Why MORE Carbs Can Help You Metabolize More Stored Fat Cells

Coach Dan Long here with
the Over 40 Protocol.
And, yes, I’m on
vacation, so thank you
for stopping on the short
feed because right now
if you’re like me and
you’re over the age of 40,
I’m 46 years old, I have three
amazing kids, I have a wife,
she’s 42 years old,
and we use something
that right now,
believe it or not,
I have been consuming
Yes, I know, most diets
tell you that you’re not
allowed to have carbs.
But I’m telling
you, and that’s why
I’m taking the
short time right now
to do this video to let you know
that you too can have carbs.
The myth about having
carbs is a bust.
I’m busting the myth right
now because, trust me,
there’s three
components that you
need to know that right now
I’m going to give you as a tip
that you can use to be
able to right now shed this
around the midsection,
let it release,
and burn off by doing
three specific things.
First is meal timing,
you have meal pairing,
and you also have
high carb cheat meals.
Now the first one, right?
What I said, all about
strategic meal timing.
You have to time
your meals correctly.
Yes you can be on a hammock
and you can be living the life
and living the dream that you
want by doing exactly that.
Second is taking specific
foods and pairing
them together and
strategically timing those, OK?
That’s number two.
And number three, carb meals.
Yes, you can have carb meals.
This myth about
keto, paleo, vegan,
all these diets
that don’t allow you
to have a lot of carbs
or zero carbs, zero, zero
carbs or a little, is a myth.
You can have carbs,
have a flat stomach,
have six pack abs for
you guys and a flat tummy
for you ladies, by doing
this exact system that’s
taken over 20 plus years.
Now, listen, I have been
training and physically helping
nutritionally and older
moms, dads, kids, Olympians,
all types of walks of life
for over 20-plus years.
And the one thing
that I can tell you
is that the people
who cut carbs out,
they end up not only
gaining all the weight back
that they actually lost, they
end up losing the weight,
gaining back the
weight, and plus more.
So if you lost 10, it would not
be good to gain back 15 or 20.
And that’s what
keto, paleo, vegan,
and all these different
diets will do to you.
Don’t get me wrong, they do
work for a very small percentage
of people.
So if you’re one of those,
God bless, that’s amazing.
But if you’re not and you’re
like me, I tried keto,
I’ve tried paleo, I’ve
tried vegan, Nutrisystem,
Weight Watchers, Turbo
Shakes, you name it.
And none of them,
including my wife,
has been able to work and
give us exactly the results
that we’re looking for.
That’s why we took 20-plus
years and compacted it
inside a system
called the Over 40.
Did you head what I said?
46 years old right here.
If you’re over 40, the Over
40 Hormone Reset Solution.
It’s not your fault and it’s
not your exercise program
and it’s probably not your
diet, it’s your hormones.
Because if you’re
over 40 like me,
that’s the first
thing that tanks.
So you’ve got to
boost your hormones,
boost your metabolism, and
fight the aging process.
And you can do it
all with one system.
By clicking this
link down below,
you’re going to find the
Over 40 Hormone Reset
Diet, that not only
you’re going to see me,
you’re going to see my best
friend Shaun Hadsall, 48
years old, six pack
abs, ripped grandpa.
His wife Karen, 59 years
old using this exact system,
Over 40 Hormone Reset
Solution that you can find all
by clicking this link.
But before you click it,
pay attention to the section
that you’re going to see
and they’re about fad diets.
See, keto paleo, vegan,
all these different diets,
there is a problem
of what it’s doing
to people like us that
are over the age of 40
for your hormones.
So I want you to pay close
attention to that section
when you click this
link down below.
Remember what I told you.
Strategic meal
timing, strategic meal
pairing, and also implementing
high carb cheat meals back
in your diet, breads, pizzas,
cookies, all the favorite foods
that you want,
you can have them,
but you have to do
it strategically.
So I want you to follow
the exact protocol that’s
at this link by
clicking the link now.
I want you, and I
want you to do this,
but I want to thank you
for being on the feed,
but I also want you
to click this link
if you’re interested in the
Over 40 Hormone Reset Solution.
Thank you.
See you here.

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