THRIVE MARKET BOX AND REVIEW | Keto Foods to Buy at Thrive Market

today we’re shopping at Thrive Market and
I’m going to show you what I usually get
from them every month and some of my
favorite keto foods to have on hand I
always stock my Keto pantry with and by
the way this video is not sponsored but
I do have an affiliate code down below
where you can receive 25% off of your
first order so if all of this interests
you and you want to see my thrive market
hall and keep watching hi guys welcome
back to my channel I’m glad you’re here
today because it’s gonna be a fun
episode I’m actually doing a haul video
for the first time so if you’re new to
this channel let me just tell you right
now I am doing a vlogamas that is
focused around the ketogenic lifestyle
so I’m sharing tips and tricks on the
ketogenic diet along with some holiday
favorite keto recipes that I have so if
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today like I said I’m going to share
with you one of my favorite places that
I love to shop online
it’s a survive market and thrive market
has all the different keto goods that
you need to do all of your begging
recipes there’s savory recipes coconut
flour almond flour the keto sweeteners
everything I love this place I actually
have a auto ship to me once a month so I
can never ever run out of any of my
Lily’s chocolate chips or or sort of
sweeteners or anything like that and you
can actually get them a lot cheaper than
you would at the store or Amazon so you
definitely have savings when you
purchase from thrive market so let’s get
going on what I got in my haul today
so the first thing that I always buy is
this Rao’s homemade pasta sauce this
stuff is so good it’s like buying the
jarred marinara sauce which I mean it is
but this is actually low carbohydrate
this is only four grams of carbs for
half a cup I think most of the other
brands prego and God I don’t even know
know what other brands are out there
because it’s been so long since I’ve
bought jarred pasta sauce but I know
that they’re around like 9 to 10 grams
of carbs per serving so this is like
this is half that and it’s delicious too
so you can use this in spaghetti
lasagnas I mean anything that requires a
pasta sauce definitely go with the Rao’s
I like the packaging that thrive market
does like all of their glass or liquid
containers are nicely wrapped it’s in a
ziplock bag and then nicely padded and
this corrugated wrapping you don’t worry
about anything breaking on you and if it
did I mean there you have great customer
service where they every place the item
all right so in such a mess so in here
is I haven’t tried this before but it’s
a bone broth that epic makes if you’ve
heard of epic they make they make they
have jarred fats like lard and tallow
and I think duck fat – they make pork
they make jerky I think there’s a lot of
things that epic makes and now they’re
getting into bone broth – and I thought
this one sounded really good it was it’s
a turkey cranberry sage bone broth with
the holidays coming up I just figured
this is a really good thing to have
around in case I run out of the stuff
that I make and put in the freezer but
it’s only three grams of carbs per a cup
of this which I mean a lot of times for
the whole dish you’ll use a cup of broth
and so that’s divided into you know four
to eight equal parts so really good on
the carbs up next is a ketchup by primal
kitchens and this is a great sugar-free
ketchup a lot of you guys might not know
this but a lot of ketchups have sugar in
them this one does not have any sugar
and it’s just all the carbs are and I
are just from the tomatoes itself
because tomatoes have carbs but it’s 2-2
grams of carbohydrate per tablespoon so
this is my go-to for when I want to use
ketchup for for dipping things in or in
recipes when I make like barbecue sauce
or something like that this is my go-to
and then of course I have to have
Lilly’s chocolate chips these are one of
my favorite sugar-free chocolate chips
they are sweetened with erythritol and
stevia as opposed
any of those sucralose or mallet all or
xylitol chips that might be out here
these are a little bit better for you
and a little bit easier on your blood
sugar as well – you’re delicious so I
always grab a couple bags of these in my
cart because my husband eats them like
crazy and so I’m always running out and
I never have enough when I want to go
make cookies or something like that so
up next is the milk edenia I usually get
one or two of these from dried market if
you guys haven’t tried this stuff it’s
so good especially the unsweetened
vanilla it’s so tasty and it’s five
grams of carbs and no I’m sorry five
grams of fat and one gram of carb per
eight ounces which is the full cup full
and it’s very creamy you has that
vanilla flavor so it it seems like it’s
sweet but it’s it’s not unsweetened and
I haven’t had this one yet this is
called latté latté da la ta da and so I
don’t know what its gonna be like I’m
kind of hoping it’s like a thicker
version that maybe I could put in my
milk frother frother and make lattes
with so hopefully we’ll be thicker and
then I don’t normally get this every
month but this is the chomps grass-fed
beef sticks and I got these more for my
kids just because they love jerky and
beef sticks and I like that these are
grass fed and don’t have any added
sugars in them and there’s zero carbs
six grams of fat and nine grams of
protein and next I have sugar so this is
the golden monk fruit sweetener it’s the
LeConte o brand oh and whenever I bake I
like to use combinations of Muk monk
fruit and swerve and the reason is is
that I feel like it just makes for the
most natural tasting sweetener like the
combination because I think like swerve
on its own just kind of has that cool
coulis bitter taste and um and then the
the monk fruit I’ve never really tried
it on its own actually I just like the
combination I think it’s really good so
actually this stuff has your throat all
in it as well too but it’s like a good
sub for for brown sugar I always use the
golden monk fruit when I’m trying to
stop for brown sugar so I get those from
and then I get this Thai almond sauce
this stuff is amazing it’s by guys Yai’s
Thai I don’t know how to pronounce it
but it’s really good so it’s a coconut
tamarind and ginger Thai sauce and it’s
such a good sauce to put on chicken and
veggies like if you’re trying to do
stir-fry like a Thai and few stir-fry
it’s really good and there’s less than
one gram of carb per tablespoon and 2.5
grams of fats delicious there’s no no
added sugars either I love this stuff I
go through it like crazy so I always
order one bottle like at least once a
month and then of next of course is
miracle noodle so a thrive market
carries miracle noodle so you could get
your miracle noodles there or you can
get them from the website if you want
they have a lot of more of the miracle
noodle product on miracle noodle calm so
and you can use my code Kato focus to
get 10% off your order and free shipping
as well to save a lot more different
noodle products on there and a lot of
other products too that are worth
checking out but on thrive market you
can get the fettuccine noodle and the
angel hair pasta but all the other ones
like the rice and like the ZD pasta I
think you have to get that at miracle
noodle calm but I do pick up a few bags
that thrive market just to have on hand
at all times but these miracle noodles
in case you don’t know they’re shirataki
noodle so it’s just all fiber they’re
low carb or basically no car because you
subtract the fiber there there’s no fat
in them either but it’s just a great
noodle replacement and as long as you
cook them right they are amazing and
then I always get my almond flour from
thrive market this is the Bob Red Mills
brand it’s just a finely ground almond
flour that’s great for all of your keto
recipes and I get coconut flour from
there too this is the thread market
brand it’s really cheap this is like 350
a bag or something like that and so I
think it tastes great doesn’t actually
doesn’t really have that bad of a
coconutty flavor to it I love this stuff
and then of course I get mice where
sweetener from thrive so this is the
regular it’s the granulated one it’s
just like using regular table sugar and
then they have the powdered version or
the confectioner swerve and so this is
like a powdered sugar replacement so I
always have a bag of these two and I
order those monthly too as always have
some and another sugar replacement this
is just classic monk fruit sweetener
this is LeConte Oh brand and it’s just
well it’s Geritol plus month fruit but
sometimes I like to use this in recipes
as well too and then I have some snacks
we always get macadamia nuts from market
they’re a really good price on macadamia
nuts I believe that these were like
around five dollars or so so and these
are delicious so I always have these on
hand in my cupboard I imagine you can
get cheese Wis from the thrive market as
well too so these are just different
flavors I have a cheddar cheese and a
novios Oh Asiago though Asiago pepper
jack cheese and so they’re just cheese
basically there’s my hand went 1 1 gram
of carb per serving but these are a
great snack to have on tan and the kids
like them too and then also for the kids
I thought I’d give this a try I don’t
know if they like I’m yet but this
Jill’s cracker brand it’s a gluten free
grain free cracker and it’s made out of
just almond flour chia seeds flax seeds
there’s no sugar in it so it’s something
that I probably want to gravitate
towards but this is more for my kids
there’s five net carbs per 10 crackers
in here so it’s not too bad of a macro
especially if you’re really craving some
crackers and they have different flavors
too like this is a Mediterranean Italian
herb garlic and lavender that sounds
interesting so I’m hoping they like
these this might be a little weird of a
flavor for them but I was just gonna
check it out anyway and one of the other
things I like to get is coconut wraps by
this is a new KO coconut wraps and I’ve
talked about these before I’ve made lots
of different recipes with them so you
can check out some of them they work
great as a nice sort of wrap you could
use this if you’re made
those taquitos those chicken taquitos
they work well for that as well too so
you get those at thrive market in case
you’re interested and then some other
random things that I get I love this
cordyceps mushroom elixir this is by for
sig Matic and it’s a it’s like a coffee
tea and it’s just it’s great because it
has less caffeine in it than a regular
cup of coffee but with the mushrooms in
that like the cordyceps are just really
good for giving you energy and you stay
focused after you you have a sip of this
it’s great and it tastes like coffee –
you can’t even taste the mushrooms does
not taste like mushrooms at all it’s
and then I needed a couple of baking
stuff I need a more muffin tin liners so
I got some of those and then I got this
avocado saver I’ve been seeing these
online and so I thought I’d try it and
see if it actually works just because
sometimes I don’t eat the entire avocado
and I feel like the other half goes bad
so figured maybe this will keep the
other half from going bad
I forgot another snack item and that’s
pumpkin seeds and these are garlicky
dill flavor they’re so good and so
pumpkin seeds you can you’re allowed a
little bit of them on the keto diet like
there it’s like one net carb per quarter
cup so I mean that’s pretty good and
these are just like a great snack
especially if you’re on the go and you
need a little something so take these
these are great
and then I have a couple of beauty items
I’ve been seeing a lot of people use
this healing clay it’s just uh I think
it’s a bentonite clay and so it’s great
for your skin I think you can actually I
don’t know if this one I have one that’s
a liquid that I take orally like a
tablespoon of that every day just to
help cleanse get any of those toxins out
but this one is really good for your
face it’s by Aztec secret I think you
can get it off Amazon too but I think
it’s cheaper on thrive market so I’m
gonna give that a shot and see how it
goes and then one of the one of the
supplements I always take is maca root
just for energy and so I get it at fried
market just because it’s a good price on
their – they have lots of different
there as well the good prices so I hope
you guys enjoyed this thrive market haul
I have a lot of items here I don’t want
to get all of these things on a regular
basis every month it’s mostly just the
flowers and the sugars just because I do
a lot of baking and go through those
pretty quickly so if you guys are
interested in getting any of these items
or signing up to be a thrive market
member I’ll have the link below you can
get 25% off your first order and free
shipping as well too so definitely check
them out I really think you guys will
enjoy their services and like I said it
saved me a ton of money and it’s really
quick the shipping is quick too it’s
really easy to order from them well it
looks like I gotta go put all this stuff
away which ya not looking forward to so
maybe I can get a help from my screaming
kids upstairs bye guys

  1. The problem with most sauces, other than primal kitchen, is that they will have soybean or corn of some variety… Losing weight is a side effect of being healthy! The soy and corn crops ALL have round up or glyphosate, which will affect your gut bacteria. It's not just sugar and carbs to watch out for…

  2. Great vid. I buy & use almost all of these same items you do but I’m new to Thrive Market. I’ll check it out!

  3. For the chocolate chips Lilly's are $ 7.00 a bag so I looked in to buying a silicone mat for making our own chocolate chips on Amazon !!!!!!!!!

  4. Please tell the price!! It doesn’t make sense to do a haul review without it. I can get all of this stuff elsewhere. 😢😢😢

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