– So we’re here at The
Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I’m actually smiling so
big I’m really excited. We’re in Diagon Alley. (loud roaring) We’re gonna eat our way through the park as one does, so we’re
gonna go for thirty iconic Harry Potter items in the course of a day. Should be a magical (bleep) time. – What should she eat once she’s there? – She should eat food (laughs) – Yeah, yeah. (laughs nervously) – Okay. I’m excited. (squeals excitedly) So I’m not about to eat
my way through this place without a wand. We’re starting at Ollivander’s. (building upbeat techno music) The wand anxiety is real. I’m just seeing a lot of Hermione, a lot of Harry happening. They’re not my vibe. I was Luna like seven times
for Halloween over the course of like ten years so
that probably checks out. We should probably go with Luna. – Luna, the Luna wand is chosen very well. How’s that feel my dear? – I love it! – Right? – Luna wand! – And it has that map, shows
you where the spells are, okay? – Amazing, I’ll get right on that. – Yeah. (children talking) (loud roaring) – Ah! (magical music plays) – Before. I’m at The Leaky Cauldron, of course! Where else are we gonna start this day? That’s the food? Oh my god. Oh, I’m embarrassed. This is embarrassing. (laughs) How many people would you
say this is meant to feed? This one’s for four? – [Server] Yes. – So this for six, really, probably? – [Server] Yeah. That’s normal and fine. (upbeat techno music) I know no other way, than to
be destructive with my food. Whoa! Tastes like a really ketchup-y relish. Into that. Love myself some cornichons, I eat those straight, all the time. So there’s a Scotch egg. I’ve never actually had one before. We’ve got some like, mustard
sauce, happening here. So Scotch egg, to my understanding, is a hard boiled egg wrapped in sausage. Pork sausage specifically here. Breaded and deep-fried. Which again, normal breakfast. Oh I (bleep) love that. Cheddar cheese, chive-y cheese! Blue cheese. (chill techno music) This is bangers and mash,
pretty self explanatory, looks exactly how I was
hoping it would look. That said, there’s broccoli on this plate. There’s not enough magic
in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, to make me
eat that (bleep) broccoli. I’m not touching it. (hyped techno music plays) Tastes like shepherd’s
pie, in a bread bowl. So, on a normal day, when I wasn’t being the
way I’m being right now I probably wouldn’t
come here for breakfast. Would come to The Leaky Cauldron for any other meal of the day. (upbeat techno music plays) It’s just like all exactly
the way it’s meant to be. I’m here for a lot of ice cream. Oh my god! It’s like butterscotch-y,
and marshmallow-y. I would crush this whole
cone if I didn’t have to eat the four other flavors! If you don’t like sour cream,
it’s maybe not something I would eat. I actually love sour
cream, so I could probably put this whole thing down. You could put that on
like a taco or some nachos and you’d be fine. Okay, so we just went from
sour to like, sweet and spicy. Whoa! Oh god, okay. That’s kinda cool. I didn’t actually think
it was gonna be like a little kick at the end. Hits you right in the back of the throat. Oh my god, yeah, there’s a lot. There’s a lot of chili in there. (coughs) I would stick my hands in
and play with this stuff, like play-dough. I am serious. (dramatic music plays) That’s wonderful. I would say I get a lot more Earl Grey, than I do get lavender. – I’m here. – I get it. Last but not least, oh my god! So I feel like this is deceiving looking, ’cause I wouldn’t know to look at it that there’s peanut butter. But there is peanut butter, and there is strawberry and
it is really (bleep) good! I’m not gonna say I would
sandwich it in bread and eat it but I’m not not gonna
say that I would sandwich it in bread and eat it. (magical music plays) So we’re at Weasley’s,
we’re here to eat all, which means we’re gonna try
maybe the scariest things we’re trying today. Starting with Puking Pastilles They’re hard. There’s like a little give, but they’re hard and
they look radioactive. Are they a hard candy? It’s a hard candy! That’s why they’re so hard. (child yelling) Okay. I’m gonna keep going. It tasted like, melon-y. It sounded like ‘like Melanie’. I don’t know, I don’t know any Melanies. Melon-y. Is that like some kind of
Red Hot thing in there? I don’t even know. Oh, cool. I’ve eaten so many spicy things today! It’s like a vanilla fudge
with some kind of like, Red Hot or cinnamon jelly bean. Would eat in my spare time. Preferably on a less hot day. That’s rich, creamy, little bit of crunch. All the things best candies have. And finally, Fainting Fancies. Oh I love gummies! Maybe orange? Orange, lemon. Sweet! Fun! I think if you were a family, and you wanna try a whole bunch of stuff, you go to Weasley’s, you
get this Skiving, skiv-ving? Snack box. (toilet flushes loudly) Ah! That’s a mood, after eating my way through the Wizarding
World of Harry Potter. (laughs) I think it’s pink? That is not the consistency
I thought it would be. It tastes like lychee gel? Gel. Lychee gel. Like shampoo consistency, but delicious. It looks like that kind
of chocolate, that like once it is open, the smell is unleashed. Can you smell it? You can smell it? Oh, I’m scared. (bites chocolate loudly) Oh. (train whistle loudly playing) Really spicy. Stop laughing at me! I need more candy, different candy. (magical music crescendos) Flame first. Okay, you can’t quite see because again, the
buttercream goes so far in. But there is chocolate
cake happening there. Like, A+ icing to cake ratio here. I feel like everyday when I
came home from elementary school and I like wanted a snack like
this is what I wanted to eat. Just have to try every
single Butterbeer thing. It’s the next iteration of that, is fudge. Which look at this gorgeous
dual layer of fudge. I don’t think I’ve ever seen
anything like that before. It’s got like a foamy top
and a Butterbeery bottom. The barometer of a good
fudge is if you taste it and you feel like you’re at
the Jersey Shore in August. I do, confirmed. That’s great. (pumped up techno music plays) Pumpkin Pastie, just like this
sweet little calzone of joy. Anything that looks or feels
like a calzone, I’m very in to. But you get like a lot of cinnamon off it, right off the bat. Like Thanksgiving at Hogwarts,
if that were a thing. Ooh! It’s not just pumpkin-y, it’s like a little apple-y too. I don’t know if that’s
something I’m making up, but I’m tasting apples. Ah, look at their heads! Look at the eel heads! (upbeat techno music) I’m told you’re like not
actually drinking Butterbeer if you don’t like go
for the mustache moment. I haven’t had this in like a decade and it tastes exactly the
same way I remember it, which is really just magical. Making me the tiniest bit emotional. This has got a crazy
amount of sugar on the rim. Whoa. Very generous with the sugar. But it’s like a cinnamon-y sugar, which I’ve never had in a drink before. Breakfast of magical champions. I don’t quite know what to expect, I feel like it could be anything. This pretty wide straw feels like an indicator of boba, maybe. Ah! Maybe grape boba? It also tastes melon-y. Oh my god, ‘Melanie’ again, I’m so sorry, all Melanies watching ever. ‘Cause I’m not sloshing at
all, everything is fine. Oh my god I love that. Is this my favorite thing I had all day? It’s like peachy, and gingery. Which is so nice compared to
like the cinnamon and sugar I just, like, inhaled. Yeah, I’m gonna finish this one. Cute little pumpkin up top. It almost tastes peachy! But also very pumpkin-y. It’s just like I’m drinking
Thanksgiving all the time here. It’s pretty great! I’m in King’s Cross Station. Things I never thought
I’d hear myself say! About to get on the Hogwarts Express and make our way toward
Hogsmeade to continue eating. Because why not? See ya. (loud magical music plays) (train whistle blowing loudly) It just feels like New York. I’m right at home. (loud magical music playing) (chocolate frogs croaking) For some reason, I didn’t
think it was gonna be the size of an actual frog but like, oh! Here is my hand, here is the frog. Should name him, probably, now. I’m gonna eat him, you’re right. Let’s not get too attached here. I got Salazar Slytherin. I don’t know if I have mentioned
to this point that I am, like, ride-or-die Slytherin. I’m so sorry bud, I loved
you, while it lasted. He’s milk chocolate, and I love him. I am vaguely afraid of what might happen. I keep asking people and they’re like, only one way to find out! That’s not scary at all. That’s delicious. Oh my god, I wasn’t even paying attention. It’s in the back of my mouth. It’s exploded a little bit
in a very pleasant way. It tastes like a creamsicle. A fizzy, ooh! A fizzy creamsicle in my molars. Love that. So I feel in my heart and
soul this can’t be anything other than blueberry. Blueberry. Okay, okay, okay, this looks disgusting I don’t know what that
is, it’s prolly snot. I had that once ten years
ago and never wanted to eat it again, and now here I am, you’re making me do it. It’s like if grass and
cilantro had a baby, I can’t eat that. Ugh, I really don’t want to eat that. I mean it looks like it could be like that bangers and mash I had this morning. Sausage yay! Oh this isn’t bad, I’ve changed my mind. It’s not the worst. Okay. (loud techno reverb plays) Thank you. Do you think that I’m the
bravest person you ever met? – I think so too. Shepherd’s pie is
honestly one of my faves. I don’t know what greater
combination there is in this entire world,
than like mashed potato, meat and like unoffensive vegetables. Pretty sure it’s alright if
we squeeze some lemon all over just because, you know, a
little citrus never hurt anyone. Oh these like half-moon potatoes. I wish I would come home from work and my husband would make these for me. I really would argue that
only the bravest women in the world to eat ribs
on camera, so, that’s me. I just have all sorts of
stuff dripping all over me. Super saucy, it’s got a lot of meat on it, not struggling to get to meat. Chicken, we need more
protein while we’re here. There’s so many people looking at me. Skin on, always a fun thing. Also a little heat to it
that I wouldn’t have thought but I guess it is, like, super seasoned you can see that when you look at it. Um, this Butterbeer Potted Cream, actually the most excited for
because I have been such a fan of every Butterbeer thing
I’ve put in my mouth today. Ugh, it tastes like if you put Fluff on top of the Swiss Miss
Butterscotch Pudding. I’m ready for alcohol, honestly. (upbeat techno music) Just poured me a
delightful Hog’s Head Brew, which is a red lager. Gus, he looks like a Gus to me. I’ve been needing that for many hours. (dubstep beat drops) We’re moving on from that red
lager to some Fire Whiskey. I figured what better to chase
it with than pumpkin juice. That said I’m gonna be
able to one sip of this and I’m probably done. It smells like super cinnamon-y,
like cinnamon to the face. In a really nice way. I’m scared. (coughs loudly) Nope. Well that’s very nice chaser. I was right it’s spicy. Very warm on the way down. That’s a good time. Party at Hog’s Head. Okay, I said I was gonna cry before, but now we’re actually
about to go see the castle, so I might do that. (loud magical music) Frozen Butterbeer time. We’ve had plenty of other
miscellaneous Butterbeer items, but this is the culmination of it all, in front of the castle. Oh my god that’s the coldest thing I’ve had all day and I love it. Is frozen my fave? Or am I swayed by the beauty
of the castle behind me? I don’t quite know. (magical music) Um, it’s been many hours of eating my way through the Wizarding
World of Harry Potter. I very much feel like I’ve
earned my stripes as a Slytherin. I’m exhausted, but fulfilled. I’m just gonna take a nap somewhere. Maybe in the castle I don’t know. (upbeat techno music)

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