Pizza Donuts ice cream It was just a dream! or maybe not? good morning table ninja and welcome to a new video and welcome to my fifth week of my summer shredding! a month has already flown guys! this summer shredding was really simple! after the refeed day last Sunday that was fantastic boys
my mother I still remember those bagels with frozen yogurt were awesome but today we would have got better guys because I’ll have this evening
my first cheat meal after five weeks that I do not go to cheat
guys finally I can grant myself a cheat meal! in any case, it is 9.25 am to update you about the time Sunday, May 6th and table ninja
we can always start with the usual one routine ie control of the physical off the shirt and here you guys a month in my summer shredding and now I have a question for you people
fitness when you have commented on the first episode of my summer shredding, I remember you told me no it is impossible you will never be able to define yourself
with 300 grams of carbohydrates! eating all those sugars every night you have
changed your mind now !? how about? and indeed I would say that the results are also
better .. I know that maybe I was right IIFYM guys no chicken rice broccoli without salt that does not it’s life guys that’s torture!
closed brackets and now check weight good exactly 30 days ago
guys we were 70.2 we see today after a month of my summer shredding my weight! Ready? guys as I told you my goal was
67 67 you will not believe it guys but I have the chills I do not know if you
he can see and I’m really happy because with you I really motivated with i
Your comments really motivated me and 90% of this guys work
and thanks to you who followed me in you have always supported this journey
you asked me many questions you have said that you lost weight by following i
my advice following IIFYM guys in a month
look at the results I can only tell you fantastic thanks guys thanks for
follow me thanks for everything and let’s continue like this let’s continue like this I’m so excited I feel like crying enough with these jokes guys! it’s almost gym time so you have to be tough but before you tell me to follow me in the kitchen? more and more pussies these transitions no? usual morning routine! So now I will show you what I have done every day of this month of my summer shredding
every morning just woke up this for new members who have not yet
seen the other episodes and maybe I’m a bit lazy to go and see them then we repeat the
process then every morning guys as soon as you wake up, very important
drink water because you are dehydrated if you have that feeling of hunger it’s not
hungry you simply need to drink water then water what I do
every morning I drink a spoon of apple cider vinegar, why? because you have a lot of benefits for it
stomach has a lot of potassium and therefore eliminates water and then has another thousand
benefits that I’m not here to list but you guys google, go for a little research, right? so a spoon, water and health if you’re defining guys and trying to lose weight and you’re weighing your foods
counting your calories is important guys count also how much water you are drinking
during the day you have to drink every day same amount of water
in this way your weight will be more accurate as possible the next morning when you wake up
personally I drink 8 liters of water a day I do not tell you to drink the same
quantity is clear I feel good because I train 2 hours every day in
I sweat a lot so I need it to hydrate my body, generally a person who does not train should drink 2 liters of water a day then
if you work out at the gym, try guys get at least 3-4 liters of water! it’s a lot
important to stay hydrated guys there you will feel much more energetic and therefore
much less tired so guys drink water! I go with the second glass, health! and away with the third! third glass and for me 1.5 liters of water is already gone! then every morning I always drank a beautiful one cup of tea, decaffeinated because I take it
already too much caffeine during the day then tea, and while my tea warms up I’m going to prepare my pre workout, this is it new, arrived yesterday is a taste of coca cola, I’m really curious to try it I’ve never tried so I can not wait, my mom the perfume is exceptional I can not wait to really try it if you have never used the pre workout
guys use the scales because the dose recommended is 17 grams, there is a lot of
caffeine inside so you do not have to exaggerate, rest from the water a bottle is already gone look at the color guys, coca cola like pre workout, a nice mess, and this goes in the fridge for later so I find it nice cool! the
My tea is ready and then we’ll see each other as always in the room or welcome back to my bedroom, after all like every Sunday morning guys maybe it’s the first time today
I say guys, am I wrong? boys!!! the best time of the day
or maybe not!? because tonight cheat meal !! that’s enough thinking about it enough is enough
ok we are serious then in this fifth episode of my summer shredding I want
let you see what I did every day in this month so every
morning just woke up I always have I signed my body and I always have
checked my weight because I do not I’m limited only to controlling the weight
because as I have already explained you guys the weight can not go down every day there
they will always be days that may be there wake up with 200-300 grams more,
it always depends the day before how much salt you used as much sodium in foods
you hired what time you ate the night before at what time you are
wake up the next day at what time you are weighed the next day then because I have
filmed my body every day? 1 to motivate me because at the weekend
I could see progress 2 precisely because my weight changed every
day and that’s why I filmed mine body every morning just woke up
so at the weekend I could compare the photos I could see i
progress was thus able to motivate me and continue this definition path
without breaking! regarding the workouts guys I always kept them
same workouts, you can find them in mine first three episodes of my summer shredding, then repeating
my cycle of workouts were three days of gym and one of cardio e
three days of gym and one more of cardio, I’ve never had a day off, I went in gym every day even on the day of cardio because here in the UK you know very well that the temperature is a lot
lower than you, so I ran I have never heard on the treadmill
the need to one day off sincerely I never felt tired
I have always been motivated and therefore I always beat up guys because when
you wake up in the morning and say today I am tired, I do not want to go to the gym
no guys you are not tired is the mind that you care you have to be strong here
remember well guys if you have the motivation go ahead
breast you can stay home! Tea gone guys! and now it’s time for mine
pre workout new taste coke, I can not wait to try it my mom, my boyfriend, looks like the calippo remember the calippo to coca cola? Mamma Mia
awesome This day I know it will be fantastic anyway I shoot this
charge of adrenaline and run straight into gym because today leg day, there is
I’ll take to the gym with me today if you want see my leg day training as long as you go on my first episode of my summer shredding. take your cue from there, escape table ninja breast I do as late as always, and we’ll see you later for the
first meal of the day do you want to tell me that you’ve been waiting for me? and are my amino acids already ready?
thank you guys you are too kind ok guys
the training in the gym is gone, today it is went well, let’s say I was a bit tired this morning when I was there I woke up, but maybe because last night
I went to bed really late not I slept a lot tonight, or maybe because I have
dreamed of pizza donuts and ice cream? anyway guys what’s important is another thing
that I did in this summer shredding is 5 grams of branched amino acids were taken every time I finished mine
workout because guys if you’re in Calorie deficit will go to waste
also muscle mass not just mass fat, then the branched amino acids serve precisely for preserve the lean mass then there them
I recommend guys, but only if you’re in Calorie deficit does not make sense to take them
if you are into bulking, the recommended dose is 5 grams, let’s take them as always, in
many of you asked me how do you drink? Amino acids suck? boys
there are a lot of tastes this for example I tried it at the exceptional lemonade
yesterday and it’s a bomb so this morning coke as a pre workout and now lemonade with branched amino acids simple no? as always, use the scale, 5 grams water another bottle gone! usually super beating fantastic guys, it seems to drink
lemonade now that it’s summer with this go to great then recommended are already the
2.30 as always, I always take myself Late Sunday, before going to cook our first meal today, guys, let’s go up in the room I want to do a summary on the blackboard as always in the conference print of this month of my definition
so you can see how it went in short no? then room
and here we are at the boys’ press conference as always with my lemonade do yourself
just take off the boys shirt because today I do not know finally the heat has arrived
here too in uk today is really really hot one
crazy thing 25 degrees I’m not used to so anyway let’s do a recap
fast of this first month of mine summer shredding then guys are
party weighing 70.2 and one week I fell to 69.7 that is, I lost
exactly 500 grams and calories that I went to take that weeks
it was 2700 calories from 49 grams of fat 400
grams of carbohydrates and 160 grams of protein the second week instead I have
left my weight at 69.7 and I fell to 68.7 what I did this week
obviously I lowered the calories where I went to lower them
carbohydrates obviously because as you I said proteins should never be touched
you can turn down the fat if you want, though guys is very simple to take fats
from food so it is better to preserve them and lower the wise carbohydrates choice
then in the second week hired 2500 daily calories from 49 grams
of fat 350 grams of carbohydrates and 160 grams of third protein
week boys I left mine weight at 68.7 and I ended up at 68 split
obviously in the third week I have lowered my caloric intake
another 200 calories always from carbohydrates so in the third week I went to
take 2300 calories from 49 grams of fat 300 grams of carbohydrates e
160 grams of protein on Sunday last of course I gave myself
a refeed day, so last Sunday in My refeed day I went to ingest 3300 calories coming from 28 grams of fat 600 grams of
carbohydrates and 142 grams of protein let’s now analyze the weight of the fourth
week boys because here it becomes interesting Sunday morning before
my refeed day was 67.9 on monday morning me I woke up at 68.3 so after my refeed day guys you see I only stocked up 400 grams no fat guys was
simply water retention due from carbohydrates and in fact the
third day I woke up again at 67.9 fourth day 67.7 fifth day 67.5
sixth day 67.4 and seventh day 67.1 and today guys 67 split the goal
that I had put in my head and in the fourth week, I kept the same calories
of the third week ie 2300 daily calories coming from 49
grams of fat 300 grams of carbohydrates e 160 grams of protein and I kept them
all week kids included Monday even though I had taken 400 grams e
you see guys in a week I lost another pound this because guys?
because refeed day must be done in a manner smart, the refeed day can help you
guys, I’ve already told you both mentally both physically because of the point
one mentally recharges you and two points from a boost to your metabolism that
I followed my diet in this month of mine definition? a flexible diet
classical IIFYM and the intermittent fasting and I would also add one
diet high carbs and low fat this because boys? because in any diet that
go and do to lose weight points one must fix your proteins and
then you have to decide where to move the rest of carbohydrate or fat calories
which one do you prefer? I prefer carbohydrates to you the good choice we have analyzed my first month of my summer shredding and now I promised you and promised myself in the first day of my fifth week
I would be of my summer shredding granted a cheat meal
so today’s topic guys is cheat meal! finally guys come back to
eat, I feel like donuts, I want to pizza, I want to fried, I want
of sweets I can not wait any longer So guys if you are in the process of definition
if you really want to break up I recommend a cheat meal not a cheat day because a cheat day guys is much more difficult to dispose of, while a cheat meal is
much simpler, of course, ne cheat meal you must have head
you can give yourself what you want guys choose you, you want one
Pizza? do you want mcdonald’s? so many guys have me
asked on Sunday evening I go out with the friends all take pizza to me
It’s a throat I can not resist guys you can afford a pizza this not
will go to destroy the progress that you did during the week not
listen to what you must say stay on a diet for a month to lose
weight you have to follow the diet but if during the week you have fixed i
your macros and you have trained in gym and you fucked your ass
you guys deserve a little snag then obviously you do not follow mine
example because I will be out of here tonight ugly, but guys I’m crazy question like prepare for a cheat meal?
So guys, let’s take that example tonight you have to go out with friends and
you want to treat yourself to a pizza and maybe even desert, obviously in the morning
you have to train if the gyms are shut up, go get yourself a nice girl
corsetta, go and do some cardio already started to burn calories
morning with a caloric deficit because not it makes sense to guys treat yourself to a cheat meal
in a day of rest it makes more sense to go in the gym destroy your muscles
so in the evening when you go to hire more calories than those
hire the most during the week part of those calories will go to
repair your muscle tissue that you will have destroyed the morning in the gym
and you will also go to restore glycogen in your muscles and the next morning at the gym
you will have a performance definitely greater than other days
of the week so first thing the morning train second thing there
I recommend introducing you to a cheat meal on an empty stomach it is stupid and
senseless because you will arrive straaffamati and not you will enjoy your dish already tried
in the past so I do not recommend it rather if your cheat meal is in the evening
maybe have a bit of chicken at lunch and some vegetables in such a way
feel satisfied until the evening well these were my little ones
tips for a cheat meal and now guys are already 3 o’clock in the afternoon and
I am hungry beast so I’ll see you in kitchen for the first meal and here we are in
quick kitchen then fast guys guys today we would like to be happy
fitness population because today like first meal I will go to eat chicken breast broccoli and olive oil, but maybe I forgot something? ah laughed
fitness population happy now? let’s start then guys first of all I’ll go with olive oil to cook the chickens, to toast them so they will be even better 12 grams of olive oil I dye them well in oil one and one two e
obviously I will go to break Breast where is the taste? so a podium goes up some pepper some garlic and some onion, I’m going to put them on fire over low heat in such a way
I’ll put them in the oven for good and then put them in the oven for 20 minutes
so they will be much better, well now that they are nice toasted, I put it in a pan, there
I also put the oil and these go into the oven for 20 minutes half cooked I go to
turn the chickens, meanwhile the chicken is kitchen I put on the water, which is already boiling, I’m going to throw my broccoli 5 minutes of cooking, well my chicken is ready, 20 minutes have passed I will go to wrap for another 5 minutes in the paper
foil so it will cook well and will be much softer advice, try it
and it’s very good here for another 5 minutes broccoli ready boys were 420 grams, I have them
first jump into this pan so they mixed with all the oil I have
used to cook chicken and then I do it jump into the pan where I cooked the
chicken so they take everything as much as taste it’s like a popcorn taste
try it trust me they come out delicious rice now these are 250 grams, go in microwave for two minutes then simple and fast
I’m going to weigh my chicken we have 242 grams and last
let’s go with the rice and this delight guys served delights by way of
to say so we’ll see each other as always at the table
and here we are finally at the table with the first one This Sunday’s meal guys, fitness population are you happy now? however Sunday, May 6, 4.23
guys and we can open this full day of eating with something healthy this time
but before starting as always there I put total calories and nutritional values
of this meal here as always, I have my third bottle of water today very good, my cutlery and guys enjoy my meal then it is useless to make a review of this thing you already know what it is! guys this is not a moment this is not fitness! no it’s not fitness But guys, if I have to be honest, it’s good
to be honest it happens to me that during the week want to eat
chicken breast, broccoli rice but I’m going to eat these guys food when
I really want to eat these foods I do not go to eat broccoli, chicken and rice every day, it would be a sad life monotonous no? however I taste this meal
in peace and we see each other at the end of this healthy dish and with this
morsel guys I declare this healthy meal ended very good part
boring of the day is next meal cheat meal! so go! then you understood if the evening you have to treat yourself to a pizza, ice cream, dessert,
at lunch eat healthy eat clean so you will save calories for the evening and you will enjoy your hurried more, first to forget me as always finished my first meal of the day, multivitaminico and omega 3 one pill each, third bottle of water
out there are 4.40 boys and out there a fantastic day then like every
Sunday walk ok I’m going to get me this beautiful walk in the center
I’ll drink a coffee, I have to go and see a mine friend, then guys Ready? hello table ninja! like every Sunday of course
a nice walk especially today awaits us that fantastic cheat meal guys
I really look forward to it I’m so craving pizza chips
fried ice-cream donuts however po of panorama today it’s really amazing I continue my walk and see you
at home! well guys come back finally from the our walk today guys was a
fabulous weather 23 degrees it was going divinely out I was from mine
friend I drank a coffee I drank with the brancamenta, eh there were five
weeks that I did not drink a drop of alcohol? but today I said why not! a
small branch correction nothing that is still almost 9.30
in the evening and finally guys came the moment after five weeks of a beautiful
cheat meal, I did not see the hour I’m super hungry guys obviously it will be a controlled cheat meal not
I’ll go eat the disaster but I’ll take some whim off! I would say guys
to prepare the table fast fast because I have one hunger beast then finally guys
cheat meal then guys like in the dream of this
what did I take for this cheat meal? obviously pizza fries
obviously they could not fail to miss the donuts, Krispy Kreme, milkshake from Krispy kreme, two ice creams from the halo top guys I have my diet coke a nice one
beer every now and then a beer can you do it?
especially in this cheat meal, just leave me alone prepare everything properly well guys all assembled ready I’m so excited! sorry if I am
put in boys underwear but it’s hot beast today, it’s Sunday, May 6th are the
9.44 as in my cheat days I have a camera in front of me I have a camera next to me
and guys, I’m ready for this fantastic cheat meal! fork knife
teaspoon and start with pizza here it is here guys a beautiful Calabrese there is the nduja
the spicy salami and kids open this chat meal with this bite of
this pizza Mamma Mia It’s very hot and to celebrate kids why not one
nice beer greetings guys at this summer
shredding pizza and beer guys and then this guys pizza is fabulous half a pizza is already gone guys now
I want to try this frappe let’s say, I do not remember the name of Krispy Kreme this is white chocolate exceptional guys exceptional thing I can tell you but let me
try something a little bit American because I’ve never tried it and I’m dying to try it french fries inside the milkshake guys I almost forgot, this is fitness! do not hate guys but the sweet and the
salty together and why not combine the potatoes with the pizza
boys!? at the bottom is always a fried potatoes and salatino no? guys i’m in heaven i do not know you it’s time to taste some ice cream, right? this is to taste chocolate chip cookie dough must be
good indeed it is because I have already tasted it so here it is, I try it for you though
I’ve already tasted it guys i do not know how i’ll do in italy without
these ice creams this has nothing to do envy to ben & jerry is as good as the
ben & jerry guys however only has 360 calories in comparison with the 1200 of a tube of
ben & jerry you can see the pieces of chocolate
the pieces of sponge cake, the pieces of cookie guys this is great
amazing guys this is gone I’m more than half and I do not even think I started guys I still have a lot of space in my stomach sorry guys just this ok? forgive me for all those who ask me if I prefer sweet or savory, I love both then last bite of these potatoes even this guys milkshake gone
go with the last piece of pizza, I have already finished the salty so after that it’s just sweet even the beer is gone the pizza is gone
potatoes are gone we do not stay that our donuts and the last ice cream,
even here I saved calories, this ice cream equals the same calories as this
donuts, though this satisfies you more to be honest too
if you donuts anyway with this one also this already tried, to cinnamon roll this I think is my favorite of the Halo top after the peanut butter of course but today the peanut butter was not there so I bought these two, here it is there are pieces of cinnamon roll inside and it is
great guys, great! amazing even this guys He has gone we do not have any of our boys donuts these are the biscoff, strawberry & creme and for the last Reese’s donut guys, so where do I go? I would say from the biscoff here it is guys guys are in heaven see the cream inside? What can I tell you guys? I could eat others 15 now after everything I ate
without problems, trust me and the first if already gone strawberry & creme guys this is also very good do you see inside? there is the cream and the
Strawberry jam this also goes away and here is my donut
favorite! Reese’s peanut butter with the cream of peanut butter look guys this is wonderful, this is great! and with this last bite guys I can finish here this cheat meal! now I feel at peace with myself, cheat meal gone boys, here is ruined the summer shredding are 10.34 boys, always on Sunday 6 May I put more or less an hour to finish it all? I really enjoyed it
Anyway, guys, I’ll have taken tomorrow certainly a few grams of liquids
of fat but during the week guys this gram of fat will disappear
without problems and water retention even now now I relax this
evening I finished long before I’m alone 10.30 so I’ll go see me a bit
tv, so table ninja I send you the goodnight and see you tomorrow morning like
always for body control and weight control good morning table ninja Monday 7 May 9.17
the day after our cheat meal and now guys are just curious
go and see the great damage I can to have done with that little cheat meal of
last night so control of the body here we are the next day you see guys the abs are still not here
nothing has changed and now control weight, because I’m curious to see how much weight I can
to have taken then yesterday I was at 67 split we see this morning boys you will not believe it 67.6 table ninja what to say? only 600 grams this for you guys that me
you asked can I afford a snag sometimes thomas?
sometimes I go out with their friends they eat pizza, but I have to get one
simple vegetables, yes guys you can do it live life have fun
in the kitchen do not eat broccoli and chicken rice every day!
I hope guys have taught you something with these five episodes of my summer shredding, follow my example fix your macro state in caloric deficit for at least a month and you will see the results and when you will be ready cheat meal! however, follow me because we are going to see future plans for the next week
So guys here starts my sixth week of my summer shredding
rather, let’s say I can close here this column of my summer shredding
now mine will be a maintenance because honestly, I have already reached my goal
which was at 67 kg so now it’s okay so however today is a new part on Monday
week, this week I will go to eat the same calories as always
of last week ie 2300 calories from 49 grams of fat 300 grams of carbohydrates and 160 grams of protein and I’ll keep them guys every day, it’s not because yesterday I had a cheat meal then today
I say today I eat less no I will eat the same yesterday I do not want to kill
the metabolism guys is wrong anyway next week guys cheat day! next week will be mine last cheat day here in england because
then I’ll go back to Italy with you guys so table ninja lock up your fry
because I’m coming well guys it’s time to close the video
we’ll see you next Sunday for this last my disastrous cheat day here in
England and meanwhile table ninja as always stay fit and stay hungry !!!

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