The KETO Diet | My Thoughts and Experience

Sharing my experience with the keto diet.
Hi, ladies, it’s Erin and
welcome back to my channel.
You guys, this is not a style video,
so if you’re hoping for style
you may want to skip this one.
Today I’m talking about a
ketogenic diet or the keto diet.
If you’re not familiar with what it is,
the idea behind the keto
diet is that you cut down
and cut out all sugar
and most carbohydrates,
and your body is forced
to feed and fuel from fat.
So, if you eat less than 20
grams of carbohydrates per day,
then your body starts eating and fueling
from the fat on your body.
And that’s how it works.
And a lot of people have had great success
with the keto diet.
I’ve talked to several
people who have done it
or are doing it, and they
love the way that they feel
on the diet, they love
the way it makes them feel
and look, and they’ve lost weight.
I decided to give it a try
because I’m going through
menopause, and I was starting
to get that sort of menopause
spare tire in the middle.
I didn’t like the weight
gain, my T3 is slow,
my T4 is slow, my metabolism is slow,
and so I thought this might be a great way
to jump start my metabolism
and lose those extra pounds
that I had gained because of menopause.
I started the diet three months ago,
maybe a little bit more.
And the first week I wasn’t
really sure what I was doing.
So I sort of throw that out.
And then the second week
was when I got a little
bit more serious about it.
By week three, I was, like,
I’m going to really
get serious about this.
I actually got these little keto sticks.
I just ordered them on Amazon;
they’re test strips, ketone test strips.
And you can actually see whether or not
you’re in a state of ketosis,
and that means, again, that
the body is eating the fat.
It’s just color coded.
You pee on the little stick
and then you know pretty quickly
if you are in the state of ketosis or not.
For about a week I was using these
and really paying attention
to the amount of
carbohydrates I was eating.
And the only way to do that,
because I tried to wing it
in the beginning, and it doesn’t work
because you have no clue how
many carbs are in things.
You’ll think, oh I just had
10 almonds and that’s fine,
but then the next thing you know
the 10 almonds are five
carbohydrates or something.
So, if you’re trying to
eat less than 20 grams
of carbohydrates, you have
to actually keep track
of how many carbohydrates you are eating.
And the way that I did that
was through an app called Carb Manager.
It’s very user friendly, and
it’s very simple to figure out.
I will put a link to that app below,
so, if you’re interested and you want
to do this very seriously,
that’s a great resource for you
and so are these ketone test strips.
I was pretty serious
about it for two weeks,
and I lost all of the
weight that I had gained.
I think in total I’d lost
seven or eight pounds,
which was great and I was super happy.
I loved seeing that number on the scale,
I felt better in my pants and my clothes.
Everything fit better.
It was really delightful.
Then I decided that I really
couldn’t be that stringent
about it, we were traveling and.
So I was still doing the
keto diet, quote unquote,
but just not counting the carbohydrates.
So, I’m like, do I really
need to be in ketosis
because I don’t really need to lose fat.
I just want to feel good, feel
energized, and not eat crap.
For the last two months
that’s what I’ve been doing.
No sugar sources, no breads,
no potatoes, cutting out a lot
of vegetables, a lot of vegetables
are high in carbohydrate,
cutting out all fruit.
And what I did, when I was having
this kind of sugar attack,
I got these guys, which are by ChocZero.
It’s called keto bark.
And these have 120 calories,
and they’re sugar free.
The other thing I did
was I made fat bombs,
and I’ll put a link to the
recipe below, vanilla fat bombs.
Those do two things.
It gives you that taste of sugar
because I would use a sugar substitute,
like I would use this
which is what diabetics
use; it’s called Xyla.
You could also use Swerve
which is like stevia, confectioner sugar,
or you can use drops of
stevia, stevia drops.
There’s also monk fruit sweeteners,
but this one in my
opinion tastes the best.
Anyway, I made these fat bombs
and so at the end of the day,
maybe around eight, I
would have a fat bomb,
and then I felt full for
the rest of the night,
and I didn’t have to eat after eight.
So I was doing that for a couple months,
but again not monitoring very
strictly those carbohydrates,
but still eating the keto diet.
The benefits that I saw were
I do like the way I feel on the diet.
I did feel full all
the time, I didn’t feel
like I was ravenous, I
needed food all the time.
I also felt pretty energized,
I felt like I slept better.
I would go to bed and I would conk out,
and I’d really sleep very
soundly until the morning.
A lot of times I would
wake up before my alarm.
And that’s really nice.
But I’ve noticed that, over
the last couple months,
without counting those carbs
the weight has gone back up.
And, about a week ago, I
went off the keto diet.
I was just like, okay
we’re going to Paris.
I have to have bread and
pastries when I’m in Paris
because you can’t go to
Paris and not have them.
That’s been a week and now weight-wise
I am back to exactly where
I was when I started.
So, I can tell you I like
the way I feel on the diet.
I really do feel energized,
I really do feel like I sleep well.
I really do feel full all the time.
But I got really tired of eating meat.
You really have to eat a
lot of meat and proteins.
I got bored with the same things.
I felt like I was eating
eggs and cheese every day,
or steak or chicken every day.
I just felt really bored.
I think that, once you jump off of it
and try to resume some
sort of normal diet,
the weight’s going to go right back on.
My opinion about this is
I think you can feel really good on it.
I think it does make you feel really full.
I definitely think you can
lose weight on the diet.
I don’t think it’s sustainable.
I think you get tired of
the food really quickly.
I mean, I did it for three
months and, by the end
of the three months, I was like (gulps),
I cannot eat another egg.
And also I think that,
once you’re off of it,
you gain the weight right
back, like it doesn’t stay off.
That’s kind of the bummer of the diet.
One other think I wanted to talk about
is the Bulletproof coffee.
So that’s going to be
the element of the diet
that I actually stick with.
I really enjoy the Bulletproof coffee,
which is ironic because at
the beginning I was like,
wait, what, people are putting
butter in their coffee?
That’s ridiculous, why would you ever
put butter in your coffee?
But now, I absolutely love it,
so I mix in two tablespoons
of butter, Kerrygold butter,
into a NatriBullet cup.
I put in some almond milk creamer
which has got like 15 calories a serving.
I put in some MCT oil.
I also put a scoop of
collagen into that mixture,
and then I blend it up, and
then I drink that every morning,
and I feel happily full until
around noon or one o’clock.
So I don’t need a breakfast.
So that part of the diet
I am definitely going to stick with.
My plan is to go back to the 80-20 rule,
which is what I was doing
for years, and just try
to exercise more to get the
extra weight off from menopause
and to try and kick start my metabolism.
And, also, I’m committing myself
to doing a new exercise program
and one that really just feels
good to my body right now,
and that’s called P.volve,
and that is more of
like small, ballet-style movements
and not a lot of sweating,
not a lot of cardio,
and that just sounds really
good to me right now.
I’m just feeling kind of burned out
on running and heavy cardio.
It was definitely an
interesting experiment.
I’m glad I did it.
I feel like now I’m going to
be much more aware and mindful
of the amount of sugar that I’m eating
that I really wasn’t
paying attention to before.
And, also, I wasn’t paying attention
to how I felt with all
of that sugar in my body.
And so, I feel like that
was the real benefit
of being on the keto diet.
Just from that perspective
it was worthwhile for me,
and even though I lost the weight,
and then I gained it right back (laughs).
So that part of it’s kind of
a bummer, but what can you do.
It’s fine.
But I just wanted to
share that with you guys.
And if you have any
insights about the diet
that you think would be helpful to share,
please share your thoughts, your feedback,
what’s been helpful to
you, in the comments below.
I feel like we can all
learn from each other.
We can all share resources.
This is the kind of thing,
especially as you’re
going through menopause,
and you’re getting older and
the metabolism is slowing down,
we can really help each other.
We don’t have to be
sitting there in the dark
wondering why our pants don’t fit
and wondering why suddenly
we have a muffin top
when we never had one before.
We should be sharing
and talking about that
and helping each other.
So, please do share in the comments below.
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Thank you, guys, so much for watching,
and I’ll see you next time.
Bye bye.

  1. There are ways to get the eggs in in keto desserts…which is semi-French…like cheesecake, lemon curd, etc…as long as they're sugar-free and so they are naturally full of fat..

  2. Mid life plus chemo and radiation killed my metabolism. Keto. Was a big help. In addition to Dr Berg, check out Nicole Burgess here on You Tube. She has adopted the keto diet since January and is crushing it. Her diet I varied and she posts grocery and recipes each week. They are helpful even if not doing keto. Also check out Dat Keto Lady here on You Tube and Instagram. She has great recipes

  3. Mid life plus chemo and radiation killed my metabolism. Keto. Was a big help. In addition to Dr Berg, check out Nicole Burgess here on You Tube. She has adopted the keto diet since January and is crushing it. Her diet I varied and she posts grocery and recipes each week. They are helpful even if not doing keto. Also check out Dat Keto Lady here on You Tube and Instagram. She has great recipes

  4. I think you were following the wrong information. Dr. Berg is very knowledgeable. I’m a vegetarian, eat all vegetables and berries and I’m on keto. (I bake a lot too) I believe intermittent fasting is key! (bullet coffee is a breakfast because it breaks the fast!)

  5. My daughter in law “got bored” on Keto. She won’t stick to it, eats a high amount of starch/sugar. My son has lots 45 lbs so far. He says he will never quit Keto. Maybe it’s a girl thing, I myself have lost 40+ lbs and will always do Keto and OMAD. It’s just too easy. 😉

  6. HI Erin, I have been following the keto diet for 2 1/2 months- loving how i feel on it- lost about 14 pounds so far. I stalled for about 3 weeks- but once i cut out all the keto treats and just ate very clean the lbs starting come off again. I am almost 54 yrs old so losing is not easy. Someone mentioned Becky Gillespie's channel – and she also has a channel with her husband- called 2 FIT DOCS. They are great- very informative. KETO is definitely a lifestyle change. Just stick to the healthy fats and healthy proteins and the weight will come off.

  7. I can understand your feelings about the diet with your busy lifestyle. Keto isn't just eggs thou theres tons of amazing cookbooks and recipe blogs but you have to cook EVERYTHING 😔, so if you don't like to cook it can be challenging. I'm Italian so not having pasta is a bummer. I'll confess we eat dream field low carb pasta once a month. But keto is an amazing diet!! my husband has diabetes and its under control and we can eat lots of yummy food and goodies that actually taste good. Sidenote My special needs son was on the ketogenic diet for five years for seizures. he was pretty much seizure free during that time. Doctors wanted him off the diet because it stunted his growth but once off he had seizures again. They were going to put him back on the diet but he passed away in 2014, he had many other health problems but he was his healthiest when he was on the diet.

  8. I've been trying Keto myself but I don't think I can give up bread completely. I'm eating Power Bread now. It's low carb, 5g of protein & delicious! My advice is to ditch cardio and pick up weights. Heavy weights. I started shortly after I turned 50 and I'm in the best shape of my life & I've run marathons. I started with a personal trainer and that helped tremendously. He taught me how to train & eat properly to build muscle. I feel like I can do anything now! Thanks for the great video!

  9. I admire anyone that can do keto 100% all the time. I found what works for me. I eat NO sugar at all. don't even like it anymore. I make my own paleo bread. The rest for me is veggies protein healthy fats and moderate portions. Not about to totally give up fruit, but don't really even eat that. much. My goal is not weight, but health. I see so many sickly people, young and old. Beauty, for me is health!!

  10. Great video…I'm right where you are as well. My cravings and eating more has been crazy while i'm going through the M….I have to get it together…15 lbs heavier..uggg

  11. I guess, as someone who was trained in the health field, I don’t think it is healthy to stay on any “diet”. Eating balanced foods, avoiding processed items, keeping sugar in check, and regularly exercising is probably the healthiest way to live. Also, maybe we should accept that aging changes everything and learn to love ourselves regardless of the changes. I appreciate your decision to listen to yourself and change your exercise routine. I think so many of us struggle with accepting aging. Xo

  12. So interesting. Moving away from hard cardio is ABSOLUTELY the best thing you can do for menopause! Our bodies just can't recover from that any more (estrogen aids in muscle recovery, and now that we have less of it, it takes longer to recover from workouts). Best of luck on your new program. <3

  13. I adopted the keto way of eating 1 year ago. I lost 20lbs and I feel better than ever. Carbs and sugar are out of my life. I’m never going back to the old way of eating. Keto is the proper human diet!

  14. I too suffered the menopause weight gain along with hypothyroidism. In October it will be 6 yrs that I embarked on the WW plan and have been able to keep of 30lbs. It’s a lifestyle that works well for me. Plan ahead for my chips and wine cravings :). Knowing that I can have treat once in a while is what keeps my brain ok with eating healthy the rest of the time. Good luck and hang in there, You will find something that works best for your body and that’s what you will be able to maintain. You look great now, but I COMPLETELY understand how you feel!!!!

  15. I really loved this video! I too tried going keto,but,I was getting sickened by all the eggs and meat. I don't have a weight issue, but I am trying to build muscle in areas where I didn't have to worry about in years before! So frustrating! I also have an autoimmune illness that has affected my joints, so trying to find a good activity that helps build muscle without damaging my joints further is tough! I love being active, always have been, so I will keep pressing forward! Please share more videos like these!

  16. Thanks for sharing it’s interesting to see someone’s healthy take on this diet ,someone that exercises on a regular basis and their experience .I haven’t started menopause yet but I’m always thinking ahead and I don’t want to do anything to injure myself exercise wise by overdoing it .I always try to do Denise Austin Anti-aging workouts that she has as well asI Pilates . She gives realistic food options and she always says be kind to your body be good to your body She’s always happy and upbeat .and she’s a woman who’s had children and she looks healthy not just thin and she just seems like she has a nice well-rounded outlook on things I think that’s why I enjoy her more than anything.I do own a Pilates machine that I try to work out on because I think I prefer a long lean body that is toned. I highly recommend one.😊💕

  17. Joyce Daoust and her husband have the 40 30 30 fat burning nutrition book that’s been out forever. Using variety & fulfilling amounts of foods. Even customizing sections for vegetarians. My cousin & her husband have been using it mid to late 47s & 50s. They’re looking, feeling better & not starving. Going into second year. I’m getting started & I’m shocked at the food you can have. Healthy yes. 👍💝

  18. I did the keto diet to help with chronic migraines. I kept my carbs under 25g and I went from 125 to 112 (I’m 5’4”) in just over a month. I did not want to lose that much weight, but I did feel good and my migraines decreased a little. I continued eating that way for over a year. Then I started to get really sick. I started getting awful heartburn. I developed a histamine intolerance and was eventually diagnosed with SIBO. I was so thin, but with a giant distended belly. I was also diagnosed with high cholesterol. I had to completely refigure my diet. Now I have no lactose, no grains, no processed meats, and very little fruit. My diet consists of nuts, seeds, veggies, lean meats, and a lot of olive oil. I’ve been able to maintain consuming about 30-40 carbs a day, but I feel so much better knowing I’m not consuming massive amounts of dairy and processed meats. That just cannot be good for you! I rarely consume sugar. I’ve been able to keep my weight at 120 and I feel better than ever! Best of luck on your journey.

  19. My husband and I are doing the Keto diet right now. My doctor actually put me on it for 3 months to help get rid of the visceral fat I’ve gained since my thyroid stopped working correctly 🙄 We’ve seen great results so far. I am worried what’s going to happen once I start transitioning to a whole food plant based diet when the 3 months are over. Hopefully, with cutting out the sugar and processed foods, all will go well… BTW, I love the bullet proof coffee!

  20. I've been in transition for a long time, I sweat like crazy,nothing helps until now.That is what I would like to have shared.Thank you,greetings from the Netherlands

  21. Your just need a little support, like us all. Please watch Dr. Becky Gillaspy on her Youtube channel, How to loose weight after menopause. She and her husband have a channel, The two doctors that explains what doesn't break your fast. I like you use Bullet Proof coffee or tea in the morning and before I heard the results of their testing, I thought I was cheating. Also, Traveling lowcarb by Lynn Terry (What to eat on the road) not only that, but when you go on vacation or a special occasion you have to splurge. But,. the difference is you don;t splurge as much, because now you are now educated. But, also you have to stay in the loop and do count your carbs. Because, I hate to be the one to tell you, but from now on (menopause) you will have to watch your weight. I know from experience. I am 5'4" and weighed 117 lbs when I got married, could eat everything without gaining weight, had two children without weight gain problems. But when I went through Menopause it was a game changer. And HRT can also cause weight gain. So a few more favorites of mine are Southern Keto Cook book by Natasha Newton, down to earth, taste good recipes. Because you have mix it up and like what you eat. Dr. Berg explains the down to earth scientific side of Keto. A little bite about me,I left a comment on your Instagram today, I am the happy, healthy 70 year old who has been on Keto for a year and lost 15 pounds and that is all I wanted to lose and am no longer pre-diabetic. My husband lost 30 pounds (all he wanted to lose) without any exercise and is no longer diabetic. He has been on Keto for 1 1/2 years and is the one who started intermittent fasting and I said I could never do that, but, I have for the last 3 months and don't get hungry in the morning, have more energy, vitality and feel good all day long. Please try it again, your children will thank you.

  22. Hi I love the Keto diet I have lost 95lbs in just over 6 months and I am feeling great I have been on it for a year now and i maintained my height lose and |I don't get board with eat the same kinds of food I try loads of different way to cook my meats, And i do enjoy watching your videos x

  23. Thanks for sharing this! Everyone and their mother are on Keto diet these days. I was very skeptical about it, because the relationship with food can’t always be associated with a diet. It has to be some sorta sustainable life style, otherwise it will fail!! This is at least my experience with dieting.

  24. Hi Erin, as a suggestion, you may wish to consider adding resistance training into your workout schedule for fat loss. I am a 56 yr old menopausal women and weight training 3 x week doing compound lifts – squats, deadlifts, bench press. My body fat is 20% and I weigh 57 kg. I am not bulky and look lean and trim. Once you add muscle, your body becomes very efficient at fat burning. The irony of course is that muscle weighs more than fat and women fear bulking up. This simply will not happen because of female hormones. We need strength as we age and weight training will enable you to develop a strong, lean physique. I never even think about my diet and do not measure fats, carbs, proteins, etc. The weight training takes care of everything. This morning I achieved a new deadlift PB of 90kg. Trust me, if I can do this, anyone can!

  25. I don’t think this is for me. I’m diabetic and menopausing too, though I’m much older than you at 57. One thing I removed was the artificial sugar, which, when I used to take them, made me depressed. Removing them all together, made my mood swings and sadness and lows go away. Btw you look AMAZING! If I can have your body I would be so grateful!

  26. I am very concerned about weigh control and I gained weight with menopause, but I can never do Keto. I have to have fruits and vegetables. I exercise intensity and i have been successful in losing weight with intermittent fasting. I do it 2X a week and it has been such a great experience feeling energized and losing the unwanted weight. I still watch my diet and food intake, but I don't feel deprived.

  27. For someone who yo-yo's with 7 lbs, you might be able to exercise your way to your ideal. However, most people can't exercise enough to make exercise be the way to lose weight. It's the way to tone and burn some calories, but hard and takes a lot more time for significant weight loss. I decided that keto, the anti-inflammatory benefits and the elimination of carbs was a very good lifestyle for me, and lost 25 lbs in less than 3 mo. (started @165lbs 5'7" and 51 yrs). You're right, this isn't a diet, it's a new normal if you choose to eat this way. However, there are tons and tons of recipes on Pinterest, YouTube cooks etc that are very creative with recipes etc and so much more than mean and eggs. PS, pee strips are typically not a reliable measurement if one were to choose to be very exact w/keto. I bought the blood glucose monitor and used it once. Still lost 25 lbs.

  28. Agree. Tried it. Got soooooo tired of all the meat. Plus I missed some of the vegetables I couldn’t have on keto. I too gained the weight back.

  29. Intermittent fasting has been great for me. I'm 51 and have been noticing the weight creeping up despite the fact that I workout 5 days per week (mix of cardio and weight training). The thing that helped me for a while was being on a Candida diet. It's almost like the keto diet, except more restrictive…if you can imagine. Did that for three months, lost 10 pounds, but now that I'm not following the diet so strictly, I've gained back 1/2 the weight I lost. It's so hard finding the perfect diet which keeps you satiated without feeling deprived. I did feel fantastic on the diet with an increase in my energy level and my sleep definitely improved. The only weird downside was that I was losing my hair while on that diet.

  30. I like you a lot. But today I decided to unsubscribe.😔😔😔 you have great tips but I've realized your channel is basically a Nordstrom glorified advertising.😊 so good bye.

  31. I think it is completely sustainable. I have several cookbooks and make a variety of meals so that it doesn't get boring. Just like any life style change – you have to want to make it work. There are so many recipes that it should never get boring. I have made everything from lasagne, tacos, steak, omelets, hamburgers, ECT…

  32. You look vital and beautiful! The thyroid gland needs carbs/glucose for proper TSH function and conversion of T3 to T4. A keto diet basically is a declaration of war on the mature thyroid and endocrine system, and as you point out, it can be a difficult to maintain. Keto diets are also detrimental to the global climate and to animal welfare, and can lead to high blood lipids/cholesterol. The reason many people feel better on keto diets is the cessation of processed foods/carbs and the inclusion of more fresh vegetables. What has worked for me throughout my 50's is a plant-based lifestyle with intermittent fasting (7 pm to 11 am), strength-oriented Pilates, and a healthy dose of realism about how our bodies naturally change as we age.

  33. I’ve been tempted to try Keto but after hearing how rigid it is it sounds awful. I’d rather eat things in moderation & keep the extra few pounds😂Life is too short! You seem to have a balanced healthy diet & great exercise habits & you look absolutely stunning so don’t stress. Your natural beauty shines through & you still rock every outfit you put on!

  34. I think it’s a terrible diet and lifestyle. I know people rave, lose crazy weight. But I felt the eggs, bacon, butter, fat…constantly is gross.

  35. Eating me to is definitely a lifestyle versus a diet. I started due to nasty rheumatoid arthritis. After 6 very committed months, I feel like a new person. I have much, much, much less pain. My brain feels clearer and more focused. I have an incredible amount of energy. In January of this year I thought I would be using a walker in a few months and In the future, a wheelchair. My physical activity increased slowly. I started with however many steps I could do per day was perfect. Eventually, I got to 10k + per day. I now take Zumba twice a week and will be adding boot camp 1 day per week. My rheumatologist recommended keto plus fruits and vegetables. It took my thick headed self 6 months to listen to her and try it. Oh yeah, I lost 70lbs too. I purposely didn't focus on weight loss. I see it as a very pleasant side effect of my eating habits. I have 3 young children I must keep up with! I'd rather walk fast, not limp, wear heels again and have flexibility than eat pancakes every time I want too…which is daily btw!!! If you suffer from an inflammatory disease, give it a try for 2 weeks and see for yourself how much better you can feel. Bulletproof coffee is AMAZING! Whatever icky taste you're imagining when you hear "butter in coffee" is 100% wrong. It's incredibly creamy and yummy for your shrinking, not gurgling and sick tummy🤠😘😍

  36. Try WW (Weight Watchers)…I lost 53# on Weight Watchers. It works and you can have 200 foods with zero Smart Points! And please try "intermittant fasting" and let us know how much you lose and how quickly…from Grandma Bunny– not the dumbest blond in Arizona!

  37. I've started paying attention to sugar too. I do feel like I have more energy since I stopped drowning myself in it!

  38. Build muscle. I believe it’s the single most important thing you can do as you age to keep your weight down. Try Cathe and Tracie Long exercise videos.
    Thank you for all of the amazing videos.

  39. Appreciate your perspective on Keto. I've been looking into it. I'm post menopausal and have gained weight I can't get rid of for the first time in my life.i suffer from kidney stones so I have to watch the vegetables I eat (spec. Foods high in oxalates). Years ago my office did a team fit challenge and we all did South Beach diet. I loved it and felt great without the sugar and white carbs. Sounds similar to Keto, only it's less restrictive in that you move through phases for maintenance and it (used to, at least) encourage lean protein and. veg. You should consider it, but read the book and didn't buy into the processed foods the new website promotes.

    Also, thrilled with your mentioning of the bulletproof coffee. I've been wanting to try, but honestly, was a little put off by the butter!, but you made it look delicious!

    Good luck finding what works best for you and don't give up!

  40. Hi Erin! I think that you need to research a bit more on the subject of low carb (not necessarily keto) diets. Dr Stephen Finney, among others is incredibly knowledgeable. And you might want to explore intermittent fasting too. It’s very effective and sustainable as it’s not so much a diet as a lifestyle. Dr Fung has great videos on the subject. Also, here is a link to this channel dedicated to IF for the “aging” woman:
    I enjoy your content a lot. Cannot wait for your videos on F/W fashion:)

  41. Hey girl. When a skinny girl like you criticizes the keto diet-you tell me all I need to know. It is not a crash diet for skinny girls. It is a way of eating that is healing people and saving their lives. For those of us who have a serious carb addiction and/or a serious health condition, the Keto Way of Eating (WOE) has saved our lives. Type 2 diabetes in most has been totally reversed. I’m 69 and have lost over 70 pounds. It has transformed my life. My blood work is perfect, I have so much energy, yes, I sleep better and have no chronic aches and pains. This WOE is very sustainable. There are tons of recipes available. I have been eating Keto for two years and will never go back to the carbs that nearly killed me. One needing to lose weight needs to research and understand how and why Keto works. Unless one has done this, it would be best to keep one’s opinions to one’s self.

  42. Well when I was listening to you talk about the keto diet I felt like you were inside my brain. I did it very strictly for about eight months. I felt great I lost weight. I completely agree that it’s really hard to sustain because you get very sick of eggs and avocados and fatty meat. In the end it wasn’t for me either but I was glad I did it. Love the bullet proof coffee! Excellent review 👍🏻👍🏻

  43. Erin if you are on BHRT for menopause – and you are on progesterone, that can cause weight gain (in the form of water weight).

  44. Great video and topic. I am not a fan of extreme diets that omit veggies and fruits as there is too much evidence to prove that we benefit from eating them every day. Brocolli, spinach, and blueberries are amazing for our health. I find that a balanced approach to eating is best. Some tips.
    -Ditch processed, packaged foods – eat whole foods, mostly plant-based with some clean animal protein if you desire
    -Intermittent fasting is beneficial to burn fat stores (stop eating at 5pm and don't eat breakfast until 9am or some variation of that)
    -Don't snack between meals
    -Have a decent-sized breakfast and your biggest meal at lunch and then dinner should be lite and before 5 or 6 pm.
    -Limit alcohol or don't drink at all – don't drink your calories
    Weight loss is 95% diet and 5% exercise. Sitting all day is not good especially if you find yourself grazing. I have been guilty of this and I have gained about 10 pounds since March due to too much sitting and snacking between meals. But I know what works to lose the weight as I have lost large amounts in the past following those tips I shared above. It's all about being mindful with food too.

  45. FYI, I read an article in Scientific American (~3-4 yrs ago) that said tracking daily caloric intake can help you to lose weight and keep it off. I've had success w/ this method (maintained healthy weight ~2 yrs.), but recently gained 10 lbs after switching to keto. So I'm using to get back on track again.

  46. Hi Erin! I’m 49 and in the middle of menopause. I’ve been following the keto diet for 3 years now. When I go off keto ALL the symptoms come back ☹️ hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings etc. So I make sure if I’m going to cheat for a weekend that it’s really worth it 😉I’ve found that is the best resource out there. With over 700 recipes I haven’t gotten bored with the food choices although in the beginning that was an issue they also have great videos and interviews to help people figure it out easier. Hope this helps someone feel better!

  47. My daughter is a dietician. We’ve had long discussions about the keto diet and fad diets in general. Anyone on a strict food regimen is actually embracing disordered eating habits. Anytime you remove a food group (carbohydrates) it is not sustainable long term. Keto is only recommended by dietitians for diabetics or those looking to loose 30 lbs or more. All the saturated fat in keto is not good on your cardiovascular system. Sweetie you are still quite thin and honestly gaining a few pounds around the middle at mid life is a normal of the aging process. We can do all we can to stop the clock, but we are still going to age. Enjoy a variety of healthy foods and a active life, it's all so very short. I hope the treats in Paris hit the spot.

  48. Thank you for the video, I don’t do diets, I think moderation and control portion is better for me but I like to enjoy food and depravation is not the answer. Eating healthy and exercise is sustainable for me

  49. Losing weight to me, means a LIFESTYLE, not restrictions, Yes, on moderation NO on snacking between meals, and eating what YOU like, that way one does not live in "deprivation" but enjoyment and not being gluttonous with excess of anything! I enjoy certain foods and eat them IF I really want a small piece of cheesecake, or a grass fed hamburger! MODERATION IN ALL THINGS. Eat healthy whole foods from nature most of the time, and your body will let you know what it best for you.

  50. I’ve done some research and found that the Keto or Ketogenic diet is a very unhealthy diet. If you read the China Study by Dr. Colin Campbell and the research that Dr. Greger from pours over that all animal food and by products, processed food and oil are the most damaging to your body. There is a lot of misinformation that keep people confused about what is healthy and how best to lose weight. The healthiest way to lose and maintain weight is a whole food plant based diet without oil and this is not my own opinion. This diet has been proven to heal diseases and result in a healthier and sustainable weight loss. I started this way of eating 3 years ago and maintained the16 lbs weight loss. I eat until I’m comfortably full. Baked Sweet potatoes are my go to for snack instead of a health bar and I have enough energy to play tennis or go to the gym for cardio and weight training. I get my PROTEIN from beans, potatoes, veggies etc. I recommend watching Forks over Knives on Netflix and What the Health. FYI: I’m 59 yrs old 5 ft. 1” and weighed at 123 lbs (not overweight) and now weigh 107 dropped down from a size 4 down to 0 in jeans, which I thought I’d never see at my age so the results and my health (3 blood pressure medication down to only 1) speak for themselves.

  51. You have to get into the recipes for the cheesey bread..90 sec mug bread..low carbs and it helpsif you need a " bread fix" ..dropping the sugar is key in health anyway. Also if you had got back on after Paris..the weight would have come off quickly..I've done this lifestyle for 3 yrs and never felt deprived.. Maybe Paleo is something to try…
    Love your topics helps me get it together as i enter the " new 40's" (65) 😉

  52. I feel like you would love a plant based life style. No counting , no weighing, just clean healthy food 💛 I feel the struggle, I am right there w you.

  53. So much more to Keto than losing weight! Insulin resistance to name one, plus many other health reasons. Three months really isnt enough time to get the hang of it and when you stop and go with it we havent really given our bodies enough time to adapt. I am in menopause also and lost 30 lbs very quickly. I totally agree with the comments on the meal choices as there is a TON of things out there to eat or cook. I hope you try it again and really give it enough time. I have found that once I truly understood the great health bennies from eating KETO and Intermittent fasting I didnt want to go back to eating the traditional way. One thing I would say about your coffee, if you are also eating carbs, like drinking your coffee with some toast, you will just be putting fat on your body as your coffee is loaded with fat. Good Luck with your weight loss journey Erin and thank you for your uplifting videos!

  54. Yes! Erin it would be good for more styling for women who have that spare tire and belting the waist of an apple does not seem feasable!!

  55. Keto is moderate protein high fat, maybe your protein was too high? Your body converts some protein in gluconeogenesis in that instance to glucose.

  56. Keto changed my life. It is a lifestyle for me. I have lost 80 lbs in the last few years and have kept it off.. I feel amazing. Anyone that really needs to lose a lot of weight should consider this diet seriously! Game changer

  57. Will you please do a review on the p.volve workout? I am also burnt out on HIT workouts and lifting and would love to hear your perspectives. It looks a lot like the exercises I used to do in Barre Class.

  58. Vegetarian diet with intermittent fasting has worked for me like nothing else. I tried keto and while it worked, it wasn't very sustainable and I felt terrible eating all those animals.

  59. Had exact same experience! Started doing more weight training and now I feel back in control (and stronger!).

  60. I'm loving my weight loss, but then bread and pasta were never big in my day. SO this works for me! Thanks for the review!! 🙂

  61. Hi!! Love your videos, I own a fitness training Biz in LA that I've had for 30 yrs and I totally agree with you about the Keto diet, everyone goes on it looses 8-10lbs, gets sick of constantly eating meat and cheese and eventually goes off! The long term stats are low for the Keto diet and somewhat dangerous if someone is over 50. Love your willingness to be candid and have greatly benefited from all your videos, in relation to yourself, try lifting low to moderate weights to hold on to your muscle as your body ages it will help you stay lean! hugs keep going !XXX

  62. I am with you 💯, Erin. I just can’t do something that is so restrictive. I would rather enjoy things I love in moderation.

  63. Really informative post , … And I understand how the keto thing works… but being almost 65 years young in a few months I just want to be able to enjoy things that I like to eat every so often like pasta with a great spaghetti sauce I want to enjoy eating things that you know are not really allowed on keto so for being 65 I'm doing pretty good I've had three children my weight is about 117 which is actually 4 lb over my normal weight which is 113. But I'm only 5'2", so there's that, lol.
    the thing about it is most veggies are carbs but they're considered what's known as " good carbs" depending on what they are….
    and of course I love spinach I love U know salad greens I don't eat a lot of kale because kail is something that not everyone can eat in its raw form actually when you cook it it breaks down this certain enzyme that is makes it easier to digest and for your body to use so I don't eat a lot of kale even though I like it. …. It's actually better cooked- for most people- because it just is, lol. I like bread so I eat sprouted grain breads rolls muffins whatever its sprouted grain and I don't have it every day I have bread maybe two times a week if that because I happen to like toast with my eggs I happen to like a sandwich every so often so I mean these are things that I'm just not going to give up I've been eating a certain way for years, it's worked…:) I'm glad that the keto diet is a success for some people but I'm with you ,Erin … I don't think it's a one-size-fits-all proposition- a lot of things in life aren't- but I totally agree bulletproof coffee is amazing I love it and I just I absolutely love that stuff, lol.
    Again great video I always enjoy your videos and you did a really goodt detailed explanation of it.

  64. Good to know 😎 I've always been pretty slim and eat pretty well for the most part but I would say this year I have noticed a difference in my body shape and have grown a bit of a belly (which sucks) Considering intermittent fasting but get super hungry in the morning and breakfast is my favourite meal.

  65. I totally agree with you about Keto. When I’m on it, I feel incredible, with so much energy and no food cravings. But, when traveling, especially to France and Italy, I am not going to forgo fabulous bread and pasta. They key is probably to cut way down on sugar and perhaps every once in a while enjoy a homemade , delicious carb.
    Being in Ketosis might not be sustainable, but eating way fewer carbs and sugar certainly is.

  66. Hi Erin,
    Thank you for the video, loved it. I am 49 & had to have a full hysterectomy 4 years ago due to cysts & other issues & it put me straight into menopause! I have also gained weight in stomach area.. shapewear/spanx has become my new BFF (lol).. I try and watch what I eat but I believe life is too short to be so restrictive.. all things in moderation & listening to your body to find that balance. Love your channel, keep up the good work! 😊

  67. OMG I think you summarized my recent experience with a low carb diet! I am still 1-2 sizes smaller than my highest weight after Menopause. And I am DEFINITELY more mindful of my current sugar intake & refined carb intake…..Those r the things we really don’t need in our life, so that was a good overall lesson 👌😃. I am also trying to do more exercises in general. I take yoga classes, Pilates, swimming, weight training, cycling etc approx 4 days/week & that helps tremendously with both the physical as well as mental symptoms associated with menopause 💕.

  68. I think its great you've learned something about your own personal eating habits. The weight you put on is water weight. Your fat cells absorb water when you don't count carbs. The less carbs/sugar the less water. I love T-TAPP videos you should check them out. Very cool and simple.

  69. Keto is definitely not a diet, it is a lifestyle, and a life changing one that brings amazing benefits! Loosing weight is one of them, but the main focus of keto is to become healthy and cure insulin resistance, which is the real root of any overweight and many mortal diseases. I mean, you can’t really think that by trying keto only for some weeks, you will reverse the damage done for years, and also maintain its benefits if you go back to your old eating habits 💁🏻‍♀️

  70. Hi Erin, You should view the latest videos of Youtuber, Stephanie Buttermore. She is a fitness expert who has had a life-altering change of perspective about diet and exercise. It made me realize how I have allowed food and exercise to consume and control my life. I have relaxed the restrictions and am eating intuitively and staying active. As a result I have maintained my weight, and I feel so much better psychologically. I no longer think about food all of the time and I am not ravenously hungry either. I am more light hearted. I have more energy, and I am devoting more quality time to the people in my life that I dearly love. For the past 20 years I have let those relationships suffer while I worried about what I ate and how I looked and regulated social interactions around that. Maintaining health and fitness is essential but even that should be in moderation.

  71. If you aren't dedicated to your own wellness, don't bother with the ketogenic diet. I've been doing it for 3 years, and it''s the best thing I've ever done. Don't expect the best change in your life if you're not willing to do what you've never done: stick with it for life.

  72. Keto may not be for everyone but it certainly worked for me! I could not lose any weight after 50 and so far I'm down 15 lbs. Annette Bosworth MD is a good resource.
    Watch "Dr. Boz [Annette Bosworth, MD]" on YouTube

  73. Currently doing Keto and IF. I am experiencing the Keto Flu on and off I just have to get pass that stage and looking forward to experiencing all the benefits.

  74. I think you were not doign it well, I have lost 15 kg (35 pounds), eat a lot of cruciferous vegetables and delicious salads, Not that much protein tho, I think you may have eaten too much fat.

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