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Malibu chicken this is based on a recipe from low carb maven I’ll link it down
below so I took a half a cup of keto mayonnaise now this is Sir Kensington avocado oil based mayonnaise so it is a little watery but this about a
fourth of a cup of Dijon mustard I added to it did thicken it up a little and
then I also added a tablespoon of Swerve confectioner and mix that all together
this makes it taste kind of like a honey mustard I’m gonna set that sauce to the
side I grabbed four chicken breasts this is like two extra-large ones
that I just cut in half and then I’m gonna take probably about 1/4 a cup of
that honey mustard mix fake honey mustard and put it over the chicken and
then I’m just gonna use my hands to flip the chicken over until it’s all fully
coated and you make sure to wash your hands really well in between touching
raw chicken of course and I took about 3/4 a cup crushed pork rinds and
3/4 of cup grated Parmesan cheese along with 2 teaspoons of garlic powder a
teaspoon onion powder 1/4 teaspoon salt and 1/8 teaspoon pepper
mixing that all together really well I took a 8×8 baking dish and I did go
ahead and spray it down with some nonstick spray and I’m gonna take half
of that pork rind crumb mixture and just put it in the bottom of the dish I do
have my oven preheated to 350 degrees now I’m gonna sit my chicken on top of
that and then I’m going to take the other half of the pork rind crumbs and
just cover it of course I did add salt and pepper first as always after I have
the chicken fully coated on the other side I just popped it in
to the oven for about 45 minutes because I like to make sure my chicken is all
the way done after it came out I did top each piece of chicken with a couple
slices of just deli ham sandwich meat out of the fridge and a slice of Swiss
cheese make sure you check those carbs extra on your ham and I popped it back
in the oven for five to ten minutes til it was melted here it is all plated up I
just did some long green beans on the side and put a little butter and salt
and pepper on there to season there you go guys next up you know I like to do
one really high calorie fat kid meal every week so this week it was these keto
Hot Pockets so these are based on a recipe by Kyndra Holley from peace love and low carb I’ll link her down below so to start with I took about five tablespoons of
five ounces really of cream cheese and three cups of mozzarella in a microwave
dish microwaved it a minute mixed it and I microwaved it another a minute mixed
it and then to that I added two cups of almond flour a teaspoon of garlic powder
a teaspoon onion powder a teaspoon Italian seasoning a teaspoon sea
salt and 1/2 a teaspoon black pepper along with two large eggs and I just
mixed that all together with this spoon before getting my hands in there and
really kneading the dough mixture together after I have it all kneaded and
combined all the way through I did get a cookie sheet and I just lined it with
some parchment paper just as a place to rest these and I coated my hands really
well in oil and I’m gonna separate this dough into eight dough balls and I just
divided it evenly to make these little balls of dough these are going to be our
hot pockets so then I took a separate little piece of parchment paper put one
piece of dough on it kind of mashed it into a disk shape and rolled
it to about a quarter of an inch thickness just to a circle I did do
these one at a time which takes a little bit longer but I just didn’t have the
counter space to that I wanted to clear off to roll out all of these at once so
I just made them one at a time so I took a half a cup of pizza sauce I always pre
make a homemade batch of this and freeze it but you could use whatever low-carb
sauce you like I took about a tablespoon of it to the dough round six
slices of pepperoni and then some shredded white cheddar I did just shred
two cups of white cheddar cheese and again the white cheddar cheese and the
pizza sauce I’m splitting those up evenly among all of the eight hot
pockets once I have that all topped I did have a large egg whisked up to the
side and I’m just gonna brush the edges of this dough round with the egg wash
and then I’m going to fold the whole thing over and pinch the sides of it
just gonna pinch and roll the sides together until you have them all sealed up
and you’re gonna repeat this process over and over again until you have all
eight of these done I then just sat all of them on a new cookie sheet lined with
parchment now I crammed all of mine onto a smaller cookie sheet it would probably
be better to use a bigger one and I do have my oven preheated at 425
and then I just took the remaining egg and brushed it over the top of all of
these and it’s gonna give it that golden brown color and then I’m gonna pop the
whole thing in the oven for 20 minutes now you could also take some pizza sauce
on the side to dip these in after they’re done but I wanted to keep them
more low carb so I did not and here they are finished and here they are all
plated up now these keto pepperoni pizza hot pockets would be really good also to
freeze for a keto meal prep and just reheat in the microwave and would make an
awesome keto lunch next up made this awesome keto cauliflower dirty rice oh
my gosh this was so good again I love anything with andouille sausage in it so
to start with over medium-high heat took some avocado oil heated it and then
started sautéing about half of a red onion it is minced up pretty fine to
that I added two heaping teaspoons of minced garlic cooked it until it was
fragrant and then I added two stalks of celery that were diced really fine
and one green bell pepper that was also diced fine and I just continued to cook these until
they all softened up to that I added I just did one package of andouille
sausage it is precooked so you don’t have to worry about getting it cooked
all the way through now the recipe from always order dessert that I’ll link down
below called for a pound but the kind that I purchased comes in 12 ounce packs
so that is what I used and I just threw that in there and kept cooking until it
was nice and warm all the way through and you know kind of browned on either
side to that I added a seasoning mix of a teaspoon kosher salt a teaspoon black
pepper 1/4 teaspoon cayenne a tablespoon of smoked paprika a teaspoon thyme a
tablespoon oregano and mix that all in and did just use dry seasonings for this
I also added 2 cups of low-sodium chicken broth and 1 bay leaf to the mix
and then I just mixed it really well I did let this get to a light boil before
simmering it and reducing the liquid by about 3/4 now I’m adding 3 cups of pre
steamed cauliflower rice I always just buy this frozen it’s just so much easier
than making your own and I just kept mixing them until it’s fully coated and
the liquid was reduced even more and here it is all plated up this was super
super delicious it’s the perfect keto comfort food meal
and stores really well and reheats really well so it makes it also perfect
for a keto meal prep for the week just the right level of spice and I’m sure
this would probably freeze and reheat really well also lastly this week we
made these awesome spicy chorizo meatballs this is a low carb and keto recipe
from Melissa over at I breathe I’m hungry I just love all of her recipes of
course I did adapt it and change it a little so I did a one-to-one ratio on the meat
one pound of ground beef and one pound of spicy chorizo make sure you check
your carb count on that and I just used my mixer meat mixer chopper upper to mix
those together added a third of a cup almond flour two eggs I did two
tablespoons of dried cilantro a teaspoon of salt 1/4 teaspoon pepper 1/2 a
teaspoon cumin 1/2 a teaspoon cayenne and then I’m adding 2 tablespoons of
this fire taco bell sauce it doesn’t have any carbs listed per tablespoon and
I don’t like the flavor of it as much as the hot
Taco Bell sauce so I wanted to use it up and it was perfect in this recipe after
I have this all combined I did get a separate cookie sheet with some foil
just to kind of put the meatballs on while I’m rolling them out because this
does make at least 30 meatballs I think I got more like 45 meatballs because I
rolled them into smaller balls but you’re just gonna roll all of those out
and this is what they look like and then I just took a large saute pan over
medium-high heat with some avocado oil and I’m gonna fry all of these up now I
did have to do these in two separate batches and because I just knew I was
feeling a little lazy and did not want to you know fully fry these all the way
through and make sure they were cooked to temperature in the middle
I just seared them really well on all sides and then I preheated my oven to
350 degrees so that I could bake them the rest of the way through so I could
make sure that they were fully cooked so I just added them to a baking dish
and you can see I got that nice dark sear on them so they’re mostly cooked
all the way through and then I just pop them in the oven for 20 minutes to
finish it and then to plate these I used whole cabbage leaves just white cabbage
and some meatballs and some sour cream some Mexican cut shredded cheese and some of
the hot taco bell sauce that I like the flavor of better and there you go guys
that’s this week’s what’s for dinner on keto easy keto meal ideas and keto
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  1. You just keep getting better and better. Loving all these ideas! You always have a fresh perspective! Keep it up ❤️

  2. The dirty rice recipe looks so good – I would have to use something other than andouille sausage though because it’s actually too spicy for me (just about everything is too spicy for me lol)😂 And of course I’m once again watching this while I’m hungry!

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