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– [voiceover] Coming up
later, summer is here
and Jessie Jane has the
perfect look for you,
DIY lace summer tops.
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– One in three children and
teens in the U.S. are overweight
or they’re obese and health
chef Devin Alexander has
bought along two friends from
the American Heart Association
and they are going to show us
that making healthy choices
can be fun and delicious.
Welcome Devin.
– Thank you so much, thank you.
– And who did you bring with you today?
– Who are these beautiful ladies?
– These adorable little
girls are Kenya and Teresa,
they are both 12, seventh graders.
– [Mark] So, getting up there, alright.
So today we’re talking
about how important it is
for children to eat
well, and how important
is it to fight weight gain with children?
– [Devin] It is, I think one
of the most critical things you
can possibly do for your children
is to teach them to cook.
I weighed 200 pounds when I was 15
and I was able to reverse
that by cooking healthy food
and I swear that if I
never learned how to cook
I’d probably weigh 400 pounds.
So to get your kids in the
kitchen, really sets them up for
a lifetime of great stuff,
plus when they’re involved
in it, it seems that
they are much more likely
to eat the vegetables.
– [Cristina] Do you eat
healthy at home, girls?
– Yes.
– [Cristina] You do? Okay,
what are you going to
be making today?
– What we are going to be
making today is chicken
– Cob
– Chicken kebab
– [Devin] Chicken kebabs,
yes, and then we’re making
a tzatziki sauce.
– Tzatziki sauce
– Tzatziki, yes
– [Mark] I know
– [Devin] It’s Greek,
it’s a Greek yogurt sauce
Okay, so we’re going to
start here with our chicken,
we took cubes of chicken,
obviously you don’t want
the children to do the
cubing of the chicken.
And then just add a little garlic,
here, why don’t I let you do this?
Just pour that in there.
We have some olive oil
and some lemon juice,
just a little bit of olive
oil, and some lemon zest,
and then this is oregano that we got from
the fresh garden outside.
– [Mark] Perfect. And I don’t
wanna make you ladies nervous,
but look to your left
and you’re going to see
an adorable panel of
judges over there eating,
they’ll be judging your
kebabs. Okay, on we go.
[Devin] Okay would you
like to stir this for me?
– Yes.
– Thank you.
– Getting the kids involved, not only in
the cooking aspect, but gardening.
– Absolutely
– They love to see stuff
come up out of the ground.
I was just, I sent a
picture to Cristina, I have
a watermelon growing in my back yard.
I have no idea how it got there
(laughter drowns out speech)
kids come home to see it,
I know, it just started
growing in my back yard.
– [Cristina] Exciting isn’t it?
– Okay so now we’re making the kebabs.
all you’re going to do is
take a piece of chicken,
take a skewer here, you don’t want to hurt
your fingers, obviously. And
then you put a piece of chicken
and then you pick any of these veggies.
And just so you know, Cristina
will be really excited if you
pick tomatoes because she grew
them in the garden back here.
So they’re going to be really fresh.
– [Mark] Alright, let you guys
do your thing and I’ll go.
– [Devin] Okay, so push
them all the way on/
– [Cristina] We want to mention that over
149 million Americans
suffering today with being
overweight or obese and so, I
know this is one way to stop
the epidemic, but what
other ways can we help to
solve this problem?
– Well we have to get moving, obviously,
and that doesn’t mean that
you have to take your children
to a gym, just go play with
them. Like it’s so much fun to
do hopscotch, and everyone
is sitting in front
of the computer now,
and forget about that,
and make sure you’re eating
the colors of the rainbow.
This is great because we do
have most of the colors here,
and be creative with what you do.
– [Cristina] Now do you
girls love all the vegetables
on this, do you love the
chicken and are you picking
your favourite ones?
– Yes
– Yes
– [Cristina] So obviously
you like the tomatoes
and the peppers?
[Devin] Yes.
[Cristina] You’re a red girl
[Mark] I think they’re
trying to do the colors of
the rainbow here, because
we’ve got it all, we’ve got the
yellows and the oranges and
the reds and the purples
– And we’ve got some couscous
down there which is a grain
is couscous a grain?
– [Devin] It’s a semolina
flour, it’s an Italian flour,
it’s what pasta is made from.
Okay, so now we’re doing
the Tzatziki, so we have
non fat Greek yogurt here,
it’s nice and thick and creamy
so you don’t need cream.
And then we’re gonna throw on some
cucumbers, all nice and diced up.
Some lemon juice in a
little bit of olive oil.
– [Cristina] Mmmm, beautiful.
Okay, olive oil. It looks like
you use like a teaspoon.
– [Devin] Yes, you don’t
need a lot of olive oil,
you just need a strong flavored
olive oil, an extra virgin.
And then some dill and
some oregano in this one.
– [Cristina] Little bit of salt?
– [Devin] Little salt, little pepper.
– [Cristina] And lemon zest, right?
– [Devin] And lemon zest.
– [Cristina] Oh, this is so
healthy and so good for you.
and then mix it up.
– Yep, just mix it all up. Super easy.
– [Christina] Have you
ever tasted tzatziki sauce?
– No.
– [Devin] Oh well this is
gonna be a treat, this recipe
is from the American Heart Association,
so really good and healthy for you too.
– [Mark] Okay, so there’s
about 150 million Americans
suffering from overweight or obese issues.
Is there a way to upright
this, to turn it around?
– Well there is, as we were
saying exercise is a really
big important thing. Also, stop
eating out so much, because
you don’t know what they
do to your food, you know,
there’s so much butter and
lard and fats that you’re not
accounting for, so when
you do it at home you can
control it yourself, and
make super delicious meals,
as you know, I’ve been here numerous times
making things like buffalo wings.
[Cristina] Ooh, look at that.
– [Devin] And then why don’t
we grab a plate and the spoons,
Mark, do you want to spoon
some couscous on there
and get a kebab?
– I sure will.
Here we go.
– [Devin] Girls you know when
you finish this you would
always wash your hands and
you don’t go to the grill,
you know that too, right?
We give that to Mark.
– I will take care of that. There we go.
– Maybe we can get,
Oh, you took the kebabs off.
Let’s put this on here
– What is your typical meal at home that
you girls like to eat?
– Well I like to eat at home
is mostly, I usually make
a sandwich with tomatoes and lettuce
– [Mark] Oh, that’s good
– And I always have a side,
like a water or a juice.
– Will you please pass me a fork?
– Sure will.
– I want to get the girls to
try it, but as their hands have
touched chicken we can’t have them
pull it off themselves.
[Cristina] And Kenya?
– Well what I like to do at
home, which is kind of healthy
I guess, is to make, like
when my mom sometimes makes
leftover foods, I just re
cook them and I eat them maybe
with the meat, with the
meat I add the little,
well I call it chimul, a salad.
Tomatoes, chilies, onions,
garlic and everything
so it could be good and
then I just eat it, so it’s
something that I really
like and then I can turn it
into a taco or something.
– [Cristina] You’ll be quite
a chef when you grow up.
– [Mark] By the way, a big
thank you to the ladies here
helping us out, I appreciate it so much.
– The American Heart
Association is waiting
for your questions,
you can check them out.
Also, to help make healthier
choices for your children,
also go to our Facebook
page, we’ll have a very
special message waiting
for you from Devin.
Is it good over here ladies?
– It’s so good
– I hope it nourished you
Sophie because you’re gonna
need the energy because you’re up next.
– I am because next I’m going
to be showing you how to
make super easy beeswax candles.
– [Mark] Nice

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