The Healthy Eating Plate

>This is very, very important so does our
plate look like this and this is what you want our plate to look like, right?>So you tell me does your plate look like this already — mmm… maybe a couple Cheetos
but just kidding, maybe — No. I know, the majority of people the reality is that
they don’t eat like this but I love this visual because it’s the ideal tool for
healthy eating for weight loss for health, really promoting health in
general for heart disease, for diabetes so if you look at it half of the plate
is vegetables this really increases the amount of fiber vitamins mineral so it
keeps you keeps us full only 25% of the plate is carbs.
It says whole grains but you really you can put in here potatoes pasta bread any
carbohydrate would fit into this group and that’s something that for the
majority of us maybe just that factor of reducing the carbohydrates or that level
might help us lose weight and then always — the carbs are good though, at some
at some point correct is that something that you’re going to talk about two
carbs are you they’re needed — Yes. So I’d like to say that carbs are the fuel because
that’s what the body uses for energy. So we really do need it but it depends on
how long you’re exercising because if you’re training for a 5k or if you’re
exercising for a really less than an hour this is what your plate should look
like so 25% carbs 25% protein and 50% vegetables. Now sometimes we get in
trouble when it comes to snacking because we snack we’re hungry in between
and we think oh I’ve ate really well for lunch or I did my plate I’m gonna I’m
gonna do something a little a little sweeter.
So let’s first define what a snack is and then what are healthy snack
alternatives to have. So a healthy snack or a smart snack like I had to call it
it’s something that has a carbohydrate, a healthy carbohydrate something that has
fiber that’s more complex we can talk about different examples in a little bit
but card and then always paired with a protein or a healthy fat and the reason
for that is that carbohydrate is what the body turns into energy immediately,
will use for energy but if you pair with a protein or with a healthy fat or it
maybe even both then it lasts longer also in your digestive system so you’re
not hungry as fast so it really controls your hunger for a much longer period of

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