What do bodybuilders eat to cut weight? Ideally, they eat low calorie, high protein
food. The hard part for a body builder is losing
fat without losing weight, because a skinny guy might land Subway commercials but not
a body building endorsement. Eat something healthy every three hours to
reduce hunger and keep your metabolism burning at its peak rate. Your metabolism rate slows
down if you don’t eat for half the day. But I hear about body builders using intermittent
fasting and working out. Body builders can do half an hour to an hour
of cardio exercise in the morning before they eat, because insulin levels are low and they’ll
burn more energy the rest of the day. What should they eat? Limit carbohydrate consumption to on 20% of
your intake, and always eat complex carbs. Ideally, you should eat carbs as you burn
them, instead of carb heavy meals hours before you work out. And lots of fruits and vegetables. Eat foods with a low glycemic index where
possible, which is all vegetables except root vegetables, as well as high fiber fruits.
You’ll prevent blood sugar spikes and crashes that make you hungry. That provides nutrients and volume, but what
about protein? Eat low fat dairy like cottage cheese or low
fat cheese. Eat protein from sources like lean chicken and fish over fatty beef. And avoid lunch meat. Eat egg whites but avoid the yolks. Eat granola
mixes with nuts but without the added sugar, nuts like walnuts or peanut butter without
the added sugar. What should they do in terms of exercise? Focus on a mixture of weight training to build
muscle and cardio to burn calories. Should they be drinking coffee or energy drinks? Black coffee, no sugar energy drinks, green
tea or diet soda. Or water with flavorings. What about Gatorade and other electrolyte
drinks? Too many of those have a lot of sugar and
some salt, and those plus protein bars consumed constantly can make you fat. Definitely the opposite of cutting, unless
you cut those things out of your diet. It’s all a matter of moderation. Does moderation even go with body building? Dietarily, yes.

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