WHAT I EAT IN A DAY: full day of eating healthy easy meals

everyone welcome back to my channel and
welcome if you’re new my name is Liv and I make a lot of healthy eating recipes
here on this channel and today we are doing a what I eat in a day it is a full
day of eating healthy easy meals that are delicious if you don’t know I
generally eat paleo I do follow intuitive eating which means I kind of
just listen to my body and what my body needs
I’m also gluten free dairy free and like I said mainly paleo so this morning I
just had my lemon water which I have been doing for years and years and years
now it’s a great way to wake up your system in the morning it’s great for
digestion and for hydration because we’ve been sleeping all night so we need
that extra boost of hydration especially before our coffee and then I just had my
classic black coffee which I’ve been drinking my coffee black for a long time
and I just make like a general dark roast super simple nothing complicated
about it but it is time for breakfast and I do generally intermittent fast I
kind of just whenever I get hungry I break it so about now it’s like 9
o’clock so it’s been about 15 hours but I don’t want to wait till 16 hours
because I’m hungry and that wouldn’t be listening to my body so I’m gonna show
you one of my favorite combos lately that is super easy to make I lose this mages path grain-free Panola
I have some organic blueberries and some pomegranate seeds
these ones are frozen I generally use fresh but for some reason they didn’t
have fresh so we just got this in Canada I’ve had this before in the US but
there’s only four ingredient it tastes delicious it’s so nice and creamy and
it’s only water organic almonds natural vanilla and Himalayan salt so I love
this combo we’re gonna go ahead and make a yummy Bowl so I’m randomly in the mood
for a cup of green tea so I’m gonna make one of these coos meaty blue detox ones
this one has green tea rosehip Matt a mint rubio’s guarana seeds nettle and
sunflower green tea is really great for you I mean it’s good for metabolism
weight loss and that kind of thing too but it’s also loaded with a polyphenol
called e G C G which is really good in terms of inflammation and chronic
disease and its really rich in green tea so I’m gonna make a cup of this gives me
a little caffeine boost to without having the full amount of caffeine that
I would have in like a regular coffee so it’s about one at fifteen now I just
finished filming a healthy snack video and I want to make some lunch because
I’m getting hungry so I thought I would make a quick little omelet with some
eggs of course and just a couple leftover veggies I have to kind of throw
in it’s a really quick easy protein to make and if you have any leftover like
roasted veggies you can just throw them in and it adds so much flavor and then
with that I thought I would make a side salad to help get some greens in so I
have a spinach arugula mix of the yeast for the salad my leftover veggies some
eggs I just made this for a healthy snack so I thought I would include it
because I want to eat it up before it goes Brown it is just avocados
sea salt and some pomegranate seeds and then I want to add some leftover pine
nuts that I have into my salad so this is my lunch we have the salad
with some pine nuts on top the avocado pomegranate seed and then the omelet
super easy to make simple just using leftovers and a quick source of protein
so I just got home from running a couple of errands and I picked up a green juice
this one has spinach romaine cucumber parsley mint lemon chlorophyll and pink
salt it’s from one of my favorite places and
try out impact kitchen and I don’t buy greens you just like bad often to be
honest but I was feeling like a green juice been like month since I’ve had
like a pure green juice so wanted to have one of those I’m gonna drink that
I’m gonna get back to work and I’ll check in with you guys if I eat a snack
before dinner which might might not we will see so I’m a little peckish before
dinner so I’m gonna have some of these nude food crackers I’ve mentioned them
before they are so clean there are only flax organic carrots and Himalayan salt
they have no net carbs and they have it the perfect a little bit of crunch so
I’m just having like a small mini bowl there perfect
lots of fiber and fiber is your friend fiber feeds good gut bacteria so getting
fiber into your diet is super important because it feeds all of that goodness
inside your gut and like I you probably heard me say many many times before that
gut health is connected to so much so I’m about to make it dinner now I ended
up buying some wild salmon and I’m gonna make a quick sheet pan meal with salmon
bok choy and some broccoli it’s really easy because you just season everything
put it on a sheet pan I bake it for like 15 minutes at 450 and you have a quick
easy delicious nutritious dinner so I washed some bok choy and some
broccoli and I put that on a sheet of parchment paper so it doesn’t stick and
then I’m going to use some avocado oil ginger salt and pepper and then this is
a salmon that I get from Whole Foods you always want to get wild caught salmon
never farmed that’s super important and salmon is really rich in omega-3s it’s
good for your brain health your skin healthy nail health super good so I ended up adding a few hem parts
along with some homemade plantain chips just for a little bit of extra a little
something to make it feel more like complete all of a sudden like the last
hour my nose has gotten so stuffy which means I think unfortunately I’m gonna
have cold which means ginger shots tomorrow but tonight for lick little
sweet treat I’m gonna have a fudge Cup if you guys see like all the desserts
that I make my strategy because obviously I can’t eat them all in that
one time that I make them as I put like everything the freezer brownies cakes
cookies fudge everything like that stays fresh and then I just take it out as I
want it this is a three ingredient fudge and honestly one of the easiest desserts
I make and one of the most delicious so I’m gonna leave the recipe down
description box um so you guys can check that out so this is what they look like
very unassuming I know but the texture is really good it’s not hard it’s soft
like a fudge so I know you guys are going to love it make sure you check out
that video because like I said it’s a really quick easy delicious dessert so
I’m gonna end this but I eat in a day off here and I will leave my what I eat
in a day playlist here so you can see lots more like recipes inspiration and
stuff like that I hope you guys enjoyed this video got some ideas yeah I will
see you guys in my next video bye guys

  1. Enjoy this what I eat in a day where I show you a full day of eating healthy easy meals πŸ™‚ And happy 2020 friends!

  2. I've been a subscriber for a while and I've never understood how you don't have millions of subscribers already! Your videos are always so well thought out and well researched and such an absolute joy to watch. You're my go to for healthy living! Please keep doing what you do and thank you!

  3. I love when you post these videos Liv! I enjoy seeing what you eat, and when you eat it. You are my motivation girl! Thanks for everything you do ❀❀ Sending Anguiano love ❀❀❀

  4. Looks delish! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚
    Wanted to hear more about your rationale of going for wild salmon versus farmed. Is it from a nutritional standpoint, env/social aspects of farming practices, etc.? Thanks!

  5. Hi! Just curious as to what type of pans you use? I recently switched to all stainless or cast iron as I’d like to avoid the toxins in nonstick. Unfortunately, making eggs has become quite the headache so I’d love some suggestions on a healthier choice of pans for eggs! Thanks!

  6. I loved this video! I aspire to have the kind of eating habits you have, liv. You don't deprive yourself and your meals are delicious and nutritious. Also love how you always tell us why a certain food or ingredient is good for us

  7. Hey Liv ❀ I absolutely love your videos ! Was wondering whether you feel tired without much carbs in your diet? Do you think carbs are needed for a women's hormones? I heard so many different opinions and I always get confused πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ
    Thanks so much ❀

  8. Love your idea of drinking lemon water in the morning – good cleansing for sure! May I get your opinion on whether it's beneficial to add a green juice diet in my daily plan? My friend said she lost weight and got better skin adding this juice diet. https://glowinglady.com/the-newest-weight-loss-secret-for-2020/

    Not sure if it's true that it cleanses all the toxins in our body. What do you think of a juice cleanse diet ? any comments?

  9. Hey Liv, everything looks delicious & so nice, simple & nutritious. I WISH I could get myself to like salad like others do. I find the chewing of raw leaves a task & unpleasant. I need my greens cooked. I'm not sure if it's because I don't know how to make any good dressings though πŸ˜•πŸ€”

  10. Are there any keto suitable cereal/granola options you recommend? The grain free granola you showed by Natures Path has added sugar

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