The best dieting tip will shock you

All right, let’s be
honest dieting sucks. And there’s so much more
misinformation out there than there is real
valuable information when it comes to dieting
especially when it comes to calories in
versus calories out. Today I will have a
better explanation of why so many people think
that calories in versus calories out really
just doesn’t work. Especially when it comes
to the type of weight you lose. When it comes to dieting. This will change how you
view dieting that there is no perfect diet
especially for humans. paleo primal whatever is
not what a healthy diet should be for the modern
human back then and people how to struggle
and eat for days about the same stupid things
are not even get food a lot of times or their
ability to get food was always changing. There was no perfect body
they were perfect diet they were just surviving
isn’t about these fringe diets or balance of food. It’s not even about being
vegan keto or carnivore. Whatever there is, a
lot of what you eat will depend on how your body
reacts to food, everyone has a different macro
micro, a macro nutrient distribution of how well
they burn fat, how well they burn carbs and
how they build protein. It’s all about that. It’s not about being
carnivore, it’s not even about being vegan, it’s
about knowing how to actually properly
for your body. But when you go into the
high carb, high fat, high protein diets, all of
them are designed to lose weight. And they’re not really
to build lifestyles, lifestyles are the things
that I like to strive for, to get the perfect
amount of relationship between health and
fitness for everyone who watches but is the
lifestyle really more important than the diet
because the diet is only which you know, on paper,
it’s calories in calories out, it’s what your food
is how your hormones gonna react, but does
the lifestyle the person depends on how much
weight they’re going to lose, or even the type of
weight they’re going to lose. There is a commonality
though between vegan keto and carnivore. All of them have a common
element that I want to talk about today. That is going to depend
on how well your diet is going to go and that you
control it to get a much better weight loss or
even muscle building body recap all of it depends
on how well you do this single thing properly. The people in this study
that I mentioned today literally could lose 50%
more fat and the amount of weight they were
losing and not muscle by doing the same
exact thing. Roll the intro. Right let’s get to the
real science behind this video. And all the data comes
from a research paper titled insufficient
sleep undermines dietary effects efforts to reduce
at a paucity I really hope I didn’t just give
away the video and now you’re clicking off and
the click through rate is so in but let’s continue
people that actually want to know the science
behind this for those that stayed here. This is an amazing
research paper and honestly the results are
beyond shocking when you read it. Two groups are measured
one getting a 8.5 hours of sleep or not exactly
raw sleep It’s more total time in bed versus 5.5
hours of the same metric. Both groups are made up
of the same proportion of men and women and had no
smoking caffeine sleep or apnea reported before
the study to make it all pretty much the
average person. During the investigation,
both groups had the same diet and had the same
color restrictions pretty much over 14 days, they
lost three kg to 2.9 kg or about five pounds. However, the actual
distribution of that weight was
much different. So before we go deeper,
they lost the same amount of weight, which is
average compared to other studies that had the same
amount of weight loss the amount of calories lost,
same calories in versus calories out about three
kilograms, but the type of weight they lost was
drastically different. And I’m going to
get into that today. The main metrics that are
measured in a weight loss study are fat, mass, fat,
free mass and fat free mass. fat mass is easy one
to guess at the adipose tissue fat tissue on your
body and every wants to lose that one. When dieting it’ll make
you look much better. It makes your ass look
fatter, you know, you can’t really
get into jeans. That’s the reason it’s
not always your muscle in the way it’s the actual
fat laying on top of it. That’s the problem. Our fat free mass isn’t
always muscle mass, it can actually be Oregon
way it can be other tissues that have to
make up your body. You’re not always
one giant beefcake. But when you’re dieting,
you will lose muscle mass, but you don’t want
to lose a lot of it. The whole point of view
is to look better, right? If you keep most of your
muscle mass, let’s say 95% of it, your arms will
look much more jacked because they’ll fat on
top of it is hiding the definition of your arms. It Same thing with
forearms as you lose weight or to get more
vascular is because the muscle underneath
is intense. So you don’t want
to lose the muscle. But you also want
to lose the fat. So it’s this weird
combination when you’re losing weight because
your body will scavenge all calories at Cannes
8.5 hour group lost 1.5 kilograms of fat free
mass and one point four kilograms of fat mass
while the 5.5 our group lost a staggering 2.4
kilograms of fat free mass and 0.6 kilograms of fat. That is a huge
difference. It is literally pounds
two pounds of muscle mass was lost compared to not
sleeping enough in the 5.55 group. So if you think about
that right now, the 5.5 our group and the 8.5
group lost the same amount of weight three
kilograms, but the distribution of the
weight was literally 50% more muscle mass was lost
and the group I slept for 5.5 hours, they were
literally losing pounds of muscle. If you stretch this out
to like a month you try this out to like three
months, men that could be like an eight
pound difference. That’s what people strive
for when they’re doing a bulking season is eight
pounds, maybe crazy results. This could be the reason
why some people think weight loss Is it working
for them and they do calories in versus out,
because they don’t look better in the mirror or
their jeans don’t fit any better. Because the muscle is
like weight rise or density wise, it’s
a lot less dense. So if you lose your
muscle mass, and your jeans aren’t fitting, but
your waves going down, well, you actually think
you’re not losing weight that much because you’re
losing your muscle actually losing your fat. Making looks worse,
especially in good lighting versus
bad lighting. The researchers came to
the general conclusion that people sleeping
5.5 hours had much more substantial hunger,
cravings and loss of substrate efficiently,
you actually weren’t able to burn calories a
lot easier, and their hormones were a
lot less optimal. So if you weren’t diet
restricted, and you slept for 5.5 hours a night,
you would eat more food and burn less calories
and you would burn more muscle than fat
in a weight loss. So what is the message
of today’s video? Well, the type of diet
doesn’t matter really. It really doesn’t. What matters the most in
a weight loss stance over months over weeks. The amount of sleep you
get you can’t, you need to get eight hours of
sleep at a minimum. Do as many different
things as you can to make your sleep improve
saunas, weighted blankets, anything you do
to make your sleep better because it will literally
save you pounds of muscle just being wasted away
when you’re trying to lose weight. Especially for me I was
losing some more weight. I’m going to make sure
that I’m getting eight to nine hours sleep a night
because I’m not going to risk losing the precious
muscle that I’ve spent years now
trying to build. Especially when you’re
in that later stage of working out when you can
only realistic build like five pounds of
lean muscle a year. Man. If you lose weight that
year, you go through a weight loss of a couple
months, you could literally have lost that
exact same amount of weight just by not
sleeping enough so over that whole time period. So I hope this helps you
break your fitness limits and show you that
lifestyle is much more important when it comes
to dieting than just calories in calories out
and the diet you pick. I hope you had a great
day and broker finish limit It’s been Nicholas
Dettinger awakenedgainz

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