The Only APPLE PIE Recipe You’ll Need

– Hey everyone, it’s Natasha
of And today I’m gonna teach you how to make what is probably the most
iconic pie of all time. It is a homemade apple pie. This one is loaded with apples. Now the process is a little
different and it’ll surprise you but you’re going to love the results. So let’s get started. We’ll start with the
sauce for the filling. Place a medium saucepan over medium heat and melt an eight tablespoons
of unsalted butter. Stir in three tablespoons
of flour and let that simmer for about a minute whisking constantly. Next, whisk in 1/4 cup of
water and 3/4 cup of sugar. Bring that to a boil then reduce the heat and continue simmering for about three minutes stirring occasionally. This sauce is the secret ingredient. It literally takes less than five minutes but will transform your pie. When it’s done, it’ll have a light
caramel sauce consistency. Take it off the heat and let it cool while you prep your apples. You’ll need six to seven
Granny Smith apples or you can use your
favorite tart crisp apple. All of the apples together
weighed two and a quarter pounds. Peel all of your apples
then cut them in a half and remove the course. To remove the course you can
either use a small paring knife or an apple coring tool, or
you can use a melon baller like this one and I’ll leave
a link to this in the notes. Once the apples are all peeled
and cored thinly slice them. You should get about seven
cups of thinly sliced apples. Transfer the apples to a large mixing bowl and sprinkle the top with
one and a half teaspoons of ground cinnamon. Stir to evenly coat the
apples with cinnamon. Next, add all of that
sauce that you made earlier and make sure you get every last drop. Stir in the sauce to coat the apples and I’m telling you it’s so worth it to spend the extra five
minutes to make this sauce, for the most incredible apple pie filling. I’m using our favorite homemade
easy all butter pie crust that I’ve been chilling
in the refrigerator. This pie crust is incredible
and I will leave a link to the video tutorial in the notes. Sprinkle your work surface
generously with flour and roll out your first pie crust. Roll that first crust to about
a 12 inch diameter circle. If you find the dough is
sticking to your rolling pin, sprinkle on just a little more flour. The easiest way to transfer
this into the pie pan is to wrap it around
your rolling pin gently and use a food scraper to loosen the dough in case it gets stuck to the surface. Now simply unwrap it
into a clean pie plate. Mold that gently into the plate and you should have a little bit of dough hanging over the edges. Add all of the apple mixture mounting it slightly in the center. And be careful not to get the feeling on the edges of the dough which will make it difficult to seal. Set that aside, then roll the second crust on a floured surface, but this time just to about
an 11 inch round circle. I found that if you push
the edges in like this, it’ll roll into a much more even circle, which is important because
we’re going to be making strips out of this for
the lattice topping. Also, if you’re curious, this is called a French rolling
pin, and it is my favorite. I will leave a link to this in the notes. Using your favorite pizza cutter, cut 10 even thickness strips. Making a lattice topping
is easier than you think. Take one of the long
strips from the center and place it across
the middle of your pie. The first five strips
should be in one direction across your pie with the
longer strips in the center and the shorter ones towards the edges. Peel back the second and fourth strips and place one large strip down the center. Now peel back the alternating strips and add another strip of dough. Continue doing this on the
right and then the left until all of your lattice is complete. Place any remaining scraps of dough around the edges of the pan where needed. Tuck the excess pie dough
into the pan around the edges. Once all of the edges are tucked in, you can crimp or flute the
edges of the pie dough. And this process is so easy but will make your pie look super fancy. Push the dough in with
one finger on one hand and pinch around it with two
fingers on the other hand. Pat the edges down slightly so that they don’t brown
too much in the oven. Next beat together one egg
and a tablespoon of sugar and brush that egg wash generously over all of the surface of the dough. This will add a beautiful color to your pie while it’s baking. Transfer that to the
center of a preheated oven and bake at 425 degrees
Fahrenheit for 15 minutes. Without opening the door, reduce the heat to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and continue baking another 45 minutes or until the apples are
soft and the filling is bubbling through the vents at the top. Oh, pie. Sweet apple pie. You will not believe how good
my kitchen smells right now. And once this comes out of the oven, you want to give it at
least an hour to rest, you want those apple juices to thicken up. So that way when you cut into it, it doesn’t slide all over the place and you won’t burn your mouth. That’s important. Been there, done that. Okay, so we’re gonna let this rest. (upbeat music) All right, our pie has been
resting, it’s just barely warm. And honestly that’s the
hardest part is the waiting because you just want to jump right in and do the taste test. But that’s exactly what
we’re going to do right now because we have been
patient for long enough. Okay, so big slice for me, here we go. Okay, that is a big piece. But that doesn’t surprise you, right? You’ve watched enough of our videos. Okay, here we go. Yum! And you can see the slice holds together. It’s not sliding apart,
this filling is amazing. Okay, lets get that on to our plate. I’m really excited. This is the pie that everyone
needs to make this autumn. It looks fantastic. Okay, cool. Let me taste it first. That is worth every second. Fantastic. Just that little bit of cinnamon really amps up the apple flavor. And I love this sweet tart apples, they’re perfectly sweetened. This is wonderful. And to be very honest, I love the crust just as
much as I love the filling. I mean it’s flaky, buttery,
really easy to make. And make sure that you watch our video on how to make this crust. Super simple, just a few
ingredients, but wow. It is just like pastry perfection. Alright, we have some very
important taste testers and these guys are the real deal. They know a good apple
pie when they eat one. Come on, guys. Come on, come on, come on. And they’re cute too. Okay, here, dig into the pie, babies. You need some help? Oh, you got this. You should give yourself enough
time to breathe there, pal. What do you think? Is that a thumbs up? You Love it? If you guys are just as excited
about fall baking as I am, check out one of our all
time favorite recipes right over there, such a treat. And don’t miss our pie crust recipe. The same crust we used
here, right over there. It’s sure to become a new favorite.

  1. So I finally tried making the pie ( had to do the crust by hand, but followed all your steps preparing the apples, and omg ). The pie came out amazing !!!

  2. An extra tip: if you have troubles getting pastries to seal, brush the attachment point with vodka or any other clear, nearly flavorless liquor. It will glue your pie crust or whatever together and leave no odd taste behind.

  3. Hi Natasha 🙂

    I made the sauce and while cooling off the melted butter separated from the sugar and flour. Any idea what I did wrong?

  4. You're so much fun and I love your videos!! In the video you said 1 egg + 1 tablespoon of sugar for the egg wash yet in the recipe it states 1 egg + 1 tablespoon of water… I'm making this pie RIGHT NOW! 🙂 I'm going for the written recipe that adds water to the egg wash… wish me luck!!

  5. Hello Natasha I just had to pass on the most profound thankyou for this awesome Apple Pie recipie. I had a neighhor, whose name was Laurie (88yrs old) who lost his wife 2 years ago and she was by all accounts a superb apple pie maker. I am always cooking and baking and sending it over and decided I wanted to make him apple pie. He was always brutally honest but iit wasn't until I found your recipie that I finally hit the nail on the head. I made Laurie this pie twice before he passed away and he so enjoyed it. I will make 2 pies for his life celebration dinner. Thankyou that your recipie brought such enjoyment to a man I will miss terribly.

  6. I absolutely love your channel! Your excitement is contagious! Trying this out for Thanksgiving! You should do a Pumpkin Pie!!!!!

  7. I can't wait to try your pie crust recipe! All butter and no shortening is a win in my book! And the filling looks delicious, too. I'm going to do a test run and if I don't make a botch of it, I'll make one for Christmas. Thank you for sharing this and your cherry pie recipe too!

  8. Dear Natasha. I made that apple pie & crust & it was the best apple pie I have ever made or tasted, ever. I am 66 years old. You do such a fantastic job.! You are nice & funny with adorable kids. Thank you.! I’ll be making it for family this thanksgiving and Christmas. Thank you so much!

  9. I followed your recipe and it's the easiest, most amazing dish I have ever made (said my WIFE)! Natasha, you are a generous! 🙂 . I reduced the sugar and added organic raisins and experimented with lemon zest, and they all work wonderfully.

  10. Thanks Natasha I’m going to follow your recipe today. First pie ever! U make it look easy and I luv your presentation.

  11. Today I watched this wonderful video, well done kitchen looks real nice clean, very pleasant I must say. Everything was perfect you got to the recipe fast no long stories. I will be making this pie just because it looks good and easy. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Omg mine came out so delicious thank you hun your are the best , and your silly personality make it better , happy holidays beautiful from me and my boy friend ❤️❤️❤️

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  14. My fiancee loves apple pie, especially on Thanksgiving. His daughter makes an amazing pie, but this year we are at my home, so I decided to give this recipe a try!!! I LITERALLY just took this out of the oven…when I tell you it looks beautiful and the filling was amazing (put a lil' to the side before baking)…I'm in awe. Simple to make and I can't wait to cut into it. Thank you so much. Happy Thanksgiving.

  15. Hi Natasha, In your list of ingredients for your pie crust you said for the flour, ”measured correctly” with an asterisk. I didn’t see a reference to that. How do you measure correctly?
    What I do is fluff the flour a little then measure. I don’t really know if that’s right. I love your videos. ❤️ And thank you in advance. Your children are beautiful like their mom and, I love when theycome to do the taste test.

  16. Could I cook this a day ahead will it still be crispy ?? Could I prep it the day before?? Will it be ok in frig or freezer and cook it next day will it be ok ??

  17. For anyone wondering how it tastes I made it for friends giving and Everyone loved it. Like to keep at the top so everyone can see it
    UPDATE: I just made another one its way too addicting

  18. I made just made two of these pies back to back, super easy, delicious, and came out quintessentially BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks for the easy recipe!

  19. Recipe sounds great but a little over the top person for me. That’s Youtube.

    Btw at 4:52 she says mix egg and sugar for egg wash. ?? Recipe says egg & water. Which is it?
    I’ve never heard of sugar in egg wash so if i don’t hear back in time, I’ll assume you meant water.

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  23. Made this for thanksgiving and everyone loved it! It was the first pie I've ever made but these directions made it so easy! Thank you:)

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  26. on those cookies bake at 350 not 325 eric did that chef bakes at 375 always higher so bake at 350 for 1/4 c dough he didnt really care who ate them so 325 for everyone else drama at least. ktb

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    Thank you! Greetings from Algeria

  29. Thank you for this delicious recipe ?💖
    It's my first time doing an apple pie and the result is perfect .God bless you 😍

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