Top 5 Hidden Secret Menus for Fast Food

Top 5 fast food secret menu items. Five: Arby’s Meat Mountain This is exactly what it sounds like a mountain of every type of meat that Arby’s offers. Topped off with some swiss cheese and cheddar because why not ? At $10 USD it’s the most expensive thing you can get at Arby’s. But it’s a pretty good deal considering you probably won’t want to eat for about a week after. Four: McDonald’s Grilled Cheese To the passive consumer there may not appear to be many vegetarian friendly options on the McDonald’s menu. Sure, you can order apple slices a side salad, and some of the breakfast items. But that’s where the road ends. However, if you mix and match the ingredients a bit another farm animal friendly dish becomes apparent. A grilled cheese sandwich, It’s one of Ronald’s most popular secret menu items, and it’s made by grilling up a slice or two of cheese between a hamburger bun. Three: Burger King Veggie Whopper BK may be famous for their juicy Whopper, but for “meatless March”, devotees, and devout vegetarians the famous burger is a No-Go. Or, so they think. Though the vegetarian Whopper is not an official menu item You can craft one together by asking your server to replace the beef patty with a BK veggie burger patty. To keep the calories and fat content reasonable request that they hold the mayo. Two: Taco Bell’s The Incredible Hulk “Hack the Menu” describes this as one of Taco Bell’s healthy secret menu items. It’s made by replacing the nacho cheese in a five layer burrito with guacamole. Which does technically make it healthier. If you don’t really care about the nutrition aspect of the “Incredible Hulk”, add Taco Bell’s Lava Sauce. One: McDonald’s Land, Sea, & Air Burger. Can’t choose between a Big Mac, McChicken, and Filet o’ Fish? Don’t. Get a Big Mac and add McChicken and Filet o’ Fish patties to get this very appropriately named secret menu item. If you’re not a Filet o’ Fish fan but really love chicken, go for the Big McChicken. A Big Mac with McChicken patties in place of buns. Thanks for watching and hope you enjoyed. Check out one of these videos and don’t forget to subscribe to support more videos.


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