Testing Three Recipes on the Legendary $1,500 Thermomix — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

– You guys are probably wondering who this
extremely tall blender next to me is
and I’m not talking about the Thermomix
I’m talking about Ian.
Ian has worked on countless TV shows,
he’s tested a hundred kitchen gadgets,
and he is here to help us test this
beast of a kitchen gadget, the Thermomix.
– So it’s basically the kitchen gadget
that can do everything.
You don’t need a food processor
or a stand mixer or a
blender, it can do all that.
So we’re gonna test
three different recipes.
We’re gonna start with a risotto recipe
and then a salmon recipe and
we’ll make hollandaise, too.
And through these recipes
I hope we can get a sense
of why people love this machine so much.
– And for $1,500 I better
be one of those people.
– Yeah, you’re gonna want to
love it if it’s that expensive.
– Thermomix has twelve functionalities.
– Milling or grinding,
cooking, emulsifying, whipping,
steaming, mixing, stirring,
blending, chopping, kneading,
precise heating, and weighing.
– You lost me (chuckling) at cooking.
– First we’re gonna start
with a risotto recipe
and we’re actually gonna use
what they call a “Cook-Key”
and it’s gonna have the
recipe built in here.
It’ll walk us through each step.
Okay, first step is to find the risotto.
– And then you said that this actually
weighs it out for you as well?
– Yes, so this is a scale.
One and half ounces of parmesan, speed 10.
(Thermomix whirring)
– So will this automatically
stop when it’s ready?
– Yeah, see it’s counting down there.
(Thermomix chiming)
– Oh my god, and it sings!
I love gadgets that sing.
– That’s a good grind.
– That’s very powerful.
– Okay, so we’re gonna add one shallot.
– One ounce? Uh huh.
– So we’re just gonna
turn this to speed 5.
– Okay.
– And then it automatically starts.
(Thermomix whirring)
– Oh my god!
– One ounce of butter.
Have an ounce of olive oil.
If we were just making
this at home in a pan,
you know, those amounts could vary.
Here, you’re not gonna have that.
– Yeah, and you wanna
be pretty exact because
this is precision cooking.
– Yeah.
– Slow to heating up,
it’s like super precise.
– Yeah. The pan’s on
medium high, well, like,
– Who knows what medium high is?
– Yeah, what is that?
Like everyone’s burner is
a little different.
So this is taking away that variable.
Ten ounces of risotto rice.
I think the scale feature is really great
but then one issue is that if
you add too much of something,
– How do you take it?
– Yeah, it’s kinda hard to take it out
since you’re adding it to the pot.
– Yeah.
– So now we’re toasting the rice.
– So I didn’t really
understand why this Thermomix
was so crazy popular but
I’m sort of understanding
why this could be, like
a revolutionary product.
– Yeah.
It appeals to the home cook and
then also professional chefs
because it’s really
interactive, it’s easy to use
for the home cook and
then on the other side
is that it’s so specific
that chefs can, you know,
be within one ounce of an onion.
– Yup.
– Or they can set the temperature like
exactly how they want it.
– Alright, two ounces of dry white wine.
– We’ll drink the rest of that later.
– Yeah.
– 25 ounces of water.
Bouillon cubes, we’re gonna add that.
– And then twelve minutes.
Oh wow!
– It looks pretty good.
– Oh yeah!
It looks beautiful.
Really creamy and it smells so good.
– So we add the cheese and
we’re gonna add butter.
– Risotto cheers!
– The rice is cooked perfectly.
– It’s perfect!
Like not overcooked at all.
– It’s good!
– It’s so good!
– I’m gonna go double dip.
I don’t think that you would ever know
that it was made by a robot.
– No, I think it’s actually
made better than any cook.
– You do?
– Yeah.
It’s like really, really perfect.
But, let’s be real, this is $1,500.
So I’m not gonna buy
this gadget for $1,500.
– To make risotto.
– Yeah, for $1,500 to make this.
– Yeah, it’s not worth it.
Okay, so for this next one
we’re gonna make soup, potatoes,
broccoli, and steamed
salmon all at the same time.
– What?
Wait, soup too?
– Yeah.
– Okay.
– The other one was so easy because
all the steps were built in.
– Mhmm.
– So for this one we’ll use the cookbook
and we’ll have to be a little
more interactive with it.
We do need to add an ounce
of olive oil to this.
– Okay.
– So here we’ll hit the scale.
– One ounce?
– Yeah, one ounce.
And then if you wanna add the soy sauce,
the lemon zest, lemon juice.
And we’re gonna emulsifying
twenty seconds on speed 5.
– (Thermomix whirring)
(Thermomix chiming)
– Okay, so now we’re gonna add
ginger, garlic, shallots
– Okay.
– Leeks.
We’re gonna chop for
four seconds at speed 4.
– (Thermomix chopping)
– This part is not as
easy as having it programmed in here.
– Yeah.
– ‘Cause you literally don’t have to touch
or do anything, really.
– Right, everything sort
of already built in,
where here you’re like, okay,
you gotta adjust everything.
– Yeah, uh huh.
– So there is a community
online which are people
who own this and then play around with it,
create their own recipes,
put those recipes online
for other people to use.
It’s a cult (chuckling).
– Do you want to join the cult?
– (laughing)
The initiation fee is too high.
We’re gonna add the celery and peas.
Chop them eight seconds at speed 8.
– (Thermomix whirring)
– (chuckling) Lift off.
– Yeah.
Oh my god!
– (Thermomix chiming)
– Holy.
– (laughing)
Okay so now
insert the steamer basket.
We’re gonna add the potatoes to that.
– Okay.
– Okay so this is the
Varoma dish, it’s a steamer.
Then we’re gonna add broccoli.
This steaming tray, the recipe says
to line it with parchment.
This is one of those
things where when gadgets
have a ton of different
features, you wonder
are they really necessary?
– So you can charge $500 for them.
– Yeah, like is steam on
here just so they can say,
“Oh my gosh, it does twelve things!”
We’re gonna cook for twenty minutes.
– And then the soup is
the one that’s cooking
all of these things?
The steam from the soup.
– Yeah, the heat of the soup.
And so maybe those flavor
profiles will also help
infuse the food versus
just steaming with water.
– Yup.
– So we’re gonna take
off the steamer basket.
Now we’re just gonna
finish by adding some cream
and pureeing the soup.
– Oh wow!
– Dinner’s ready.
I mean it’s super smooth.
– That soup looks
beautiful, like velvetty.
So there’s our meal.
– It’s super smooth.
– Yeah, it’s actually really good.
– Soup is good.
Recipe is good.
I mean, technique-wise it’s great.
We’re gonna make hollandaise.
Everything’s gonna go in at the same time.
– Okay.
– With this recipe and this machine,
we can have stable heat
while mixing the entire time.
– So no breakage of sauce?
– Right.
– Which is very difficult
with hollandaise.
– Right.
No breaking.
– Mhmm.
– The emulsion will stay the whole time.
And the stable heat
while mixing is something
that the chefs really
love about this machine
because no other product does that.
Our butter, lemon juice, four egg yolks.
We’re gonna cook this for eight minutes
at 160 degrees, speed 4.
– Okay, so basically it’s like
food processing while heating
at the same time so it becomes a sauce.
– Yeah.
– Genius!
– (Thermomix whirring)
– Moment of truth.
– I mean you can tell just
by the texture, it’s great.
– Thick.
– Nice and emulsified.
– Creamy, delicious!
– With the heat stabilization,
you can use it for other
things like tempering chocolate
or other sauces that you wanted to hold
at a specific temperature.
– Yeah.
We went through three
recipes, it’s amazing.
But here’s the million dollar question:
Is it worth $1,500?
That’s really expensive.
– It’s really expensive.
I think all the cool stuff
is happening in this blender
and anything on top of
that is kind of an extra.
This thing is brilliant,
it can do a lot of things.
Is it worth $1,500?
I don’t think so because
there’s so many dishes
that you could just make at home using
what you have in your kitchen
that are gonna turn out
just as good as this and
they’re not gonna cost you
that much money.
– And a little imperfection
never killed anyone.
– We’re all human.
– Exactly.
And sometimes it fun to just fix things.
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  1. Maybe if you didn't have any cooking vessels at home, then it would be work $1,500 to buy this one item. lol

  2. we have 8 of these in the kitchen i work in, they are great for sauces and custards and whipped potato. also the screens on all of them are POS and dont use the steamer just don't

  3. Well there is a newer version now the TM6 with a 6'' Display and a direkt wifi connection to the recepies website. In addition it can sear meat.

  4. Sounds stupid but I wished I had this in my student doorm days. One can alsow breaw beer with it. 🍻

  5. I just ordered the new version of this . I'm excited. It costs 1360€ here in Germany but the shipping takes over 1 month. Vorwerk is the best Brand in Germany. Almost everybody here has a thermomix these days 😅😅

  6. I'm not sure about the new TM6, but my wife and I only bought the TM5 about 3 years ago and just the other day the shaft that spins the blade completely sheared off when using the machine to create a simple smoothie. I called up the customer service and our consultant to get a replacement blade and they both said they wouldn't replace the blade because it was out of warranty and that the blade is an ACCESSORY. I'm pretty sure the definition of ACCESSORY is as follows (taken from a dictionary):

    "a thing which can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive."

    If I am not mistaken, the blade is the core function of the thermomix and without it, the machine is completely useless. That is by definition not an accessory. And if you are expected to pay over 100 dollars for a new blade every couple years because it breaks, then why would anyone pay for the massive over 2000 dollars investment in the first place? People pay that kind of money to get a good quality product. The blade completely shearing off means my machine is absolutely useless now. It is a massive paper weight. That doesn't sound like a good quality product.

    Most good quality products also have substantial warranties. Why does Thermomix not have a warranty for the integral parts of their machines for the entire life of the machine? Good quality products also have great customer service. That's also something else I felt Thermomix was lacking when trying to get this problem sorted so my wife and I could resume using the thermomix. The customer service rep that called me told me that THE BLADE IS DESIGNED TO BREAK BEFORE THE MOTOR so that you don't have to replace the expensive motor. That is fine and all, but I was just making a smoothie when this happened. It's not like I was trying to grind a brick into dust. I am a structural engineer and while you definitely take into account ways a structure can fail, you don't say that you have designed the structure to fail under normal every day loading conditions so that you can replace it for cheaper!! Sure maybe work needs to be done on the building, but a broken thermomix blade is the equivalent of my whole structure becoming unserviceable.

    The consultant that sold us the Thermomix definitely did not tell us that the blade was designed to break before the motor. If I new this, we definitely would not have bought one. How about you make this right and send us a replacement blade and take responsibility for the product you are selling?

  7. I have a thermomix and love love love it!! I follow a blog called Skinnymixers. Nikalene is a genius. She has developed heaps of family friendly and healthy recipes. She also has developed a heap of “all in one” dishes where, like the salmon dish, everything is cooked in the thermomix at once. With two young children, I simply prep anything time consuming in advance (I chop up meat etc and store in the freezer for each recipe so I can simply thaw as needed, and will slice veggies after dinner the previous night whilst husband is home). This allows me to set and forget and have dinner ready for when my husband gets home from work, or quickly whip up a meal when I get home from work. I love the precision of setting a time and coming back to it being done, and being able to recreate the same results time and time again. I made boiled eggs for a large family gathering to go in potato salad. It can take 10 mins just to boil the water. In 12 mins I had 10 perfectly cooked boiled eggs, and was able to steam some veggies at the same time for something else. It may not be for everyone but honestly, I love the thermomix. Have a demo, the consultants are so much better at demonstrating just how versatile this machine is than these two in the video, though they did a good job at demonstrating some key features.

  8. The TM makes cooking things from scratch simple (milling grain, making bread, making sauces etc), so if that’s something you’re interested in, the TM will pay for itself eventually. Otherwise, it will definitely save you time, which is also worth money. Finally it will save your sanity and that’s worth money too lol.

  9. I've had one of these since Christmas 2018 and it's changed my life for the better. I've never been that adventurous (beans on toast was exotic), but I can now knock up some amazing dishes with ease (and it's actually fun). One of the only things to keep in mind is that if you are cooking a complex dish – it can still take a lot of time to prepare (from scratch) and that the preparation times displayed within the app/website are way off (I would double them in a lot of cases). That being said, cooking times are bang on and I have yet to make a bad meal.

  10. I love cooking and I LOOOOVE thermomix
    I love that I can make thousands of dishes using only one gadget, I love that you can make 99% of the dishes that pop in your head without needing anything else (some times an oven is necessary as the final step), it doesn't take much space in the kitchen, I love that you can change the recipes or do the same dish over and over always tasting the same way, and I do think that sometimes (most of the time, when dealing with inexperienced cooks) meals really tastes better than using a "traditional" method.
    I recommend it to anyone that can afford it. I only use pans for pasta and a couple of other recipes. I don't have a mixer or scale. Thermomix is my no1 kitchen utensil, the one I use 90% of the time.

    Plus I don't have to stir a pot for 20 min or more for a rice dish anymore. My wrists swell up sometimes because I work a lot on my computer and Thermomix really helps me with that.

  11. In Europe at least you can get the "dupe" called Monsieur Cuisine Connect or Plus. The Connect is the dupe of the one shown in the video and it's sold out everywhere in Europe, it's THAT good, and costs only 300 EUR (around 370 USD). The predecessor, the Plus version, does the same thing but has knobs and buttons instead of a display and no recipe-following-bot. I bought mine used for 80 EUR and I'm so happy with it! We have a tiny kitchena nd this replaces so many gadgets.

  12. I’ve had mine for over 10 years… it’s awesome.
    This video only captures the beginning of what’s possible with this wonderful game changer.

  13. Show the cool chit. Like milling flower. Talk about the induction motor, before you discount a machine. At least do a fair assessment before telling people it’s just an over priced appliance. I don’t sell them sure my wife has one but do your research and please give a fair review.

  14. I think it is worth the money. I have one and I LOVE it. I've cooked things that I didn't thought they were possible for me to make. It is a kitchen miracle. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my thermomix.

  15. 5$ walmart wok and a slap chop from goodwill and a dollar store measuring cup . i can do same damn thing on a campfire

  16. That‘s German quality. Why you Americans aren‘t able to produce something like this? Just think about it!

  17. I still have my old Thermomix that I bought years ago 2nd hand for 150 Euro. That thing is from the 90s and still going strong

  18. I have had one of these at home for nearly a year and it is so worth it. almost every meal is homemade and healthy

  19. Definitely agree that $1500 is a lot, but for those living somewhere in a dorm type setting, or having no full kitchen, this would be the bomb!

  20. Wow you guys are so wrong. 1500 is nothing for all this product does. Not made in China remember. Just add the time and energy. Also you have to think about all the tool you have in your kitchen that you could thro away. Defenetly worth every penny.

  21. What the f*ck is that~!! No Thermomix can match the expertise and personal taste of my own meals!! This machine is for brainless busy yuppies that want to bear away from TV dinners!!

  22. i love my thermomixes (i have two, the tm5 and tm31), i use them every day, but there’s still things where i use my standmixer and my stove. it’s not a replacement for every appliance but it’s definitely amazing.

  23. Totally worth it! I’ve had a thermomix for over 20 years. My first one was a tm21. Now I have this model which I bought when it first came out and with the cookidoo is the best thing ever.

  24. So my Thermomix was gifted to me and at first I were really excited, but I have to say cooking isn‘t as fun. You just throw things in there and after 20 minutes the dish is ready. And one thing you still have to do separately is frying. You still need a pan which makes me same time questioning it is not faster doing it all by hand.

  25. I also have this machine. It's amazing! It can cook a lot of Chinese recipes. Simple, delicious and well worth it!

  26. Dear Eater
    I find culinary producer Ian McNulty just a bit myopic and full of himself. I say myopic because he's looking at this machine as an unnecessary cooking option as he seems to think that everyone is equal in the kitchen. Not so. The amazing Thermomix, is not being bought just by the chef and boho elite..No. Please consider that older people or people with physical disabilities as well as those 'caring' for the disabled can really make use of the precision Thermomix; it's wonderful, I expect, to assemble the ingredients, add, press and 'voila'–EVERYTIME. A top quality meal can be prepared at home for the immediate family or even a small dinner party, luncheon…etc.
    I'm not certain 'just' what a 'culinary producer' produces, but as far as I can see–it seems to be disdain that stops just short of lip curling.
    Thanks for not having him as a regular part of your show.

  27. I just got this. Is it worth it? Well, if you look at the perspective of getting almost perfectly cooked meals for the rest of your machine life. Then yes, definitely worth it. But if you can tolerate burning your meals once in a while. Then don’t get it.

  28. My mom bought hers 20 years ago and she loves it since day one. It's really low maintenance and we only had to replace the knife once. The models nowadays are loaded with features which are a bit unnecessary in my opinion. If the new one is too expensive just get a used older model. They are also great.

  29. I’ve had the Thermomix now for over 10 years and it is an awesome piece of kitchen equipment, $1500 or £1200 is nothing compared to what you can achieve with this machine, it pays for itself in a year if you do use it, only expensive if it is unused which I find hard to do. I use my TM every day even if it is just chopping or making soups or steaming. And the TM Cookido platform is amazing for recipes and meal prep!

  30. As a chef i'll never use that gadget. I need to see what i am cooking plus it cost is ridiculous for a blender that heat food.

  31. It's totally worth the price , if you don't have the money don't buy it but don't make it seem like it's outrageous. It has 40K recipes and you don't do anything besides adding ingredients.. pfft that is $4.10 a day for a year … Try eating McDonald's for 20 years cause it's "cheaper".

  32. Should've just said Vorwerk from the beginning. As a vacuum collector that has seen the engineering and longevity Vorwerk has put behind their vacuums, I'm already sold.

  33. Get a blender and mixer, an induction cooker and a wmf pot and steamer. That will replace this 1500 and they are more durable and practical.

  34. I would have paid more for mine;) I love it and use it almost every day. This machine is really for busy mothers who want to make healthy meals for their children but don't always have the time. Plus, it is not new. It's been around in Europe for over 40 years.

  35. Before I'd shell out $1500 for that device I'd want to know that I could take it to bed and hear angels singing…

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