Shape Up For Summer In 6 Weeks + FREE Diet Plan

and welcome to my six-week summer shaper now what I’ve designed is a six week plan leading you up to the summer holidays when you’re going to look the best possible version of yourself now what I need you to do is do each section too or if you can’t three times before you move on to the next one so you’ve really worked that part of your body and got the best possible results for you now if you like what you see and you’d like to see more then please like and subscribe to Tabitha yoga I’ll see you on the mat welcome to your six week summer shaper and this week it’s cardio now I hope you really enjoyed doing your warmup over the last week and I’m really ideally like you to do it before you start your cardio session so you’re totally warm and it’s totally safe and we’re raring to go are you ready have some water for hand and make sure you’re comfortable and cool we’re going to start off with some good old squats now there’s nothing better than buy something so we’re doing the hard start with your feet stall that someone’s just swiped away and then you’re gonna come up and have squeezed and let me take it nice and steady in these squats so that I get this technique myself that let’s warm ourselves up squeeze so squeeze in your bum as you come up squeeze keep going dropping your hips do you really use your tummy to come back up again and thighs two and one brilliant next time I’d like you to lift the heel down 5 4 3 2 squeeze at the top get your bottom working 1 nothing squat down I can really feel my body getting nice and toasty they want blood pumping through my funny little processor 4 3 2 squeeze and one squeeze brilliant drop to heel now this time white leg squat pick one I can create turn your toes out and come down deep come up and squeeze again make sure the knees are out Rob the knocking you might find beautiful stiffen the hips knees knocking each other’s knees go out in the line come on hold it down and you’re going to lift up eight seven six five four three two one come up feel the burn feel your heart rate brilliant great results squats again with that he lived it thank you but as high as possible feel it working three two get down nice slow hold it swap sides come on this side now come up and up squeeze six five four three two one down both heels can you hold it down on this can’t talk I’m concentrating one really come up a bit of a rough welcome you’re gonna move on to high knees now so I’d like you to start with your hip your feet hip distance moving start off slow just eight seven I remember you’re planting breathing to stake that level if you choose that I’m going to give you an option of a little devil home so you can take faster seven six keep doing it is one or lifting your energy after that we’re going to do eight faster higher knees for your belly in relax your shoulders and when you’re ready ah come on let me get to make war so slow full Fast Times in France do compassion me with your hands and are you ready brace your baggage ain’t easy to the next section this time and then you’re just gonna bring your feet your hands you can take your hands four five six seven eight so that’s your number one if you want to take that a little higher and we just make it any faster keep like that if that suits you you want to take it higher again let’s really kick ups with our feet and lift the level of energy to do another right now you know you can do more if you want to you can do as many as you want moving on to the good old faithful my favorite not jumping jacks and but they are really effective for bringing your energy levels up and they’re really good for a whole they kind of like the standing version of a plank it takes every single box over cardiovascular work full body work too so jumping jacks aren’t great for everyone a whole host of reasons so we’re going to give you a slower option okay brilliant okay so just let your heart rate settle a little bit for the next section this one is going to again it’s your heart rate but working hip balancing too so this can be another three more two gonna lift it up again just a little bit more well going to stay that level if you want to I’m gonna take it up a notch it’s entirely up to you I’m going to bring in a punch with my hand is just a little bit so another do another stretch back take my knees let yourself breathe deeply let’s go that’s weak to your six weeks lever shaper your heart rates going you’re warm you’re ready to go to the next section

  1. I'm really excited to bring you WEEKS 2 – CARDIO FITNESS, of my Shape Up For Summer in 6 weeks Series. 6 vibrant Pilates classes designed to get you looking and feeling the best you possibly can about yourself and with some fun lively music too, I hope you enjoy practising them as much as I have filming them. It would be great if you could take some before and after pics and we can all share our summer holiday snaps πŸ™πŸ»πŸŒΈπŸ’•

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