1. I liked all of the dishes. I do need to try the chia seeds! I started your program Last frid Jan rth and am now down 10 pounds on the 10th!!!! Thank you!๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐ŸŒน

  2. bacon and eggs would be my daily staple but I make it easy – All of it is prepped on Sunday so I have bacon with boiled egg for breakfast every day.

  3. Strangely enough I haven't tried noatmeal yet! I will be getting those ingredients next time I go to the store! Thanks Cristy!!!

  4. I love brussel sprouts!! my favorite veggie. I just bought chia seeds put them in my yogurt this morning with cinnamon and little Splenda and fruit. So excited for the challenge

  5. Tried just unsweetened almond milk and chia seeds soaked overnight in fridge and loved it. Didn't realize I could eat them same day without that long soaking time. A plus! Have flaxseed meal now, so I will add that. I started on Jan 1st and am down 10. Thanks Christy!

  6. Thanks, Cristy! I like your version of Noatmeal better than the ones I'm finding online. These quick-and-easy meals are helpful. I don't mind putting in the work to prep, but I started eating the same 2-3 things and I need more variety. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. This is great! It's difficult for me to get flax meal where I live, is there any other option? Almond flour? Coconut flour? Other options? I've made chia seed pudding with almond milk before, but that's the closest thing I've gotten to something like noatmeal.

  8. I love bacon and eggs. I personally scramble my eggs with the bacon and I add bell peppers, salt, black pepper, and a little smoked paprika. All cooked with a tablespoon of unsalted butter. Perfect breakfast, in my opinion.

  9. I am loving Code Red so far! This is only day 2 for me.. love the water even.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Is cream of wheat bad? I love the bacon and eggs.. I will keep some baked bacon in the fridge. I want to try the chia seeds! In yogurt with berries! Yum!

  10. Where can I get flax milk? All my stores have (rural Idaho) is almond, soy, coconut. Are any of these okay to use? (Sorry, very new here…)

  11. One of the most remarkable things about Code Red is itโ€™s simple easy to cook approach…..a single yummy veg, a kind of protein, and then some little delicious side of guacamole, full fat cottage cheese or yogurt, a spoon of salsa, something to give color and pizazz. In other eating programs, so much cooking! I want to mention too, fewer dirty dishes with Cristyโ€™s prep, keeping it so quick to make filling attractive meals. I have been at it for 8 days, lost 9 pounds. Unreal. I am so full, twice I just didnโ€™t eat dinner this week.

  12. Wow! Great video! I am super excited to order the cook book now! So excited! I'm down 15lbs since May 3rd! Thank you Cristy โ™ฅ

  13. Google the difference between code red diet and keto diets. The only differences are that code red calls for more water and sleep specifically. Also, there are a few fatty foods that keto diets allow for, which code red does not. This "code red" diet is a keto rip off. You guys are some real "rebels"! Lmfao! You could lose weight for sure, these tips arent bad, but youre not a rebel, youre on the same basic keto diet as everyone else. This code red stuff is just rebranded non sense in my opinion.

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