Hello everyone.. My name is Priti Nath Guru In almost every video of mine, I’ve been emphasising on having vegetable soup And I’m keep saying that this vegetable soup should be clear as well And we shouldn’t use ready made market bases pack So that it will be low in calorie and clear soup as well So let’s have a look that how can we make Low Calorie Vegetable Soup We need Cabbage, Green Peas, Carrot,,Cauliflower & Tomato. To give some thickness to the soup here we are using 2 tsp Split & de-husked Pink Lentil (Masoor Dal) Salt, Black Pepper & Water Let’s wash these vegetables thoroughly and chop them So here I’ve chopped all these vegetables, don’t chop them finely rather roughly chopping will do Also I’ve washed the Masoor Dal. Now we’ll put them all into pressure cooker and will cook them for 2-3 whistles only not more than We’ll not over cook them rather only 2-3 whistles are sufficient to soften all these ingredients Here we’ve put in all the vegetables into the pressure cooker Also adding 2 tsp thoroughly washed Masoor Dal Season with Salt to taste I personally don’t like adding Chilli Powder because that become spicy for the kids But you can add according to your taste I’ll not add Black Pepper Powder at this stage.. Let these vegetable boil Post that I’ll boil them more and then I’ll add Black Pepper Powder in it Adding some Water in it We’ll get 2-3 Cup Soup with this much of ingredients Wait till it gets 2-3 whistles As you can see after 2-3 whistles all the vegetables are almost soft Take out the soup in a separate bowl and do not throw these vegetables as we’ve to mash them So that they can give thickness to the soup Mash them well As you can see that all the vegetables are mashed well And now we’ll use these vegetables to give thickness to the soup As much as thickness you want you can add them into the soup accordingly Also as I said that, now you can add some Black Pepper Powder in it Slightly heat up the soup and here you have hot soup ready for you 2-3 bowl of hot soup is ready for you I hope you like this soup. You’ll relish this soup and will make for your family too to stay healthy. As its a Low Calorie Mix Vegetable Soup Keep watching my videos.. Thank you…

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