1. So the world record being in Italy they're probably using gelato which is not as melty so it might be easier than using regular ice cream.

  2. Keeping the ice cream more frozen may have helped structurally. The melted scoops seemed to compromise the tower's stickiness as well as probably made the cone get soggy faster. A valiant effort by all.

  3. Understatement on the old man strength. I'll never forget taking P.E. in college and there was a professor that would come to the on campus gym and he worked 2x as hard as anyone in the class.

  4. If you try this again you should make your own cone that’s a lot more sturdy since it seemed like the cone was the downfall

  5. Gotta say. kindy clickbaity to put both "World's Biggest" and "World Record" in the title of a video that which neither are true.

    Come on gmm. you're better than this.

  6. Why'd you pick on the Asian guy right after saying "noodle arms". He's got nice arms, they're just small by comparison to the hulk standing next to him :p

  7. The chocolate-dipped cone would have brought a lot more structural strength. That "Bigger is better" mentality also gave the icecream better leverage for splitting the naked cone.

  8. Waffle cones are too thin. Triple scoop cake cones are a thing. Actually the best idea would be to make your own cone and I believe in you.

  9. The other guys scoops looked WAAY smaller, and maybe he used gelato… Good job yall !!! That was a tower of ice cream hahah

  10. Joshua look like a nerd who hit the gym but is finally realizing no matter how much he lifts nothing can fix the nerd look lol

  11. I love how Josh went from 'What even is this? who uses this???' to 'oh wait, it's shaped like a whale? This thing is awesome we're keeping it'
    what a mood

  12. I think i have that "adorable" ice cream scoop I got mine from M&M's World in Las Vegas there's tiny M&M's on the ice cream like sprinkles 🙂

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