The Dirty Diet – Ditch the Guilt, Love your Food – Explainer

The Dirty Diet is an eating plan for life
– no food is good or bad, so there’s nothing
to feel guilty about and definitely no bans
on the foods you love.
Our testers all over the world lost up to
15lbs – that’s 7kg – in 28 days. They
also slept better, felt happier and had more
energy. How does it work?
You will:
Identify your personal weight loss goals and
health needs…
Eat a wide range of ingredients and flavours…
including favourites like cheese, grains,
bread & wine.
Fill up on tasty, nourishing meals so you
don’t need to snack… try granola, pizza,
risotto, curries and meatballs – with options
for vegetarians and vegans too.
Use strategies like 5:2 fasting to understand
your appetite & cravings
And boost the friendly bacteria that keep
you healthy and slim by eating ‘live’
probiotic foods plus a rainbow of vegetables
and fruit.
It’s all supported by scientific research,
and dietitian approved – and written by
Kate Harrison, bestselling author of the 5:2
Diet book series.
Forget clean eating. Ditch the guilt. The
Dirty Diet is the happy, healthy way of life
for real people who love their food.

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