Welcome to another episode of
Mumbai ke chuppe rustam.
Today, we’ve come to Thane’s
Hiranadani Meadows.
Because here I’ve heard that, 2 sailors..
..while sailing have opened a restaurant,
and this restaurant’s speciality is that..
.. it’s actually a fast food joint.
But here we get cuisines
from all over the world.
Why are we waiting? Let’s go.
Here, in all cafes we get pizza,
burger, sandwiches..
We wanted to get a unique concept
which was of a nomadic food.
So, we have roamed all around the world..
..you know, me and my friend
we sail around the world.
We wanted to get that food experience here
and introduce it in our dishes.
So that is what we’ve tried to do here,
and we intend to do.
Come here, enjoy, you have
your cup of coffee.
You will definitely feel hungry.
So apart from the sandwich,
we give you an option of rice.
So I’ve heard so much from you.
And after seeing the ambience I feel that
there is something different here.
So you tell me what am I going to eat here.
You should must try our Zambalaya rice,
it’s a South African rice.
Then we have a Balinese burger..
.. which is very unique, compared to
other cafes and restaurants.
Along with this you should
try our mocktails.
We have the spicy guava blast..
..which will remind you of your childhood
when you used to eat guava..
..with salt and chilli powder.
Other than that we have dusty prawns.
And we do serve sea food.
You’ll get sea food here which generally
you won’t find in other cafes.
That is something we recommend here.
Now the tale is that, those who know me,
know that my first love is sea food.
So apart from that we have
many other things too..
We saw and heard about so many things,
now we’ll eat and..
..let me experience the nomadic experience.
Let’s go in.
So, as you can see..
..so much to eat and drink.
Here there are many
types of amazing coffees.
It’s actually a cafe,
so there has to be coffee.
I’ll start with the normal latte.
Wow, coffee is any day a man’s best friend,
whoever said this is absolutely right.
So after this, first we’ll have pizza.
Can you see squid and prawns, it’s a perfect
seafood pizza loaded with seafood.
So let’s begin.
God damn.
After getting baked.. the cheese,
pizza and the seafood..
..has mixed in such a way that
it just melts in your mouth.. amazing.
We’ll move on to the french fries.
They say that these french fries
is not the normal one.
This is chimichuri french fries,
which has a desi twist in it, let’s try.
Here goes french fries in tomato ketchup.
These toppings here are amazing.
Let’s move on to the burger.
So I have this huge burger in front of me.
This is called as Balinese burger.
There is patty, cheese and lot of
farm fresh vegetables.
And in this too there are
some secret spices.
Let’s taste these secret spices,
how good is it.
To bite this burger you
actually need a wide mouth.
I have a drink called as fruit punch,
which is made of 7 fruits..
..with the topping of ice-cream.
So let’s mix it.
One glass of this and I guess you’re done.
Next, let’s move on to my
favourite, dusty prawns.
Tiger prawns have been marinated with
the secret spice and some herbs.
So let’s eat dusty prawns..wow.
The prawns you can see here are
very soft, they’re tender tiger prawns.
Now let’s move on to the main course,
here I have with me chicken zambalaya rice.
Let’s try it.
Can you see? This is fried rice
which has chicken sausages in it.
And the fried rice has been prepared
in a South African sauce.
Just imagine, chicken fried rice with
sausages, made in South African sauce.
These three combinations
are out of the world.
We have two more drinks with us,
this is spicy guava blast.
On the sides is peri-peri powder,
you can see sweet and spicy combination.
It gives you the same feel of childhood,
where we used to add chilli powder on guava.
All the experiments here, are all different.
There is nothing that you find in a normal
cafe, trust me on this.
So I’ve spoken so much, now
I’ll eat, I’m very hungry.
Will see you in sometime,
after eating all this, okay bye.
Hey brother, wrap it up
we have to go to Panvel.
Yes, so till I get up from here, and
go and search for a hidden place..
..for you, for the next episode.
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And keep watching Mumbai ke chuppe
rustam season -2. Okay bye.

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