The Dish: Calorie count for house made granola from Kupfert & Kim

I’m Megan Ogilvie and this is The Dish a
weekly series that helps Toronto Star readers find out the number of calories
and their favorite restaurant foods. Meals at Kupfert & Kim are meatless,
wheatless, and wildly popular. The breakfast crowd adores the house-made
granola and the other gluten-free goods. The mini chain with six downtown
locations claims to be healthy but many Toronto Star readers are skeptical. Now I
can’t test the entire menu but I did send this to the lab for nutrition
analysis. The granola made with gluten-free oats and all sorts of yummy
things like seeds and pecans, berries and maple syrup has 775 calories and 37
grams of fat. For that number of calories you could have five and a half Kashi
Trail Mix granola bars. This granola also contains the equivalent of seven
teaspoons of sugar. So what does the dietitian think of this bowl of granola?
Check out the written portion of The Dish. That’s also where you’ll find out
the number of calories in Kupfert & Kim’s famous banana and chocolate chip
muffin. For the Toronto Star I’m Megan Ogilvie.

  1. Calories does not equal nutrition. There's a difference between good fat and saturated fat. This video is absolutely meaningless. Is the sugar found in the dish refined/processed sugar, or is it coming from whole fruits that also contain healthful nutrients and fibre.

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