going to combine this and try not to make a mess. And there you have it. Believe it or not, that is a 3,100 calorie
burger and I was going to give it a try, but my whole goal of this is to give it to a homeless
guy, and I think it would be kind of fucked up if I took a big bite and then I gave it
to a homeless guy. He probably wouldn’t mind. But anyways, I’m going to go outside. This really isn’t in my lean bulking diet
right now. I think I’m already about 3,000 calories today,
so there’s no need to get up to 6,000, so I’m going to go outside and I’m going to try
to find a homeless guy to feed this to. See you out there. So we are on our little adventure. Hopefully the less fortunate person that we
find is not a vegan, so we’ve got the chocolate covered bacon cheeseburger in the Tupperware
and we’re going to find someone to feed. 20 minutes into the journey, we still haven’t
found a homeless person. Pretty good sign for the economy, I guess. It’s starting to rain out here, so hopefully
we find somebody soon. We finally found somebody in a bus stop. He was sleeping, so I don’t want to make a
big scene about it and wake him up and put a big green light in his face, so we just
decided to drop it off. When he wakes up he will have a nice 3,100
calorie chocolate covered bacon cheeseburger, so I did my good deed of the day and we are
walking back right now to the apartment in downtown West Palm. I hope you guys enjoyed the video. Talk to you real soon.

  1. sir is it ok to have a 3000 calorie meal at once? cz in most of the places i've seen em saying "body doesnt absorb that much, and u'll end up shitting it all out"

  2. Please continue to make great videos like this. I already have the weight gain blue print. But sometimes i just dont have the time to cook 6 meals for certain days. Very informative!

  3. i tried the breakfast recipe was super easy and it worked really good but making and eating the same stuff everyday for breakfast is really boring and a complete pain in the ass
    can you do a new breakfast video

  4. I started off at 6'1 127 pounds 1.5 years ago. I am currently 6'2 and 178 pounds but i still look skinny. I have added 50 pounds on my body but why do i still look skinny? Someone help

  5. Troy your a legend man! I was 167lbs when i first started watching ur vids… now im 190lbs, thanks for all this awesome info troy

  6. Hey so at the end of the video you say we are walking back to the apartment in downtown West Palm! Like do you live in Florida?!? Please let me know asap and by the way I watch all your videos. A few months ago I was 180 and already down to 160 just from being inspired from you!! Keep up the good work bro!

  7. that is bullshit. my arms were 20 and a quarter without juice.that was with a four pack, nit a 6 pack. with a six pack they were around 19 .but I trained hard. with roids they were 22.

  8. From other videos that I've watched as well this one here, this man provides solid advice and tips and supports them with legitimate reasoning. In addition, he's clearly 100% natural. I gave up watching so many other videos due to the fact that the majority of the individuals, in all probability, are on anabolic steroids. Their body transformations and strength gains are completely unnatural.

  9. Man I was so excited about the video until I heard chocolate. Ewwrrr 🙂
    But I'll just be trying the other stuff I can use 2900 calories

  10. You measuring 16 and 5/8ths means little to nothing to try and disprove their point since all measurements are supposed to be not flexed.

  11. How exactly is that the same amount of calories as and entire large pizza and almost a whole box of doughnuts?

  12. Such a nice guy, cooked all that for it to go to a homeless person. The title dosent even say it. Good Intentions.. Always:)

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