People Try Flavored Almonds

– Yeah, I know what
expired milk taste like, especially when you been
broke all your life. (laughter) – We’re eating flavored almonds. You like almonds? – Uh, I mean, like, I don’t hate it. I like salted cashews. – Yeah. – Those are good. – I eat almonds every day. – You do? – I do. – For, like, fun? (laughter) – What is this? – Hell yeah. Especially almond joy. – Yeah, I eat almonds, but I’m not, like, obsessed with it. – They seem like a healthy alternative. – I like almond milk, but I don’t really eat almonds as nuts. – Then you’re not gonna like this. Here we have honey butter, which sounds amazing. – I don’t like honey that much. – Really? You’re weird. – You’re weird. – Let me look at how much sugar this has. – One gram of sugar. – Oh, one gram of sugar. That’s not bad. – Here we go. – Okay. – It tastes like candy. – Okay, I could actually have this, like, all the time. What’re you making that face for? – I was not expecting this haste. – Originally it tasted like a mix of honey and butter, and then suddenly, it
had this kind of like cheese aftertaste. – Maybe it’s because I don’t like honey, but it’s very deep. – It’s strong, it’s strong. – Yeah, it spreads into your mouth. – Mine tastes sugary though. – Honey. Honey is sweet. Have you never heard of honey being sweet. – Wasabi, I love wasabi. – This is wasabi. When you eat sushi, I scoop it like it’s green tea ice cream. – Oh. – So, like, I scoop it like this, watch. – Like a big amount. – Yeah. – Oh, hell, no. – We’re Dominicans. We don’t eat spicy like that. – I’m excited about this. I feel like this is a
new way to eat wasabi other than wasabi peas and sushi. – It smells like a really good, like, Korean junk food. – One time I had my
little brother try wasabi and told him that it was guacamole. (laughter) So this is, like, payback or some shit. – Oh. – Delicious. – Um, I love it, it is so good. – This is really good. Perfect amount of spice. – Yeah. Like, wasabi peas are
way spicier than this. I think it’s really good. – There’s a kick. – There’s a kick, ain’t it? You’re like, at first, you’re like “eh, it’s not that bad.” Whoo! – It tastes like wasabi peas but actually a little bit better because I prefer almonds over peas? – I thought I would hate it, cause, like, I only eat wasabi with sushi. I don’t know. I’m into this. – It wasn’t spicy. – It wasn’t spicy. – It was like, there was this heat in it and the heat is what, what got to me. – I think I could eat this every day. – Hmm. – Yogurt. Or, more known as yakult. – Yakult is, like, famous in Asia. I think Japan and Korea mostly. – Yeah. – Drinkable yogurt, but
it tastes really good. – I’m trying to figure it out. – It tastes like Fruit Loops milk. It tastes like the milk– – Like the milk is expired. – Like the milk is expired. – Um, nah. – It’s a little questionable. – It tastes exactly
like yakult with almond. – Right, but I don’t know if
they should go together, right? – Yeah. – It tastes, like, a little bit expired. – Yeah, it does taste like expired milk. – It’s like you dip an almond in yakult and let it sit there for, like, two hours. – Yeah. – And dry it up and then have you eat it. – I love wasabi. – Wasabi. – Wasabi was by far the best. I would eat that daily. – I like the yogurt one. Maybe I like expired milk. – Someone’s gotta have it. – This wins. It’s not too sugary. It’s a different– It’s an acquired taste. It’s, like, a little different. – I didn’t think the wasabi was disgusting or hideous
or nothing like that. It was just a kick because my taste buds
are not used to, like, anything spicy or any heat. – You want to be healthy
and still have a taste. – Yeah. – You got it. – I’ll eat the yogurt one. It reminds me of my broke childhood. (laughter) (upbeat music)

  1. 0:04 so nobody was going to tell him something was on his tooth . Didn't buzzfeed just make a video dedicated to that ? ._.

  2. i don't see any familiar faces. everybody has there opinion but it does seem like they are running out of ideas maybe they should't have let all the old people go.

  3. In Korea they bring out a new flavour every three months or so. They also have garlic/sour cream, banana and caramel/pretzel.

  4. Hey Buzzfeed, flavored almonds really? You do realize Middle Eastern-South Asian people eat spiced almonds, honey almonds and many other versions of flavored almonds on a daily basis. eye roll

  5. Booooooring. I thought this was a joke or they were gonna spice it up a bit or something. And then I saw one of the girls get like 'mentally prepared' to try delicious almonds as if she was gonna eat worms or something? Come on now. Stop kidding yourself.And after that I was just like nope! C'mon buzzfeed. We know a lot of people have left, but come on!

  6. lol come on BuzzFeed…almonds have been flavored or unflavored for a good while now…I still luh you tho!lol

  7. Evan and the girl he was sitting with could have babies and they would be the most attractive babies on the planet.

  8. "We're Dominicans, we don't eat spicy like that."

    That got me laughing so hard that I had to go back and replay it just because I didn't think I heard it right. xD

  9. I grew up on Yakult in Thailand, pretty sure its an overall Asian thing (opposed to mostly Japan and Korean) imo

  10. I went to the U.S. website for Murgerbon and these almonds aren't even available! Peanuts and coconut chips were the only two products for sale on the website. Weird. Did they not know someone from their company sent a box of product to the BuzzFeed office in the U.S.?

  11. Lmao Yakult is my life. I never knew it was a yoghurt type of thing so I just thought of it as milk. I also never realised that not many Western people knew about this yet they sell it at their grocery stores. No wonder I get stared at every time I drank it lol

  12. almonds.. really? how about chocolate covered bananas. PB and J! how about jam on toast! oooh yeah! jesus… how mundane…

  13. The Yakult flavored almond could really taste expired/old milk/spoiled milk, because Yakult is actually cultured milk. 😏 And it's good for the stomach. 😎

  14. Since this is my dad’s company product make sure to mark it حلال (halal) if you don’t want copyright strike and always L.C.C it!

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