Spanish Almond Muffins with Caramelized Sugar

Bienvenidos welcome guys to Spain on a Fork
today we’ve got a great recipe of Spanish almond muffins with caramelized sugar
now I’m gonna be upfront with you guys I am NOT a fan of sweets or desserts
but these Spanish almond muffins well they really rock my world
because they’re so good they have a beautiful texture to them
they’re super easy to make seriously this is an effortless recipe to put together
and they’re done in a little over 30 minutes you can have these muffins for breakfast as an afternoon snack anytime
guys this recipe is a keeper now today’s video is made in collaboration with Alicia
over at best bites forever she’s gonna be doing her version of leche frita
which is an incredible dessert you´ll find a link in the description box below
to her channel you know I’ve done a couple collaborations with Alicia
in the past she is such a wonderful person and such an amazing chef
over at her channel she’s got some great recipes she gives you great tips and she’s a lot of fun to watch
go to her channel subscribe watch a couple videos let her know Albert from Spain on fork sent you
again link below to her channel alright folks let’s make some homemade muffins we’re gonna begin by adding half a cup of blanched
marcona almonds into a food processor and we’re gonna roughly chop these now if you don’t have a food processor that is okay just add the almonds into a clear plastic bag
and using a pestle pound down on the almonds and this is the exact texture
you want your almonds to look like next up I’m going to add 2 cups of all-purpose flour
into a large bowl 2 teaspoons of baking powder a 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt 1/2 cup of white sugar and the chopped almonds and mix this all together until it’s well combined once you have your dry ingredients well mixed
I´m gonna add 1 cup of almond milk 1/2 a cup of sunflower oil
and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract and once again we’re gonna mix this all together
until it’s well combined you wanna make sure that there is no lumps behind
you’ll see a couple of lumps on here but that is from the almonds once your batter is well mixed I´m gonna add some
cupcake papers into six-count muffin tin and start adding the batter into the cupcake papers
you don’t want to fill this up all the way to the top you want to go about 80% to the top and for the final step I’m going to add a generous portion
of brown sugar on top of the batter this is gonna give these muffins such a beautiful flavor now this sugar is gonna caramelize as we have our oven
preheated with the bake and broil option that’s heat in the bottom and the top alright let’s start cooking our muffins
I have my oven preheated in the bake + broil option that´s low heat and top heat 175 C – 350 F you want to make sure you put this
in a wire rack in the middle of the oven after 24 to 26 minutes these should be perfectly cooked
let’s take them out of the oven and you can always tell when your muffins are done
just stick a toothpick in there and if it comes out cleanly they are perfectly cooked okay guys after leaving our muffins to cool off
between 15 to 20 minutes they’re ready to go I’m gonna cut one of them open
that way you can see what they look like inside and give it a try okay here we go first things first beautiful texture to these muffins
they are not overcooked they are not undercooked 24 to 26 minutes at 175 degrees Fahrenheit
I mean Celsius 350 degrees Fahrenheit heat in the bottom and the top beautiful texture and then the flavors very simple
but those almonds really shine through incredible muffins you guys saw this very easy to make perfect for breakfast snack or any time of the day again I’d like to thank Alicia over at best bites forever for doing this collaboration with me again guys you’ll find a link to her channel
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  1. I love muffins, especially with my coffee ☕️ in the morning! Thanks Albert, I’ll go checkout Alicia’s channel.

  2. Oh wow Albert, those muffins look fabulous!!! The texture looks like they would just melt in your mouth and I know the flavor was right on point 😋😋😋 I am definitely going to be making those soon. As always, it was fun to collab with you 😄❤️

  3. Thank you Albert my grandkids going to love those muffins for sure, grat recipe I'm sure we going to enjoy it✌❤🇨🇦

  4. You Sure have worked your cooking skills on those muffins Albert they look fabulous ..😋😋…

  5. The recipe is beautiful as always. Thank you for the wonderful recipes you present to us. I'm delighted with my kitchen.❤👍👍👍👍👍

  6. Fabulous fantastic yummy & mouthwatering recipe dear big 👍 👍 👍 thanks for sharing 🎋🌷🎋🌷

  7. Excellent share here my friend, a big thumbs up, cheers, Please come see our last video!

  8. oh Wow ! Spanish Almond Muffins Wonderful recipe. Looks absolutely delicious and great presentation too ! So moist ….

  9. Like as always Alfie we love your recipe will be doing this thanks again for sharing you rock awesome chef 👨‍🍳

  10. Dang!….another awesome and easy recipe!!!!….I am going to make this for dessert for Memorial Day cookout this weekend!

  11. Me encantan los Muffins y las Almendras una combinación que me gustaría mucho probar y que se ve super deliciosa con azúcar caramelizada. Espero prepararlos pronto. Espero que tengas una linda y feliz semana :)))

  12. they are so perfect i love almonds will certainly give them a try .Big like and thank you for sharing

  13. Τhank you for sharing this great recipe!! A big LIKE!!! 🙋 👍 😀 😍 😘 🌺

  14. These muffins are spectacular 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼 you are always better, my friend!

  15. Yipeeeeee!!!! 13k and growing!!!!!! Congrats to you my sweet friend, you deserve it! You know who else deserves something? ME! I def deserve to have a bite on that scrumptious muffin, cuz I LOVE almonds and your muffins look so tempting!

  16. Hola, I just made them and they taste so DELICIOUS 😋. Thank you. In your recipe you say to use brown sugar, it's called TURBINADO sugar here in America or Sugar in the Raw. Mil gracias por la receta mi encanto 😀👍.

  17. I am going to watch this whole playlist as a support to you my friend- Some I have seen already so wont comment all. Cheers

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