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Hello Friends, Welcome to Meera’s Food Corner
Today I am going to do the tutorial for Sweet potato or Shakarkand Roti
Ingredients: 1 Sweet Potato(Shakarkand), 1 Cup wheat flour, turmeric, salt
Boil the sweet potato in cooker
Cook for 2 whistles only
After it is boiled, peel it off and mash it well in a bowl
Add wheat flour
Add salt and turmeric
Mix it well and make a dough
Sprinkle little bit of water and make a dough
*Sweet Potato is full of fibre*
Our dough is ready
Cover it and let is rest for 10 minutes
Now we will make a small balls and roll it with rolling pin to make rotis
Cook chapatis from both sides and it is ready to serve with sabzi/chuntey/achaar
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