My Keto Journey | Exercise and a Ketogenic Diet

hello everyone and welcome to my video
where today I’m going to be discussing
exercise and a ketogenic diet I have to
say this is the number one topic that I
am contacted about and I recently put
out a blog post in reference to the
topic however I thought it’d be great to
also put out a YouTube video going more
in depth and detail about it as well the
number one question that I see the most
is do I need to workout while on a
ketogenic diet my response to that is no
matter what type of diet you’re on if
you are decreasing the amount of
calories you’re consuming you should
technically lose weight if that is your
objective however I do think it’s
important to add exercise into
everyone’s lifestyle unless they’re not
cleared by a doctor or physically inable
to do so because it helps with the
overall health of our bodies and it’s
great both physically and mentally there
are numerous studies out there that show
that exercise does help us live a
healthier lifestyle if you have any
questions comments or concerns you can
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you in the next video

  1. I lost all of my weight in 4 months with zero exercise. Now I think I need exercise to fine tune the remaining areas. I don’t overdo it but do enjoy it when I do it

  2. Awesome video! I have found that cardio is extremely effective on keto, especially fasted. I can go longer, faster.

  3. Have u continued keto without falling out of ketosis and if so do you still spill ketones in the urine?

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