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welcome to bhavnas kitchen this video is for
you Jane um yes thank you for all your love for my channel and wishing you the
happiest birthday from me and from your entire family today I’m going to show
you almond stuffed dates chocolate coated dark chocolate tastes amazing
this is one of my favorite on-the-go snack during winter time and it is super
quick and easy to make so let’s begin here I have dates
I removed the seed from a date and now stop almond inside the day you can just
place one or you can even stop to almonds in it if the dates are quite big
and then just close it again like so and I’m going to prepare the
remaining taste with almond you can use roasted almond or you can just simply
use the raw almond here I have taken dark chocolate and I usually prefer to
add coconut oil to get smooth texture I’m going to melt into the microwave
first I’m going to work on that chocolate so here I have melted the
chocolate really well and it looks like the whole chocolate when you melt but
when you start stirring you can get the nice smooth chocolate so do not overheat
at any point thinking that it’s not melted but it will melt really fast with
the heat of bone as well simply take all my stuffed baked and dip into the
chocolate and then carefully onto the wax paper
so I’m going to do the same with remaining dates just hold on to that
side so that you can get the boot she met white chocolate if desired and fill
up the melted chocolate into the bad just cut the tip and make the design
however you like and just going to simply drizzle like this ready to serve
onto the plate look at how great it looks YUM
so here I gotta add one stuffed they coat it with chocolate truffles ready
mostly there are healthy ingredients in this truffle so great for even kids if
they start liking it’s great and I’m gonna give you the taste test I mean I
already know there is one of my favorite soft today inside crunchy almond and
delight it with dark chocolate taste amazing new try this recipe I’m sure you
will love it I hope you enjoyed this video please do
like and comment below if you haven’t subscribe to my channel – so now and
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and I get in the kitchen thank you for watching and see you so

  1. Excellent recipe we are going to make for Christmas fair we have every year to raise sorely needed funds these will go down quickly it's just right without being too sweet etc, thank you for sharing.

  2. I love the Soaked almond for this because it makes the date soft on the inside as well. Mmm. I had forgot about these tho. Thank You !)πŸ’. I made your Falafel last night. Soo good πŸ™‚

  3. Hey, nice nd quick one grt for dnnr party deserts. But wanted to know if grated coconut could be added to dis, either roll in it after chocolate coat or stuffed?

  4. I like to stuff dates with walnuts and vegan cream cheese or almonds and almond butter. Then dip them in chocolate but I can't use white chocolate so I sprinkle them with cocoa powder or hundreds and thousands little tiny balls of multi-colored sprinkles. I use red and green for Christmas time.

  5. Hey Bhavna! I really like your videos? Could you tell me where you got your airfryer from and which company is it? Do you know if Kohl's has the airfryer you have?

  6. Thanks Bhavna waiting to try this.. I have a question. After coating the dates in chocolate do we need to freeze before adding the white choc?

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