Sulfur Vegetables | Wellness Series | Keto Weight Loss Friendly

Today’s wellness topic is sulfur
vegetables: cabbage family, onion family, mushroom family.
Sulfur vegetables feed your cells. They
feed the mitochondria which are your cells engines.
Sulfur vegetables help with arthritis by
helping to make collagen.
That really helps your joints
It also helps clean out toxins and it
helps process protein.
Sulfur vegetables also have antioxidants
they help fight cancer dementia and heart disease.
They help you have a
healthy immune system.
Because Keto limits your carbs try to pick sulfur
vegetables that also have a variety of colors.
Remember eat a rainbow. also pick
a variety when possible like different types of mushrooms.
Always eat your vegetables with fat
butter, ghee, coconut oil. Always have a fat
because that will lower your insulin
Which sulfur vegetables are the best?
well the vegetables that you like. Choose sulfur vegetables you enjoy.
Do you need
more variety but don’t force yourself to eat vegetables you don’t like.
give up and then you’ll gravitate towards high sugar foods.
Pick I think
it’s better to pick vegetables that you like. It’s more limiting
than trying to eat
a huge variety during the week and then you stop and give up.
That’s not worth it
enjoy your food
I’m going to show you a list of
vegetables in the cabbage family.
I’m going to show you a list of vegetables
in the onion family.

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