Simple Keto Meal Plan — Quick and Easy meal prep!

hey you guys Jodi Brown here and I just
got back from a weekend trip and needed
to get home and get some stuff meal prep
for this week
so um I have very basic meals and just
wanting to show you how simple it can be
to eat healthy to try to stay on track
mine are for this week more keto ish so
they’re not going to be strict strict
keto but they are going to be low carb
options that we will enjoy and my kids
will enjoy I have a three-year-old
daughter and one year old twins so we
kind of got to have something that’s
gonna work for everybody so we really
work to keep it simple every week this
week is just like super super super easy
simple easy peasy so what we will do we
pretty much have everything ready to go
for the meals one is just gonna have to
be thrown in the oven when it’s time and
we will put in the oven cook it it’s
gonna be ready to go um the other one
everything is ready to be put together
so we will likely have one meal Monday
and Wednesday so we’ll have the
leftovers on Wednesday and then we’ll
have the other dish on Tuesday and
Thursday so that’s the way I like to
meal prep and like to keep it easy life
is crazy at Meal Time with kids you all
know that for you all who have kids so
we keep it simple so we just kind of
alternate the meals during the week and
that really works well for us we just
make sure to make it enough that it’s
going to work throughout the duration of
the week so the first thing which is
actually probably gonna have to be the
second thing on our menu is tacos so
tacos for the week and when I mean tacos
I mean low carb tacos style so all I had
to do today was prepare the meat so I’ve
got a big thing of meat prepared so
we’ll just take portion it out for what
we need for each of the meals so enough
for Monday and enough for Wednesday we
with just it was chili powder and cumin
I think there might have been some a
rugged a little bit of oregano salt
pepper of late there were some other
things in there that we had in the mix
so this is not this is not packaged
seasoning and if you wanted that recipe
if you just comment below seasoning I
can get that recipe for you it’s super
easy it’s just household items I just
can’t remember exactly what all is in it
in this very amendment so what we’re
going to do though I have low-carb this
is where keto wish comes in you guys
this is not strict keto ish low-carb
wrap so these are mission there are
other options
each of these wraps has five net carbs
if you don’t want five net carbs but
you’re willing to eat part of Harrap
have have her wrapped if you can see I
mean they’re a decent size if you just
want a little bit of a wrap portion it
and just have half of it I will either
use one of these or I will use spinach
and make a spinach salad so I have the
meat we have the wrap we have salsa
we’ll have avocado and this is why this
meal might have to wait till Tuesday
because as you can see you know I need
this a become to ripen and then I’m
gonna want it to ripen and it’s gonna be
ready and then it’s gonna go back in two
seconds but anyway we have our avocado
ready to go so the one meal is going to
be our tacos whether it’s taco salads
soccer wraps whatever it might be and
then our next meal and this one is super
simple so everything is literally ready
to go you can probably see it’s kinda
like piled in there really so all this
is it’s chicken tomatoes if you were
struck keto you probably really watch
your tomatoes I include them just make
sure they fit if you’re not a strict
keto if you’re like low-carb keto ish
lazy keto just make sure they fit into
your account and artichokes this sounds
so basic and it’s so easy but it’s so
good John you just pop this thing’s laid
these are tomatoes with herbs on them
you just layer it and put it in the oven
and bake it I believe we do 350 for 45
minutes it’s super simple and then what
I’m going to do is spread some cheese
over the top of that and voila ready to
go now another option is to take like
the low carb noodles or Zhu Dalls and
you can even make it like into a pasta
like that if you want it to you know
whatever you want to do with it you
could even do some cauliflower rice and
have like a little rice on the side
which is actually an idea or we even
have some mashed cauliflower that on my
use on the side as well but honestly
I’ve had that dish before with just I
like to use mozzarella cheese you can do
it use whatever kind of cheese you want
and it’s done it’s super simple so it is
not going to be a meal other than the
cheese that’s overly high in fats so
that’s where you have to just kind of
prepare in advance earlier part of the
day make sure you get in those healthy
fats so that you are fuelled and have
everything you need for your day so that
is what I have when I say simple I kid
you not I mean simple simple simple so
let me know if you have any questions
again I stayed away from for the
seasoning for the meat I stay away from
packaged seasoning because it has some
stuff in there that you really might not
want or hito if you need it for a quick
just be careful about how much you use
but I hope you all have a fantastic
Sunday and I will be back later this
week for some more videos and info and
tips so I hope that you have a wonderful
Sunday night and we’ll chat soon bye

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