1. I think my favorite thing about you guys is that you know you live in a very touristy area of the world, but instead of dreading the tourists, you encourage people from all over the world to come experience the cultures. ❤

  2. the roasted cold noodles is 烤冷面, it has become very popular in China especially in the North, it's actually bunched-up slices of naengmyeon noodles grilled on a griddle and topped with all kinds of extra ingredients.

  3. We're having a cold spell so that mala soup looks so inviting! Would also like to try that Chinese "quesadilla". Over the years has Ameyoko offered more street food? There seems to be more varied food opportunities now…I love it!

  4. Why do I always seem to watch your videos when I am hungry? I admit that everything looked so delicious. The shredded dried tofu really interested me. Dessert was luscious looking. Thanks for taking us along with you!

  5. The crepe is called Jianbing (when there is no fried dough stick in the middle) and I reeaalllyyy want to try one so bad but I live in America and no one makes those here not even for street food in chinatowns as far as I can tell, at least near me

  6. Mmmm! Warm and spicy soup on a cold day is perfect, and you two made it look super delicious. Whoever's idea it was to paddle the swan boat–I would have voted an enthusiastic "YES!" Cold and exercise, followed by nourishing warm food, is the tops for me.

  7. How fun going on the swan boat ride ❤❤ Shinichi you know you liked it 😂 Satoshi I really enjoy when you do a little critic on what you're eating too ; you enjoye life sooo much !! Shinichi I think your even more comfortable in front of cameras now also 😍 Thank you both so much for sharing with us I'm sure it means a lot to ALL of us ❤❤

  8. It looks delicious, but I'm not really good with spicy food.

    I used to go to Ameyoko so often because I lived nearby in Yanaka as a student. Sometimes I would go for a snack, but usually for grocery shopping. so even tough I never eaten there it's still very nostalgic for me. The baby castella is definitaly on my list to go to next and try

  9. After I saw you two enjoy your food so much, I'm so much more comfortable and happy to go in the kitchen and cook up a storm for tonight's get together. 🥘🍖🍪🥓

  10. The breakfast crepe is called jian bing (yum!) and the fried dough strip is called youtiao (or cakwe, also very tasty). Darnit, now I'm craving some jian bing.

  11. These are all very authentic Chinese food/street food. Watching you guys eating made me mouth-watering lol, look forward to see more Chinese food videos from uu

  12. This is something different! I've never had Chinese food like these! Love it and want to try it sometime! Thanks for another great video! さむいなか、おつかれさまでした♪

  13. OMG how did we not know about this place 😋 thanks guys your videos are always great 👍 the Chinese crepe & Mutton looks delicious 😀🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  14. I have been to Japan twice. Each time I have stayed for at least 5 weeks. My husband and I love japan. We have been to many places in Japan. Your videos make me want to return. We will make another trip after the 2020 Olympics. Hoping to travel north past Tokyo to Hokkaido. Our son taught English in Hanayama (Kobe/Osaka area) for 3 years. We hosted a Japanese student in our home in America for one year. She lives in Tokyo. We remain very good friends with her and her family

  15. This is been one of my favorite videos you've made……. Your reaction to the new food items were wonderful. The best part was your huge smiles.

  16. That was so interesting! I haven't seen those dishes before. The tofu noodles looked so fun to try! I bet the soup really felt good on such a cold day. I hope you were able to go home soon after this. It looked so cold! BRRR! Thanks for the great video. Sending lots of good wishes to both of you from California.

  17. My wife and I have been watching your channel for a couple of years now. We moved to Tokyo about two weeks ago from the United States. Yesterday we watched this video and today we stopped by the same place to try some of your recommendations! Everything was delicious! We also got the Cold Spicy Noodles and would highly recommend those as well.

    It was cool watching your videos from the U.S. but now we can watch your videos and go to the same places to try them ourselves which is even better! Thank you guys both so much for your amazing videos!

  18. Love you guys and your videos!! I'm thinking about pledging $50 to your patreon sometime to support you, and meet up for a bite when I'm in Tokyo this summer haha!
    As in my other comment on the recent Dutch snacks video I realized we were less than 2-5km from each other at one point when I was in Tokyo in 2018…
    I only found you guys in recent months and I'd like to say, keep up the good videos, glad to see you're so happy creating your content and maybe we'll meet sometime in the future!
    Lots of love from the Netherlands! 🙂

  19. Love you guys! Would you please consider making a video of vegan street foods? Or when you're eating something that may look possibly-vegan to your viewers (like the shredded tofu noodles in this video), could you please say if it's vegan or not? For e.g. the tofu noodles could be vegan but what about the sauce they're served with. This information would be super helpful to vegan travelers!

  20. I'm actually kind of surprised to see a place serving reasonably authentic northern Chinese street food, and at Ameyoko of all places. 🤔

  21. Chinese food's Amazing! Good job 🙂 of you wanna see more of Chinese foods, follow us and watch our videos 😉 加油

  22. Hi brothers! Thank you both so much, for enduring the cold weather, to take us along on your first time visit to have all of those delicious looking dishes! The shredded tofu “noodles” looked amazing, as did the spicy noodle soup! We have many Chinese vegetarian restaurants in my community. I’m wondering if they have the shredded tofu noodles on their menu…..🤔 Thank you for sharing everything with us! ♥️

  23. I'm Chinese via New York… the crueller (you tiao) wrapped with savory crepe I have never seen, not that combination at least! Same for the "fried noodle" dish with sausages inside. That one looks very Japanese-influenced to me; maybe it is not 100% Chinese? Very yummy-looking, all the same. EDIT: Some other user identified the dish, and even gave the name of it. Seems it is real. I learned something new, sweet.

  24. Ha! This time while watching I have a big bowl udon with shrimp 🍤 I’m not going to wind up with a growling stomach 😜 mmmm, oishi

  25. Could that shredded dried "tofu" be bean curd skin? Cuz the Chinese tofu is soft too but we do have bean curd skin in our cuisine as well.

  26. Can anyone find Heisei Fukujun (the Chinese restaurant they went to) on google maps? I want to go so bad but I can't find it even when I type in the address…

  27. The Spicy hot noodles look almost like Korean Yukgaejang or even Kimchi Jigae; the Cold noodles almost look like Korean Pancakes hahaha. Anyway, the food looks delicious tyvm from a (half) Korean fan.

  28. Oh wait, haha the hot noodles looks also like Jjampong which is usually served in Korean-Chinese style restaurants along with Sweet and Sour Beef and Jajangmyeon.

  29. Yes, you guys ARE nuts…as nutty as I was going out in middle of New Year's Eve at 0 degrees to see a movie with my nieces last year lol 😉 Also, nutty for eating ice cream in that weather! thanks for doing this awesome video guys. 10:20 the older gentleman behind you guys is so cute…."oishiii! oishii!" hehehe.

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