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– Hello everybody!
Today we are going to make
something delicious and healthy.
What is it?
What is this?
One package of tofu, we are going to make
wonderful looking side dish:
braised tofu.
In Korean, it’s called dubu-jorim.
Very, very simple and easy.
And also, this is really cheap.
You can share this with,
like, four people together,
as a side dish.
I’m gonna make spicy version,
but you can skip the spicy stuff
and you can make your
own non-spicy version.
So, let’s start.
Choose a firm tofu, or medium-firm.
First, I’m going to cut this tofu
into bite-sized pieces and pan-fry.
I like to wash, rinse this.
Paper towel, I should dry this.
And, cut this into around
a quarter inch thick.
So, I made 18 pieces now.
One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine.
Ooh, 20, I made 20 pieces!
Then switch this.
And then, I’m going to pan-fry these.
Over high heat.
Any type of vegetable oil,
corn oil, grapeseed oil.
This is a grapeseed oil.
Three tablespoons.
Each one, take this, and put it here.
You don’t have to wait until seasoning.
I still have two more.
So, this all 20 pieces over high heat
around seven or eight minutes
and then, you’ll turn it over
and another seven or eight minutes
and then all sides are golden brown.
In the meanwhile, I’m
going to make the sauce.
One tablespoon soy sauce.
One teaspoon salt.
Sugar, one teaspoon.
This is hot pepper flakes.
I will use one tablespoon.
Half a cup water.
Mix well.
This is all the sauce we
need for one package of tofu.
Garlic, one clove of garlic.
Half a cup chopped onion.
I will mince this.
Half a cup chopped onion.
This is garlic, I’m just a put it on top.
Check out our tofu.
( sizzling)
Sizzling, good,! good!
Rotate your pan like this.
You can cook evenly.
Bottom part is crispy.
Right there.
See, really pretty.
each piece, check it out,
on the bottom part is crunchy,
and then, turn it over.
One thing, I didn’t take care of this.
It’s green onion.
Let’s chop green onion.
Green onion, I’ll just
reserve this amount.
You know why?
Later, when we do this,
I’ll use this as a garnish.
So, this is done.
We’ll see both sides are crunchy.
So I think we’re done,
and turn off heat.
Lots of oil is still left over.
I’m going to use this oil later.
So, pan fried tofu, done.
Very pretty.
But, it’s not seasoned yet.
So, we are going to add some
seasoning and braise it.
This is a really good
side dish for lunch box.
I used to make this for my children.
Green onion.
Here’s onion.
This is for garnish.
Today, I’m going to use this.
This is a little gas burner
that I bought in Korea.
Just a couple of months
ago, I travel to Korea.
It’s so cute and then I bought this.
All the way I brought this.
I told you I’m going to
use this leftover oil.
When my pan is heated,
I’m going to add this,
stir-fry all this garlic,
onion, and green onion.
green onion and garlic, oh.
And then, cook.
Until a little, like, a little crunchy.
Time to add sauce.
Let it bubble, the amount
is going to reduce.
This really smells good.
And then, we are going to dump tofu.
And well stir.
sesame oil~
One teaspoon sesame oil.
So turn off the heat.
Toasted sesame seeds.
Green onion, chopped green onion.
You can serve in this pan
when it’s still sizzling
and then just go and
everybody will enjoy this.
Let me taste!
It tastes real savory
and crunchy outside, inside very soft
and it has a lot of, lot of flavor.
So good.
It’s going to be a side dish
for rice or bland noodles
because it’s a little salty.
Today we made it dubu-jorim,
spicy braised tofu.
Enjoy my recipe.
See you next time!
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