My Keto Journey: Amy Zeal // Fitoru Family

Hi, this is Amy Zeal.
So I’ve been a health professional for a little
over a decade now.
I’ve worked in gyms, I’ve competed in multiple
fitness competitions, I won the 2016 Muscle
Mania Miss Bikini America, Classic Division.
And I’ve been on every single diet that has
ever existed.
So a lot of people always ask me, “Amy, how
do you look that way, what do you do?
What supplements do you take?…”
I recently discovered the Keto Diet.
Now I never did the Keto Diet up until this
year, I’ve always done every other one, and
I had to try it.
I have to tell you, I’ve had the most incredible
It was the quickest way- and I’m not going
to say it was the easiest way, but it was
the quickest way, the most efficient way-
to get my body looking tight, looking toned,
looking exactly how I wanted it to with no
ups, no downs.
Just an even, clear soundness of mind, great
levels of energy, and a hard, tight body.
In probably half the amount of time I’ve ever
done it.
I use MCT Oil.
Now when you’re on the Keto diet, it’s relatively
a high amount of fat, about 70% fat.
It’s a low amount of carbs, 5% carbs, 20 grams
or under, you’re in that low zone.
And then about maybe 25% protein.
So when you have to get a lot of fat in your
diet, you want the good fats, you want the
healthy fats, you want the natural sources
of fat.
You don’t want the lards and tubs of Crisco,
you want the good, healthy fat.
So MCT Oil is one of your beautiful ways to
tackle that.
So when I take the MCT Oil, it helps suppress
my appetite, it helps me break down the nutrients
in my body more efficiently.
I have a slower, steadier, more efficient
burn of energy.
It really just helps my body metabolize the
fat that’s already on there.
And it gets me to the energy levels and the
results that I want.
When you’re on the Keto diet, to get your
body into Ketosis, you go through a period
which some people call the “Keto Flu.”
And I don’t want to say you feel like you’re
dying because then you’re not going to do
it, you have low levels of energy, you’re
tired, you’re lethargic.
You have brain fog.
It’s a couple week period where your body’s
burning up all the extra sugar and carbs in
your body so you get straight down into that
fat source.
BHB Oil actually aleviates a lot of the symptoms
of the Keto Flu.
It has minerals in it that- I’m not going
to say it totally takes it away, but it lessens
the symptoms, and it makes it easier, more
It also helps your body, it puts more ketones
into your body, so you’re going to get to
ketosis faster.
You’re going to start burning the fat on your
body faster.
And it gives you more energy, and it’s a natural
appetite suppressant.
You can find the BHB Oil and the MCT Oil at

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