The Best Homemade Veggie Burger Recipe – Better Than Store-bought

We’re Adam and Joanne from
and welcome to our kitchen. We are making our veggie burgers. These are packed with good for you ingredients. When we were coming up with the recipe, we
really wanted to pack in as many veggies as we could. We didn’t want them just to be a bean burger,
we wanted to actually have vegetables in there. So we use beans as a base, but we add mushrooms
and carrots and onions and broccoli and spinach and herbs and garlic. There’s so many good things. And it comes together in a really well formed
patty that is just so good. Look at that burger. Oh, it looks so good. So many veggies. Let’s go make it. First things first, we add brown rice to our
burger mixture. You can use any kind of rice or swap it for
other grains. Look for our tips on how we cook perfect brown
rice in the recipe on Inspired Taste. Mushrooms add lots of flavor to the burger
patties. Use a damp paper towel to brush any dirt off
of them. When they are clean, roughly chop them into
1/2-inch pieces. In addition to the mushrooms we need carrot,
broccoli and onion. Chop these into small pieces, just like the
mushrooms. For flavor, we need two garlic cloves — just
smash and peel them. They are going into a food processor, so you
don’t need to mince them. Throw the vegetables and garlic into the bowl
of a food processor. Add some olive oil, spices — we love smoked
paprika and chili powder. Then season with salt and ground pepper. Close the lid and process until coarsely ground. Now for the best flavor and texture, we want
to roast them. Spread the ground vegetables onto a baking
sheet. Spread them with a spatula until a very thin
layer of vegetables covers the majority of the baking sheet. Roast for 15 minutes. While the veggies roast, get the beans ready. Just add them to a baking sheet. Once the veggies have been in the oven for
15 minutes, you can slide the beans into the oven alongside them. By baking the beans, they dry out, which helps
to prevent mushy burgers later on. While we have the oven open, give the veggies
a stir then pat them back down and bake for another 15 minutes. While the beans and veggies finish baking,
we can get the rest of the ingredients ready. Rinse your food processor then add walnuts,
spinach leaves and your favorite fresh herbs to the bowl. Process until everything is chopped into crumbs. Once the veggies and beans have baked and
cooled slightly, add them to the walnuts and spinach and pulse a few times to incorporate
them. Now add breadcrumbs, eggs and tomato paste. Pulse until everything is just combined. You want to keep some texture, don’t pulse
until a smooth mixture. Scrape the mixture into a bowl and fold in
the rice. By the way, if you don’t eat eggs, don’t
worry! We have shared tips for removing them in the
notes section of our recipe on Inspired Taste. This mixture makes 8 burgers, just shape them
into 1/2-inch thick patties. To cook them, heat some oil in a skillet and
cook over medium-low heat until firm and browned on both sides. And there you go. Our meatless veggie-packed burgers that hold
up when cooking, fit nicely on a burger bun and don’t smoosh out the sides when you
take a bite. Most importantly, though, they are delicious. Enjoy! Thanks for watching. If you love this video we have lots more. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel
and say hi on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We are @inspiredtaste

  1. I think they look delicious! And you could add more or less spices as what suits your taste. Thanks for the recipe!!

  2. Good ideas here. I'd like to try this. Some ppl didn't bother reading your notes about the eggs.. LOL They are probably Vegans, not Vegetarians. Any other good ideas for a binder like eggs for a substitute? Thank you.

  3. I've tried this recently and I am switching to veggie instead of meat what a big differents between the real meat and veggie i love it, it's delicious.

  4. I can't use any more broccoli in my life because I have severe digestive problems with broccoli is there some other vegetable I could throw in there? I'm trying to watch my fat my soul my sugar in other words I'm going to start eating cardboard cuz that's the only thing I know on this Earth that don't have calories and fat and sugar and salt and all that crap in it does America have any food that's real or even adding salt to celery as it's growing their watering it with salt water so now he's sophos salary has 95 mg of salt is unbelievable. Great recipe though thank you

  5. I made this and really liked it, the only thing is I wish I didn't have to go to another website to get the measurements.


  7. Miracle veggie burger 😋 I’m hooked !!! Your recipe rules !!! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Made me hungry just eatching….add them to play bread pockets with lettuce, tomatoe, vegan cheese and miracle whip or a vegan copy.

  9. This has to be the healthiest and most delicious looking veggie burger I've ever seen. You guys are beyond amazing, thanks for the sharing! I can't wait to try it. 🙂

  10. The first time I made Veg burgers I accidentally invented edible play-dough. When I say edible, I use that word loosely. These look really good! Ill give it a try. Thanks for posting.

  11. Looks great! My subs – quinoa for rice, garbanzo for black beans and Bob's Red Mill Egg Replacer for the eggs.

  12. whats wrong with eggs probably best food ever you need meat to be a man for me steak is better than viagra but then I am a man but veggie burgers with chickpeas beans spices herbs several times a week why not

  13. LOVE THIS! This is a souped up version of all the different kinds of veggie burgers I've made…never thought to put it all together, though. Thanks! 😋

  14. That veggie patty looks delicious! Not as complicated as I originally imagined. You guys should market that burger! Excellent video and I love the fact that this recipe is loaded with veggies!!

  15. Best veggie burger I had was in a tiny town. Amazing! It noticeably contained a good sized grain but I couldn't identify it and they wouldn't say. Any ideas what it could be? It wasn't rice. Maybe millet. It kinda reminded me of barley but smaller. Thanks.

  16. Soooooo I substituted half the batch with flaxseed instead of egg and the patties were very mushy when I fried them lol tasty tho but unfortunately the egg is probably the only thing to keep it all together

  17. You said, "most importantly, they taste good." I would hope the most important thing would be that they are good for you AND that they taste good! ☺

  18. I will love to have one of those veggie burgers right now , they look delicious and scrumptious but that is just to much work babydoll.

  19. I going to try your recipe. I'm getting into this vegan eating. I already made vegan curry. WOW it was AMAZINGLY GOOD. I love burgers BUT I don't want to eat the beef. My wife makes chicken tofu burgers, WOW SO GOOD. Nice video!

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