Thomas DeLauer introduces the Keto-Mojo Blood Ketone & Glucose Meter

– Here’s the thing.
Everybody responds differently
to a Ketogenic diet.
Everybody needs different amounts of fats,
different amounts of proteins,
and different amounts of carbohydrates
to really illicit the right response,
and one thing that I’m huge on
is making sure that you have
the right data to make the right decision.
Those of you that know me know that I have
a scientific approach
to everything that I do,
especially when it comes
down to the Ketogenic diet,
and the way that you can
start getting your handle
on a scientific approach for yourself
is to start measuring your ketone levels,
and there’s a multitude of different ways
to measure your ketone levels.
So when you actually start
measuring your ketones
in your blood, you give
yourself the ability
to truly see where you are
at that very point in time.
So what I like to do is measure
my blood in the morning,
then I’ll measure it
sometimes after a workout,
I’ll measure it later in the day,
all to just acquire data and learn
where I am in a state of ketosis
because if you’re
starting a Ketogenic diet,
you may not know if you’re
actually in ketosis,
you might be guessing
and sometimes you create
a little bit of a placebo
effect with yourself
where you make yourself think
that you’re in a state of ketosis
when you’re really not even reaping
the full blown benefits of it.
So that’s why I’m working
with Keto Mojo now
to make sure the world
knows that proper testing
is truly the best way to know
how you are responding
to a Ketogenic diet.
You can gage it by how you feel,
you can gage it by how
you look in the mirror,
but until you see a number,
it’s all just a little bit of guesswork.
So if you click on the link,
you can learn a little
bit more about Keto-Mojo,
about how you can start testing
your blood ketone levels
to truly know whether or not
you’re honestly in ketosis or not.
So if you click on the link,
you’ll learn a little bit more
and you can get your hands on one today.
I’ll see you soon.

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