[Adee] Hey guys I’m here with Dani from WAG you may recognize her Australian accent from our MyFitnessPal tutorials or seen her
name pop up if you’re subscribed to our newsletter this is her in the flesh
right now today we are going to tackle the hardest thing to do when you’re
tracking your macros or trying to be on top of any type of nutrition plan that’s
eating out at restaurants today we’re going to a Mexican restaurant and we’re
gonna go over all the strategies to help you make the best decisions that align
with your goals like how to avoid completely eating all the chips and
salsa that’s at the table because it’s so delicious and so tempting and so much
more so stay tuned I’m actually so pumped that we’re going to Lupe Tortilla right now because I’m starving and Lupe fajitas are the best wait uh-ah
you’re going on this side bro What does Dani love about Mexican food is what I want to know
[Dani] Well you know I’m still new to Mexican food it’s not a huge thing in my homeland
[Adee] Good that you just moved to Austin, Texas where there’s Mexican food
[Dani] Yes well I was just living in California so that Mexican food is
different to this Mexican food [Adee] What’s your favorite thing to eat?
[Dani] Fajitas [Adee] Can we get like a menu to take to go? Imagine this broke that would suck So Lupe Tortillas is my favorite Mexican restaurant that’s beside our house in Austin, Texas super easy I just have tons of different options on their menu we
ended up getting a ton of stuff to go just because we’re going to go over all
the ways that you can order at a restaurant at my house so that we can
give you guys the best tips possible So I know we’re not at the Mexican restaurant but we did get our food to go we’re gonna talk about strategies if we
were sitting at the Mexican restaurant as if somebody was you know Dani was my waitress and she’s serving me these are the type of types of strategies that
we’re talking about today even though we’re at my house we are going to start
with chips and salsa I mean have you ever been to a Mexican restaurant and
you’re just absolutely starving and you get to the table and you see this like
heaping bowl of chips right there and you’re just like I could eat this whole
bowl easily right easily and it wouldn’t even dent my hunger and this is probably
can you estimate how many calories or carbs are – a lot [Dani] I actually look at these and just see fat [Adee[ Because I think sometimes people might not realize is there’s sometimes baked tortilla chips sometimes fried tortilla chips most times when you go to
restaurants they’re actually like frying them in their deep fryer before they
come out to the table so they’re piping hot and extra extra crispy so it actually has more fat than you’d think even though considering that they’re
actually tortilla chips what I like to do when first thing when I get to the
restaurant if I’m not trying to you know it’s either I’m gonna take my serving
size and put it on my plate like I’ve say I’m gonna have 15 tortilla chips
I’ll take out 15 tortilla tips put it on my plate salsa doesn’t have that many calories or macros in it so you’re kind of safe
there but I’ll take my serving and ask them to take the tortilla chips off the
plate completely off the table completely [Dani] And I’ll always opt for the salsa because sometimes they’ll put the sour cream and/or the guacamole and those are significant higher calorie dipping sides for your chips So if you’re you gonna have chips that’s awesome you can mitigate it a little bit by
having the salsa because the salsa is like one to three cups per serving kind of thing
[Adee] Right I think also when you’re having your tortilla chips I sometimes will ask
the server to bring them back out when I’m eating my actual meal instead of
just sitting there waiting for my food I’m hungry and it’s like you’re gonna be
picking at it while you’re having conversation and you’re almost doing it
like unconsciously you don’t even realize that you’re picking at the
tortilla chips and all of a sudden they’re all gone so if I want to if I get like fajitas or I like to have that crunch in my Mexican
dish then I’ll ask them to bring the chips back out but just get them off the
table out of sight really does mean out of mind in this scenario [Dani[ The chips are definitely like the number one saboteur at a Mexican restaurant I think they’re like the number one challenge of the whole experience [Adee] So we’re gonna move on to appetizers this is actually our appetizer this I really honestly forget
the name of this it’s like a name that when you go to a Mexican restaurant and
you want to pronounce it and you’re just like embarrassed that you’re gonna say
it probably stupid
[Dani] Do you want me to go and Google it? [Adee] No it’s okay we can put it
in the notes but this is like a it’s like a shrimp avocado salsa dish so the
thing what we wanted to talk about here is when you’re going to a restaurant I
think a lot of times when you’re trying to stay on top of your nutrition plan a
lot of people complain that you know I want to go to a restaurant and enjoy
social occasions with my friends and we can all try it like a little bit of the
same things and enjoy the experience together so when opting for an appetizer
that’s an opportunity for you to share with your friends this one we chose
specifically because it’s lower carb and if you’re going to opt for tortilla
chips later or a burrito or something with a tortilla a flour tortilla or corn
tortilla this really gives you an option to have more of that later or maybe if you’re having a margarita moving on to the main course I think both Dani and I most prefer to order fajitas this is
just like you can get the most variety in what you want to have on your plate
what you’re in the mood for or what is going to help you meet your nutrition
goals so focus on the protein you can get extra protein steak extra steak we
actually got double steak I’ll pull out the meat [Dani] Not everyone is going for low-fat so you also get all the options of cheese sour cream avocado Oh this looks good [Adee] You can get a bunch of stir-fried vegetables that can add some
volume to your meal this is actually a really great white meat chicken so you
know that that’s going to be if you don’t have as much fat to work
with you can get that I would be careful though because going to Mexican
restaurants sometimes their fajita chicken is mix of between dark and white
meat so that actually sometimes is more fat than something like a flank steak or the steak option
[Dani] Take like 10 seconds to look at it
[Adee] Yeah or ask the waiter and be like hey is it dark meat or white meat or is
it just white meat that kind of thing they usually might even have the option
of getting just white meat maybe not but in that case getting the steak is almost
always in a fajita dish a leaner cut of steak [Dani] Usually
[Adee] Usually
[Dani] You can ask just ask don’t be afraid to ask you if they know what cut of meat they use
because chicken is safer if you’re unsure and you really want to be
accurate but if you can check you might find that the steak is okay and I also find that it’s often this one’s actually looks really good but
oftentimes fajita meat can be really oily and they just add extra oil when
they’re cooking so I like to pad it off with a paper towel before I eat it just
to take at least like 10 grams of it off [Adee] I also often will just ask them to go really light on the oil or not use any oil at all I know if any of you are listening have trouble asking for what you want at restaurants it can be a
little bit uncomfortable to just ask for a bunch of suggestions most restaurants
just don’t mind they really want you to have a positive experience so they’d rather you order what you want and come back again then
you not order there and never go back there again so I encourage you to just
push through that discomfort and ask for the substitutions that you’re looking
for something that’s also amazing about fajitas we talked about protein so you can
have different types of protein we did chicken and steak you could also get
shrimp and so you have much variety in terms of what protein sources
you want but you also get some variety in carb options so you can go for the
this is going to be a corn tortilla so we’ve got a corn tortilla here it’s a
little bit smaller but this is going to be significantly less carbs than a flour
tortilla so usually has around 10 grams of
carbs per corn tortilla
[Dani] Is that just because of the size or [Adee] Because it’s made with corn… cicada season in Austin right now so corn tortillas are generally gonna be 10 grams of carbs per tortilla
and a flour tortilla which is this really big one here underneath I can’t
even pull it out because it’s really big but it’s always gonna be much bigger and
it’s going to have definitely more carbs in it the thing is too that most people
don’t realize it sometimes also going to have more fat in it a flour tortilla can
run [Adee] Oh yeah
[Dani] Look how big that is I think that
this can bump you up to like 40 carbs [Adee] Yeah it can be 40 carbs and sometimes from like 5 to 10 fat is in the flour tortilla it’s absolutely delicious especially from
Lupe they have actually the best flour tortillas ever but definitely know that
you have the options of getting corn tortillas or flour tortillas so really I
could have four or five of these for the amount of carbohydrates that I’m gonna
get in the flour tortilla and for me it’s really just about having like a
vessel to eat the rest of the food in it’s not as much about the tortilla
itself so I usually opt for corn [Dani] For me it’s all about the tortilla
[Adee] So she’s gonna save up [Dani] I mean they both taste good so
[Adee] Then we talked about we talked about protein we talked about carbs how you can go high
carb low carb high fat low fat with protein sources now we’re gonna talk a
little bit about the sides which also gives you some options for what you want
if you want to go lower fat for the rest of the meal you can just put some salsa
on it and have the vegetables we also have this pico de gallo which is
really delicious going to be definitely lower fat lower carb beans higher carb
higher fat rice you can opt for rice or not for rice if you’re going to be
inputting this in any type of MyFitnessPal just search “Mexican rice” that’s
usually the entry that’s going to be best then the deliciousness of guacamole
guacamole you have the option to use a lot or to use a little that’s what
I love about fajitas it’s like I can go save it up and I have lower carb higher
fat I didn’t eat those tortilla chips at the beginning so I have lots of space to
work with you also got your sour cream and your cheese [Dani] Both options are just
like fat and protein so I think what’s really cool about Mexican food and
tracking it is that almost every ingredient is pretty much like a single
source of macro or it’s protein and fat but it’s really easy to track because they’re single sources they’re not like really complicated blends of macronutrients [Adee] Which makes it really simple not just with fajitas if you’re gonna get a taco it makes it
really simple to look at what’s inside your taco or look at the ingredient list
that’s on the menu and break it down by each ingredient and just add each
ingredient one at a time and it’s gonna be an estimation no matter what but at
least you’re not completely disregarding your goals altogether and just completely overeating and feeling not so good the next day [Dani] Even though you’re trying to make the best decision that you can when you’re eating in Mexican restaurant just remember it’s super high sodium and
salty so you may still wake up the next morning heavier and that’s okay like
that’s gonna pass I just wanted to note that [Adee] Scale fluctuations can happen all the time daily weight fluctuations are not a bearing on long-term progress so just
know that you’ve eaten out at a restaurant there could be extra salt and
Mexican food is just generally saltier than other foods so there still could be
weight fluctuations the next day even if you were trying your best and just don’t get frustrated like oh I went to the restaurant but I tracked every
single thing I ate I can’t believe the scales gone up try and just remember if
that’s gonna happen then just don’t get on the scale the next day it’s just not
even worth it go right back to your regular eating and it’s going to be totally
[Dani] It’s going to pass [Adee] It’s gonna pass and just go back to normal we opted for having things that are like the freshest and
simplest ingredients just to make it easier to order at a Mexican restaurant but things that you won’t see here or that you see that we didn’t
order that we could have are things like chimichangas is definitely going to mean
that it was deep-fried things like words like chorizo or queso fresco queso fresco chorizo
[Dani] Just cheesy anything [Adee] Cheesy anything it’s not that we don’t want you to have it or that you shouldn’t have it it’s just if you’re
not in control of how much it can easily go from you know 5 or 10 grams of fat to
30 or 40 really quickly and faster than you realize [Dani] I know that everyone loves
the refried beans but they’re carbs fried in lard and that’s not anything to be
like afraid of but for my goals and if you’re watching this video you’re
probably conscious about the amount of calories or the quality of the food that
you’re eating in a restaurant so it’s probably in your best interest to avoid them
[Adee] So the cool thing about getting this to go is that I’m able to have this at home
and now I can comfortably without being embarrassed or any embarrassment at all
I can weigh out exactly how much food I’m going to have and I can set this as
a recipe in MyFitnessPal and the next time when I actually go to the
restaurant I can just use that recipe and maybe it won’t be exactly the same
but I can know how much of each that I put on at home and try and recreate that
when I get to the restaurant or I can take an entire meal I can weigh it out
at home and then when I get that whole meal and eat the whole meal I know all
of the nutrition information that’s gonna be in there don’t have to bring my
food scale no awkwardness and I can just really be present and enjoy the social
[Dani] Yeah it just makes it easier like it’s all about making it easier as you go
[Adee] This is just an introduction into how to eat at a Mexican restaurant we
have an infographic that gives you much more information a bunch of different
strategies this was just kind of like a brief overview of a couple strategies
that would work for you but definitely check out the infographic save it use it anytime you go to a Mexican restaurant [Dani] And we’ve also got how to track at Chipotle if you’re specifically after Chipotle [Adee] Absolutely! Next time!

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