Why It’s Calories That Matter for Weight Loss

No matter what way you cut it, when you look
at what results in weight loss and weight gain, it boils down primarily to the amount
of calories that you’re eating in a given day. There’s just no way around it. Every study that we’ve ever looked at, when
it comes to success of weight loss, even when it’s a study comparing a low carb diet for
instance to a low fat diet, the success of the low carb diet is primarily based on reduction
of calories in that diet. It’s becoming calorie aware and applying that
to portion control and being able to eat in a way where you’re feeling full on less calories,
eating for high satiety is what we call that. And in the end, it’s the calories that are
king. It’s the thing that’s going to make you lose
weight over the long-term and be able to keep it off is staying under a certain target range
for your calories.

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