Tot Meals Not as Healthy as They Seem

If you’re buying pre-packaged meals to feed
your toddler, you may want to take a closer
look at the label. I’m Rachelle Grossman with
your latest health news. A recent study finds
that many commercially prepared meals for
toddlers in the US have too much salt and
added sugar and this could be setting your
child up for health troubles later. The CDC
studied more than one-thousand different dinners,
snacks, cereals, juices and desserts and found
that baby foods – like fruit or vegetable
purees for infants – are mostly low in sodium
with no added sugars. However, a big change
was noted when it came to toddler meals. A
significant percentage of these had added
sugars and too much salt. Researchers say
this could lead kids to develop a taste for
these foods, possibly placing them at risk
for obesity and heart disease later. Experts
suggest you limit your child’s snacks and
juices, check labels, and simply puree your
own healthy food.

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