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Ian K stay frosty
Popeyes is back to doing what they do best as a blast from the past makes a return appearance on
their menu for 2018 and it’s none other
than their Red Stick chicken looking
just as crispy just as fried as ever an
awesome looking coating on these chicken
tenders for sure guys they look really
really great what this is is 100% white
meat chicken four pieces of it actually
here that have actually been marinated
in a cayenne Tabasco pepper marinade
sauce and then dropped into the fryer
after being hand battered and they look
really really great nice and crispy and
I got to say a really really nice amount
of coating on them for sure and of
course as with all of the Popeyes promo
combos here we’ve got a side so I
decided to go with the usual cajun fries
and of course the world-famous biscuit
and for dipping I decided to go with my
favorite this time out and get some
Mardi Gras mustard sauce this is always
the bomb I absolutely love it let’s see
if this one delivers the flavor though
if it delivers the heat it’s supposed to
have this is the returning red stick
chicken here at Popeyes let’s peep out this flavor
so apparently Tabasco pepper farmers use
a little red stick as a measurement for
the ripeness of Tabasco peppers before
they decide to pick them and considering
the red tint that these appear to have
right now I think we got a good batch
let’s dive in it’s the returning red
stick chicken here at Popeyes and it’s
actually the first time I’m trying it
here we go
I’m not getting any heat oh wait typical
Popeyes fashion a little bit of a slow
creep towards the end there but it’s
really nice and I got to admit guys I’m
not really tasting anything different
from Popeyes that I haven’t had in the
past before it’s got just the right
amount of sizzle nothing crazy hot but
just enough to let you know that it’s
there but it’s very familiar but tasty
still and the crunch is pretty awesome
mmm yeah the chicken is fairly juicy and
it’s definitely chunky I really like how
the thickness is on point when you bite
into this it’s always the same with
Popeyes and it’s really tasty if you
take a look in between the coating and
the chicken itself you might be able to
see a little bit of red there and that’s
obviously the marinade that they’re
actually talking about with this red
stick chicken and of course the deep
fried goodness as you can see is nice
and crispy guys just always on point and
very very fresh really really delicious
but again familiar I mean Popeyes in the
past has used cayenne they’ve used
Tabasco and some other versions you can
definitely hit my playlist in the upper
right hand corner for display take a
look at some of those reviews from the
past and I have to admit guys nothing
bad about that it’s still very tasty but
again it’s just the same thing that I’ve
always had really hmm still really good
though alright let’s go for a dip in
some Mardi Gras mustard sauce real fast
this is always a favorite at least for
me now I’m a huge fan of horsey sauce at
Arby’s and this is definitely
reminiscent of that because of the
horseradish that’s in it and of course
you’ve got the mustard that goes with
this as well really nice combo let’s go
in I already know this is gonna be
awesome because I can smell it already
mmm confirmed
awesomeness man that is so tasty mmm
absolutely love the coating on this and
the fact that the sauce is so nice and
thick with a lot of the spices on its
own which is really awesome but guys
it’s that horseradish on top of it
adding a little bit more steam I should
say as you’re probably sitting above me
right now to the actual Tabasco itself
this is actually really tasty with it
mmm so good yeah I got a knock this one
off mmm so so tasty so tasty so yeah not
too much else to say about this one
there is a little bit more elevated heat
especially when you add the Mardi Gras
mustard because of the
horseradish but otherwise same Popeyes
that I already know guys like I said the
familiar taste is absolutely there the
crunchy coating is absolutely there
they’re made super fresh right now as
well and overall it’s just a very tasty
chicken tender as always and honestly
who doesn’t like a nice juicy piece of
white meat chicken that’s hand battered
and all the Louisiana goodness from
Popeyes and deep fried to crispy golden
brown to begin with I mean it’s just
delicious right yeah I think so let’s
finish this one out with another
close-up shot of that crispy goodness
and as I swing the chicken around here
you can hopefully notice a little bit
more of the red tinting right there in
the middle because I can see it on my
end it really is noticeable in the
sunlight and I have to say guys the
sizzle is decent on this one but again
very familiar but still just the crunchy
chicken that you already know from
Popeyes with a new promo for 5 bucks not bad
so let’s not beat around the bush
here because I think you know my opinion
of this one based upon all the reviews
that I mentioned earlier that I’ve done
here at Popeyes which again you guys can
find in the upper right hand corner for
display right now there’s plenty to
choose from and I’m definitely glad to
add this review to it so overall I’m
gonna have to give the returning Red
Stick chicken here at Popeyes reviewed
for the very first time on my channel a
very familiar 8 out of 10 and I can’t really
go much above that strictly because guys
like I said it’s familiar it’s the same
Popeyes that I reviewed a million times
in the past and I got to admit even
though I’m using that Mardi Gras mustard
sauce with it it really does kick it up
a notch it’s still that familiar taste
but still guys definitely recommended
its tasty what could I say but hey
that’s just my opinion based upon trying
this for the first time right now on
camera in front of all of you but what
do you guys think overall drop some
comments down below if any of you’ve
actually had this in the past how
different is it compared to some of the
other flavors they may have done
previously and if it’s not any different
to you do you still love it either way
drop those comments down below and
definitely let me know and with that
this is Ian K closing out another
episode of peep this out bringing you
brand new content every single week here
on my channel so while you stay tuned for
that next review coming real soon in the
meantime stay frosty alright now I know
this was new to me for review purposes
but technically it wasn’t if you catch
my drift alright guys until next time
I’ll talk to you soon

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