What I EAT in a DAY as a MODEL | Healthy Model Diet Plan DAY 5

Hi Vanderfits and welcome to day 5 of our
Vanderfit seven-day model diet challenge
So let’s get started or right
away with this what I eat in a day
So of course, like every single other day, we start the day with hot water and lemon
Just half a lemon, squeeze it in there
and you have the perfect concaution and
then we can get started with breakfast
We’re going to use some of this
Alpro Soya which is vegan yogurt
in the flavor vanilla because I love vanilla
And then we’re going to use some
grapes and some almonds and throw
everything together to make this perfect
then I’m drinking some Pukka Tea
It is really important throughout this
challenge to drink enough water and tea
Preferably organic tea, like this one
with Manuka honey
And then it is already
time to get to lunch. So super exciting!
So we’re just going to use this Tzaziki
which I bought in a Moroccan store
but you can also make it yourself if you
like that and then in that store I also
bought this bread. This is a Turkish bread
And then some mint which is super
delicious and then we’re just going to
put everything together for this a
perfect sandwich and we finish it off
with some pepper and then we’re good to
Let’s continue quickly with dinner
So we’re going to use some cucumbers
Some wild salmon, this is really important in
our dish
Some tomatoes, some pesto and
spinach obviously and some rocket and
then some of that whole-grain penne that
we also used in yesterday’s dish and
then the garlic olives
so we’re going to
use one red onion for two people
So use
half of it and then we’re going to throw
in the spinach
you can just use like one
bag of spinach throughout this whole
challenge and you’re good
Then we’re
going to use some of the cherry tomatoes
Some of this rocket
We’re going to put
the pasta in the pan
and then the oil in the other pan
We’re going to put this delicious salmon in our pan
And grill it, it it takes some
time but then you have the best salmon ever
Then the little onion is in the
Perfect! We’re going to throw on the
cucumber and the olives. So amazing!
And then we’re going to grill the salmon
like this
Then in the pasta, some of the pesto is going in
And then we’re going
to finish off the salmon
Cook it with that oil
so that it’s nice and grilled
and then together with that pasta
You have the most amazing dish ever!
I eat half of the salmon so the other
half is for my boyfriend
and before we eat it we just let it rest
in some aluminium foil to get the
ultimate perfect taste and then that was
everything all ready for today
I hope you guys loved it
if you’re going to
recreate any of these dishes then please
let me know with the hashtag #Vanderfit
And then I will all see you tomorrow
in day six of our Vanderfit challenge
bye bye

  1. I'm am SO loving this series!! I've kind of adopted what I know of your lifestyle and let me tell you, I feel amazing! And I've lost weight!
    I'm addicted to your workouts and the food is so good, of course I have substituted for vegetarian but I still love it, and I love you!!! #notificationsquad

  2. Hii! I really enjoy your recipes, but personally I prefer to add some snacks in between meals because I'm hungry every 3 hours😂 Also here in Spain we have lunch at around 2:30 pm or 3 pm, and dinner at almost 10pm (which I know it's super late for other countries, even European haha), and from lunch to dinner I definitely need to eat something 😜

  3. i was very insecure because i was bullied for five years for being so skinny.i had a bad anemia.but know I'm so much better and I'm working on myself.i have changed a lot. and you are one of the reasons that made me who i am now.thank you ❤

  4. But in full honesty, I'd even eat two of those salmons (which you even shared) on my own and skip the pasta, just me? Hehe

  5. Hi I'm new here! Hehe just started watching your videos for the exercise challenge and I'm feeling the burn!! #notificationsquad

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